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Did The Bachelor’s Blake Garvey Go On The Wrong Reality Show?

Should the new bachelor Blake Garvey gone on reality show Catfish instead of signing up to The Bachelor Australia? If claims in today’s Daily Telegraph are true where Blakes alleges he was in an online relationship girl called Amy but never met her.

As has previously been reported on Reality Ravings that Blake Garvey had a girlfriend at the time of applying to the show and communications continued up until filming.

With the integrity of the show at stake Blake told the telegraph he had never met her face to face.

I suspect this is not the last we will hear of this story.


1 Twinkle { 06.27.14 at 4:09 pm }

@ Reality Ravings, I posted a comment in the original article you published about him having a girlfriend – Daily Mail reported on it yesterday as an “exclusive” – they should surely have given you credit for breaking the news in the first place?

2 Reality Raver { 06.27.14 at 6:21 pm }

Twinkle – thanks but they are higher in the food chain then me! Ironically in Thailand the Daily Mail is blocked and you ca’t read it here but Rupert’s news is fine.