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The Voice Live Final’s Continue Tonight

Here is what will be happening on The Voice tonight:

The Voice Live Finals continue tonight from 7.30pm on Channel Nine, with an exclusive world first performance of Sexy Love and Love At First Sight by Voice Coach and pop superstar Kylie Minogue.

After being saved by the Coach vote last week Johnny Rollins (Team Kylie), Frank Lakoudis (Team Joel), Gabriel & Cecilia (Team will) and Jackson Thomas (Team Ricky) will perform, while the remaining three acts per team will learn their fate after a week of audience votes.

The artist with the most public votes will be safe for another week and perform again. Then, in an Australian first, the remaining artists with the least votes will perform for a chance to be instantly saved by the viewers via the Vodafone Homecoach App.

Tonight’s soundtrack:

Team Kylie

Johnny Rollins – Am I Wrong (Nico and Vinz)

John Lingard – Hand On Your Heart (Kylie Minogue)

Robbie Balmer – The Scientist (Coldplay)

Kat Jade – Dark Horse (Katy Perry)

Team Joel

Frank Lakoudis – American Woman (The Guess Who, Lenny Kravitz version)

Holly Tapp – Single Ladies (Beyoncé, Sara Bareilles version)

Isaac McGovern – Iris (Goo Goo Dolls)

Taila Gouge – Ain’t It Fun (Paramore)

Team will

Gabriel & Cecilia – Walking On A Dream (Empire of the Sun)

ZK – Imagine (John Lennon)

Anja Nissen – Irreplaceable (Beyoncé)

Mat Verevis – Rocket Man (Elton John)

Team Ricky 

Jackson Thomas – Kiss From A Rose (Seal)

Sabrina Batshon – Empire (Shakira)

C Major – Senorita (Justin Timberlake)​

Elly Oh – Mama Do (Pixie Lott)

Tell me what you think of the show and did the right people get eliminated.


1 Eliza { 06.30.14 at 2:19 pm }

There’s some interesting song choices there, IMO. Jackson singing Seal.. hmm and am in two minds about C-Major and Senorita.

RR, G&C did Walking on a Dream last week. It will be a surprise what they sing tonight :)

2 Esmeralda { 06.30.14 at 9:33 pm }

Love zk they are amazing.

3 Samsara { 06.30.14 at 10:46 pm }

Probably the upset of the night was Taila going home over Isaac, but she set the bar high with her farewell / thank you speech. She is only 17 but she is so assured. No other shocks tonight really. It was a long show but a high standard across the board so it wasn’t tough viewing but thank goodness for IQ nonetheless (hot chocolate). The Judges seemed to babble a bit tonight for some reason. Maybe reaching for the superlatives is wearing them down.

4 Eliza { 07.01.14 at 1:06 am }

The show just kept going on and on tonight! I had it recorded on IQ +20mins and we still missed the end.. just managed to fit in all of Sabrina’s performance.

Isaac was saved by the home save thing otherwise he was a goner with his low iTunes downloads. That thing was interesting. I think they are trying to get people to tune in live with that idea. I can’t watch shows with all the ads now so it’s lost on me. I was picturing 20 people actually using the app at home as the show is so long who could sit there diligently for 2.5 hours?! I even have a pretty good attention span!

5 daisy { 07.01.14 at 1:55 am }

I recd it and then some and still missed all of team Ricky except Jackson. Damn!
The ones I enjoyed and in no particular order :
The blond girl in the white dress and gstring, Anja
G&C, even though it was flawed I still really like them, esp Gabriel
John Lingard (I thought he was good tonight)
Holly Trapp (the barefoot von Trapp family decendant).

I still think Frank is not strong enough in voice or personality to be a good rocker, and certainly not to hold the Aussie throne, as they said.

Here’s where we really begin to see the better ones leaving because they are on good teams. Joel’s team is the weakest imo.

Oh and Joel, pole dancing and lightweight rock?????
Get some jugglers next week.

6 daisy { 07.01.14 at 2:01 am }

I missed Ellie, Vitamin C and Sabrina’s performances.
C&G remind me of Gotya. Well, Gabriel does.
I loved the pitch Gabriel sang in. Funky.

Imagine was a great song choice for ZK.

I find this year contestants performances are up one week and down the next, with an inconsistency I haven’t seen in any previous Voice.

7 Eliza { 07.01.14 at 2:43 am }

Daisy, it went so over time, didn’t it! My IQ overtime didn’t even quite make the time!

Tonight was a bit hit and miss for me, too. I enjoyed Robbie just coz, Isaac mostly because of the song, Jackson and Sabrina. I disliked Kat (the iTunes version of her performance is not good), Holly, Frank and G&C due to being pitchy.. those cats were back out and I am looking at your high notes!

The rest were so middle of the ground!

On iTunes, G&C are doing really well.. the iTunes version of their song is much nicer. Zk are doing well too then Sabrina, Jackson, Isaac and Johhny.

From the reactions so far, Anja is going to struggle against G&C and ZK. Elly will struggle against Sabrina and Jackson. Frank looks to be quite certainly a goner and there will be a tight battle between Robbie and Kat again. Damn producers and giving Johnny such a popular song at the moment.. the original is 2nd on the charts.

8 Samsara { 07.01.14 at 6:58 am }

Eliza, just a thought re the Homesave thing: that means only East Coast viewers would be able to participate, so do you think that will create a backlash of sorts for those whose faves go home due to not being able to vote simply due to timing?
Oh and Daisy, thanks for the reminder about the pole dancers! I think I was serving dinner about that time as since it was Frank it seemed a safe time to do so… But yes I did glance at the gymnasts who let’s face it were far from elegant and so accordingly I think I just deleted them from my mind as with anything in poor taste!

9 esromjk { 07.01.14 at 8:11 am }

So I made it easy on myself this morning & started writing the artist & songs up last night.

So here is the iTunes list as of 8 am Tuesday.

5. Gabriel & Cecilla- I Dreamed a Dream
11. ZK- Imagine (Original at No. 159)
18. Sabrina Batshion- Empire (Original at No. 99)
21. Jackson Thomas- Kiss From a Rose (Original at No. 104)
22. Issac McGovern- Iris (Original at No. 36 & 92)
27. Johnny Rollins- Am I Wrong (Original at No. 2)
38. Kat Jade- Dark Horse (Original at No. 55)
42. Holly Tapp- Single Ladies
43. Robbie Balmer- The Scientist (Original at No. 51)
64. ELIMINATED- Matt Verevis- Rocket Man
66. Elly Oh- Mama Do
68. Anja Nissen- Irreplaceable (Original at No. 182)
76. Frank Lokunis- American Woman
85. ELIMINATED- John Lingard- Hand on my Heart
155. ELIMINATED- Talia Gouge- Ain’t it fun (Original at No. 133)
NOT IN TOP 200. ELIMINATED- C Major- Senorita (Original at No. 2)

It’s interesting the for the first time the sings by eliminated contestants are available to download.

Also in all but 1 sing off, being Elly Oh & C Major- the contestant with the “more well-known” song, to the “younger audience” was the one who went through.
The Scientist BEAT Hand on my Heart
Iris BEAT Ain’t it fun
Irreplaceable BEAT Rocket Man

As I said this one was probably the exception.
Mama Do BEAT Senorita

ZK gave me shivers
Kat Jade- had I of not known it was cat ears girl- would have loved even more- she was amazing.
Jackson Thomas- wasn’t so taken with his version; some of the pronunciation of the words seemed a little off.
I wasn’t into Gabriel & Cecilla at the beginning- but that was awesome.
Johnny Rollins- also pretty good- please don’t be behind the drums again next week
Holly Tapp- ok
Robbine Balmer- I don’t like Coldplay no matter who is singing.
Issac McGovern- Iris was very good.
Sabrina Batshion- Didn’t know the song- bit will put on my wish list (I don’t buy any music until the show is over)
Elly Oh- so, so, so good, don’t know the song- but WOW
Anja- ok
Frank- kinda over the “rock” god Joel is going for
Loved that John Lingard wanted to do a Kylie song the he & his sister used to do.
Talia was robbed- should have gone through not Issac
C Major- wasn’t really into you at all- sorry!

OK- I will be back again next week with the iTunes list 7 maybe later today will check to see if songs have moved up on iTunes list, due to it being later in the day.

10 Deano { 07.01.14 at 9:25 am }

Thankfully, I have the attention span to use the home viewer app. I only ever watch reality tv live, so it suits me. I was ready to save ZK or Kat. But didn’t have to. Not sure about Kats dress. What’s Kylie trying to do to her??

11 daisy { 07.01.14 at 9:44 am }

I like Robbie but thought he didn’t perform well last night. For the first time I preferred John Lingard to Robbie last night. Isaac seems to be underperforming compared to how he was before. Maybe it’s the songs they are giving him.
Jackson seemed a little constrained but beautiful voice. And with those eyes, all he needs to do is look into the camera.
Johnnie R creeps me out a bit, I don’t know why, but I like his almost Narls Barkley tone.
I know Cecelia was screechy but I can’t help liking them. Style is playing in for me now. I never play big ballads or belters, like Sabrina, Anja or Ellie. I would be more likely to listen to music like C&G or Holly and maybe ZK would sing. I know she isn’t a top voice but I really like Holly Tapp’s tone and style.

I thought Matt should be there instead of some of the others such as Frank or Kat.

Again a lot of these guys have been very up and down, good then myeh.

12 daisy { 07.01.14 at 9:48 am }

Deano, I think it was the wench look.

I am revisiting the pole dancers in my mind now. It just didn’t go, and I did notice there were a few poses that would have distracted greatly from Frank trying to be a rock star.
Kiddie Rock. Perhaps instead of pole dancers he should have had the cast from Night Garden.

13 Trent { 07.01.14 at 10:38 am }

My pick of the best from each team.
Team Ricky – Sabrina
Team Will.I.Am -Gabriel & Cecilia
Team Kylie – Kat Jade
Team Joel – None but i guess Holly Tap? Isaac should have gone after last weeks shocking performance.

14 daisy { 07.01.14 at 10:47 am }

Joel: Holly (no competition in her team)
Ricky: Jackson
Kylie: Robbie
Will: C&G even though they aren’t the best singers.

I think Jackson should win.

15 Deano { 07.01.14 at 2:51 pm }

iTunes charts. 2pm Tuesday.(up/down movement since 8am)

5. Gabriel & Cecilia (0)
11. ZK- Imagine (0)
18. Sabrina Batshon (0)
20. Jackson Thomas (+1)
21. Isaac McGovern (+1)
26. Johnny Rollins (+1)
37. Kat Jade. (+1)
42. Robbie Balmer. (+2)
44. Holly Tapp. (-2)
62. Elly Oh. (+4)
67. Anja Nissen. (+1)
83. Frank Lokunis. (-7)
Frank, Anja & Elly are all but gone. Robbie looking shaky. Holly is lucky she’s in such a weak team.

16 Eliza { 07.01.14 at 3:34 pm }

Thanks for the iTunes write up, esromjk. I was looking last night and it all seems about the same. They tend to stay pretty stable so it’s interesting again to see who is getting downloaded. Isaac beating Taila would have been another exception as Ain’t it Fun was recently released by Paramore. I guess they are more the teen vote.. I don’t get Paramore but Iris is more my generation (mid 20s).

Samsara, very true re the Homesave and different timezones. I am guessing it will be around for another week. Deano, well I am glad you can stand all of the ads.. I would rather fit more into my night than spend 2.5 hours watching The Voice! haha.. I might have to try and void your vote next week if you vote to save Kat!

Agree with you all on the pole dancers.. no relevance to the performance whatsoever. I said this as soon as I saw them! Good to see a couple of dancers from SYTYCD on the show!

I wish they would change the order each week that the teams perform just to mix it up a bit. I don’t think it’s fair for the same person/team to close week after week.

Team Kylie:
Johnny was ok – agree he shouldn’t be behind the drum kit again next week. I guess I will never be a huge fan.
Robbie – I am not a Coldplay fan but I enjoy his performances.
John – he was good, I wasn’t familiar with that Kylie song. I doubted he would beat over Robbie but I think he did himself a disservice singing a more obscure song – I give him credit singing a song which means something to him.. possibly he knew he was a long shot to stay in so just went for it.
Kat – She was ok.. Katy Perry songs are HARD to sing.. still, too much screaming at the end, not enough singing and the production of the music on the iTunes release is terrible.

Team Joel:
Isaac – much improved and much better song for him. This was how I remembered him as I pegged him as a contender at the start, then he went downhill.
Taila – she was doomed after Isaac’s performance. Still, she is very likable and has a great voice, especially for her age.
Holly – I “uggghhed” as soon as it started. She seems lovely but I hate the cutesy thing.
Frank – bye bye Frank.

Team Will:
Mat – he was ok but has been disappointing in the lives. After the blind auditions I thought he would have gone further.
Anja – I like her but I felt like she was trying too hard? I thought there were times she was going to burst out crying during the announcements.
ZK – They were nice but I haven’t been loving them as much as I did in the earlier shows. They will be top two with G&C.
G&C – still waiting for them to sing as well as some of their YouTube songs. Not a fan of Gabriel’s voice when he does that odd high pitched voice thing. The song sounds good on iTunes though.

Team Ricky:
C-Major – he was disappointing and I didn’t like the song choice. It’s not one of my fav JT songs and I knew it would go into cheesy territory.
Elly – she was good but I just can’t get into her. Ever since Let it Go I have had my doubts.
Jackson – wasn’t sure about the song at first but I enjoyed it. He has a very good voice and just needs the right songs. Was he freezing? Why do they always rug him up in coats? Less Manny this week with the hair tied back.
Sabrina – I didn’t like the Shakira song but she was great again! Loved it.

Top Picks:
Kylie: Robbie definitely
Joel: Isaac.. for lack of any other option
Will: I will still say G&C.. I like seeing what they do next
Ricky: Can we please put Jackson or Sabrina onto team Joel so we can have both at the end? Can’t pick.

17 Eliza { 07.01.14 at 3:35 pm }

Wow, shivers.. didn’t realise I wrote so much! I just kept coming back to this over the course of an hour and.. ooops.

18 Eliza { 07.01.14 at 3:38 pm }

Team Kylie, jammed right up there together! Damn show giving Johnny such a currently popular song! I don’t get why the coaches are pushing so hard for him and Frank?!

19 Deano { 07.01.14 at 4:33 pm }

Kylie is giving Johnny Rollins a dream run. good song choices. she’s even getting up and dancing when he was performing. But she didn’t dance for the others. Joel was trying to give Frank a dream run but it’s backfiring. Pole dancing girls was just a plane crash. Frank has a high opinion of his abilities but his voice isn’t up to it. Elly & Anja have probably overachieved. I think it will come down to team Ricky or team

20 daisy { 07.01.14 at 4:56 pm }

If Joel had any credibity, he shot it to pieces with the pole dancers.
So incongruous with a faux rock act.

21 Eliza { 07.01.14 at 6:05 pm }

I think it’s more the producers than the coaches who decide on the stage show stuff. It was very much insinuated to me last year, when a source close to the show (haha), told me that the producers have the biggest hand in everything and we are told it’s the coaches choice.

22 daisy { 07.01.14 at 6:31 pm }

That’s what I always though Eliza,, including costuming etc.
But why did Will say, “Good work Kylie on Kat’s stage production and costuming?” A farce?

23 Eliza { 07.02.14 at 1:14 am }

Heck yeah, Daisy, they want us to believe it is all the coaches doing it all but the lady I spoke to said that they do have some input but it’s mostly the producers.

24 daisy { 07.02.14 at 2:11 am }

Hey Eliza, you said “Shivers”. @17. 😆 I haven’t heard that word since primary school….in the 60s.

And ” heck”. You aren’t much of a potty mouth are you 😆

Good girl. And not the Robert Plant (I forget his name) kind.

Eliza, did you ask the lady whose dumb idea was the pole dancers?

25 Meep { 07.02.14 at 8:19 am }

Update of iTunes as of 8am Wednesday (your time), showing current standing and how many places down since Deano posted:

9. Gabriel & Cecilia (-4)
18. ZK- Imagine (-7)
20. Sabrina Batshon (-2)
25. Jackson Thomas (-5)
28. Isaac McGovern (-7)
35. Johnny Rollins (-9)
44. Kat Jade. (-7)
48. Holly Tapp. (-4)
49. Robbie Balmer. (-7)
75. Anja Nissen. (-8)
76. Elly Oh. (-14)
91. Frank Lokunis. (-8)

Interestingly enough, Sabrina’s song from last week is still in the top 40 (currently at 33), and only Holly, Jackson, and ZK’s songs from last week are still in the top 100 (88, 89, and 100, respectively).

Was it just me, or did the producer’s give C Major yet another crappy song to sing? I’ll miss him.

26 Meep { 07.02.14 at 8:26 am }

My picks, Eliza-style…

Top Picks:

Kylie: Kat Jade (sticks tongue out at Eliza 😉 )
Joel: Unlike Eliza, I’ve put an invisibility cloak on Joel and his entire team. They…do…not…exist
Will: G&C…still growing on me, but had a bit of a shaky performance
Ricky: Definitely agree with Eliza…put either Sabrina or Jackson on Joel’s team. Wait. Joel’s team does…not…exist

Off to read the other posts, now that I’ve seen the episode.

27 Deano { 07.02.14 at 11:01 am }

Thanks Meep. Good teamwork.

28 Deano { 07.02.14 at 11:02 am }

Thanks Meep. Good teamwork.
Wonder if they will have another sing off and home coach save / eviction next Monday? I’ll be primed to save Kat over Robbie.

29 Deano { 07.02.14 at 11:21 am }

My Top Picks:

Kylie: Kat Jade (sticks my tongue out at Eliza )
Joel: Isaac..(Perhaps they should put team joel last – when IQ recording has expired for most)
Will I Am: G&C
Ricky: Sabrina or Jackson

30 Blake { 07.02.14 at 12:44 pm }

It’s going to be pretty comical if Joel comes last for a third consecutive year, lol. Although, I don’t think it’s too far fetched to imagine Kylie coming last…

31 daisy { 07.02.14 at 2:14 pm }

Well Blake, it looks like it will be out of Kylie or Joel for last place.

32 marroc { 07.02.14 at 2:40 pm }

long time ‘stalker’ of this site.. first time poster :)
My favourites are Jackson, Holly, ZK (esp after this week’s Imagine) Rob and Elly. Love seeing Elly come out of her shell. Whilst I think Sabrina has an amazing voice, I just don’t get her. I don’t believe her published ‘insecurities’… I feel like she’s playing the audience for sympathy and the wow factor. For that reason i don’t trust her and would never follow her. I love artists who give are honest and give themeselves completely, and I feel these things with my favourites. Loving the wrap ups and loving seeing others opinions. Thanks all xo

33 Eliza { 07.02.14 at 5:24 pm }

Daisy, not sure why “shivers” came to me.. I do use it now and again. Glad I could take you back. I use “heck” too and “junk” as in “what the junk?!”. I have re-trained myself not to swear and I like it. Not that I ever was a big swearer. The F word was always banned in our household.. You and my mum must be from the same era from what you say!

I spoke to the lady last year when she was buying gifts for the coaches and she said about the producers really having the most control and favouritism for the folk girl and Harrison.. pretty sure she called it straight that Harrison would win.

Thanks, Meep… well at least we can agree for the most part.. But go Robbie! 😉

Deano, I am wondering the same thing whether the Home Coach save will be back again. I would imagine so. They will announce the highest vote then the other 2 will sing off again. TOTALLY AGREE put team Joel last! If we have to miss a team, I’d rather it be that one :) Too bad I don’t really care enough to do the saving thing. Bye Robbie :(

So true, Blake, team Joel never does all that well. It is definitely between him and Kylie for last place.

Hi marroc, agree about liking artists who you feel you can connect with and “know” to a certain degree. Sabrina doesn’t do that like many of the others.

34 Deano { 07.02.14 at 6:51 pm }

Hi Marroc.. Great to get some more opinions on here. My motto on Reality TV blogs:
respect everyone’s opinion but never be afraid to give your own opinion.
Welcome aboard…

35 Meep { 07.03.14 at 4:09 am }

Did anyone else get flash-backs of “Voice Lady” during Anja’s performance? What is it with the over-the-top pissed-off/aggressive attitudes during performances these days? And, Anja honey, never ever squat down in a short, skin-tight dress. Too many close calls on the accidental flashing front, and one that would have been definite, if you hadn’t dropped your hand/arm to cover yourself.

daisy – @5 you mentioned Holly being the barefoot von Trapp family descendant. I don’t know if you noticed, but she left her shoes at the top of the stairs/platform she started at. They were those chunky high-healed platform shoes that seem to be popular right now. My guess is that it was a last-minute decision on Holly’s part to not wear them due to the steep steps she had to go up and down. Good call. Between looking a little odd by being barefoot while wearing a slinky dress or falling down the stairs, I’d choose to look a little odd too.

And, I think you hit it the nail right on the head with your comment about the contestants’ performances being up-and-down this year. You just made me realize that’s why I can’t pick a favorite.

Why, oh why, are they trying to push Frank on us? The pole dancers were distracting and tasteless. I spent more time cringing at the way-too-many crotch shots, and wondering if they super-glued the outfits to their woo-woo so there wasn’t any accidental flashing, that I missed most of Frank’s performance. No loss there, though.

Is it just me, or can anyone else picture Frank wearing glasses and a lab-coat with a pocket protector, and doing something “sciency” for a living? Or maybe a computer programmer? He smiles way too much for the typical hard rock attitude.

btw – no one has started a “whose out next week” guessing game, so I’ll give it a shot first. But, depending on if they follow Season 2 format, or if they do the “Instant Save” app again, I’m going to guess it two different ways…

First way is Voter Save then Coach Pick (as was done in Season 2):

Team Will: Voter – G&C, Coach – ZK
Team Kyle: Voter – Kat Jade, Coach – Johnny Rollins
Team Joel: Voter – Holly Tapp, Coach – Frank Lakoudis
Team Ricky: Voter – Sabrina Batshon, Coach – Jackson Thomas

Second way is Voter Save then Instant Save (no coach input):

Team Will: Voter – G&C, Instant Save – ZK
Team Kyle: Voter – Kat Jade, Instant Save – Robbie Palmer
Team Joel: Voter – Holly Tapp, Instant Save – Isaac McGovern
Team Ricky: Voter – Sabrina Batshon, Instant Save – Jackson Thomas

Thoughts anyone?

36 Samsara { 07.03.14 at 12:04 pm }

Lol Meep re ‘flashbacks of Voice Lady’ Yessssssssss. Lets’s see: over singing, trying too hard, shades of desperation in Anja’s performance. She is not currently in the top 100 iTunes chart.
I like your predictions too, spot on judging by the chart movements. Although Holly’s Single Ladies was the official fastest faller today 48 places I think. She will be saved.
Re the Wardrobe Mistress: sigh. Anja’s dress was too short, it was close to a wardrobe malfunction. She is so gorgeous I don’t see why they can’t get her into something better than that. The microphone came in handy for the second squat so you could tell that she knew #awkward.
I noticed Holly’s shoes too. Maybe she should have avoided the stairs and kept the shoes on! Don’t even get me started on Kat’s dress. Knees are the least attractive thing on anyone so highlighting them with such an odd half-short half-long confection (that ended up wearing her) kind of created the impression of a tarred and feathered offering in the woods with all that fog. Her performance was solid though….

37 Samsara { 07.03.14 at 12:52 pm }

Hi Marroc, just thought I’d respond re your comments about Sabrina: Totally agree with the “connection” with an artist thing, that is what it’s all about. That is each of our right and as it should be. I do respectfully however feel compelled to point out that it is unfair of you to say Sabrina is ‘playing the audience for their sympathy and the wow factor’ with her ‘published insecurities’. Not sure how you reach this conclusion…
Sabrina has publicly had support from Alan Jones in 2009 as a result of her actually diagnosed mental illness, which I believe you would agree is the correct term. She has endured a stint in a psych hospital for severe depression, bipolar and OCD disorder, of which anxiety and panic attacks are apparently the ongoing legacy. She has been extremely ill in the past, and from what I have read this is a lifetime condition for her.
I find it curious that you ‘don’t trust’ her too. Sabrina has not actually mentioned her condition since the very original pre-audition interview of the contestants in this series. Luke Kennedy from 2013’s series actually spoke about his depression / mental illness far more publicly including on The Voice stage at the time the chairs turned around during his audition. Sabrina did not and has not ever mentioned it in that context.
So let’s at least be fair. It’s probably a miracle that she is able to perform at all. And even if I wasn’t a fan, I would say this to you about any other artist on the show. Mental illness is hardly something to be traded on and anyone who has experienced it or experience with it would confirm this. It takes tremendous courage to be open about such things. And it is a known fact that it helps lift taboos when people in the public eye speak up.
In any case Sabrina’s ‘backstory’ seems to be an irrelevant factor in the minds of the voting public as her performances on the Voice stage have been echoed by her performance in the iTunes chart which speaks for itself. Sabrina is the only artist on The Voice to currently have 2 singles from both weeks in the too 50. Her single Chandelier went the highest of any from The Voice at #6. So, again respectfully, while you may not have connected with Sabrina, evidently there are a great many people who have.

38 Deano { 07.03.14 at 8:00 pm }

My save predictions
Team Will: Voter – G&C, Coach – ZK
Team Kyle: Voter – Johnny Rollins. Coach Kat Jade
Team Joel: Voter – Isaac McGovern, Coach – Holly Tapp
Team Ricky: Voter – Sabrina Batshon, Coach – Jackson Thomas

39 Deano { 07.03.14 at 8:32 pm }

I’m actually looking forward to this years big brother. Hopefully it will commence after the voice wraps up.

40 daisy { 07.03.14 at 11:01 pm }

Hi Marroc. :) I share your suspicions about Sabrina.

Samsara, I agree that if she is milking it, she doesn’t need to. She is a strong singer. And being confident is a would be a better sell. Having said that, I still share marroc’s suspicions.

Yes Meep, I saw Holly was barefoot.

Anja’s dress, main point: don’t wear sheer white stretchy material over a g string and then turn your back to the camera and bend over….or do.

41 Samsara { 07.04.14 at 11:21 am }

Daisy, my point is she is not “milking it”. She has mentioned it but once, and in a very ‘lite’ way, and actually without any detail. And if honesty is apparently what begets a “connection” then Sabrina was exactly that. So, then it is preferable should she ‘hide’ this truth about herself?
Answer, according to Marroc, who says that honesty is what attracts an artist to him/her for a connection – must logically be ‘no’ as then she would be faking it!
So basically within Marroc’s post there is a clear contradiction.
Anyone who was interested – as I was – would have googled Sabrina and found out the story anyway.
What she did was say who she is and what her struggles are and in my view she did this in a very understated way. Isaac was brought up by a single mother, and that was in his interview, so should he be also accused of playing to audience sympathies? I see more than a few double standards at work here. It is a slippery slope when it is degrees of what is ‘allowable’ in terms of disclosure. In short it is disingenuous of anyone to assume that Sabrina is ‘milking’ anything in her history, not to mention supremely lacking in compassion. There is simply no evidence to support such claims.
If people don’t like her or don’t connect with her, then that is their prerogative but they are not entitled to be critical simply because a person was honest. Otherwise, by that standard then there should be no story allowed about anyone in the beginning. No Holly on the remote farm, no Surfer girl with big dreams, no Eddie Mabo fought for his land and so on and so on. Where do you draw the line?

42 Deano { 07.04.14 at 8:36 pm }

I try to be objective and ignore the sob stories. Hopefully the voting public will be the same.
I just received an email from the voice “Want to save your favourite Artist instantly?”… YES. I’m going to help save Kat Jade.

43 Samsara { 07.04.14 at 9:47 pm }

Deano, I’m sure most people can be objective and in the end talent is talent. Are you thinking Kat Jade won’t get through? I would think she was safe after her last performance. And she is still charting. Quite close to Katy Perry last time I checked!

44 Deano { 07.05.14 at 10:18 am }

Hi Samsara. Interesting that the coaches aren’t having any more saves. Perhaps they’re happier with the viewers making the decision.
Johnny Rollins is polling better than Kat Jade. Hence JR will get the voting save. Between Kat and Robbie for the instant save.

45 Samsara { 07.06.14 at 10:17 pm }

Hi Deano, well maybe Johnny Rollins is the real dark horse!
No more saves by the coaches means there are bound to be a few unexpected outcomes on Monday… Bring it on!