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Guest Post: House Rules – What Carole and Russell Are Still There

House Rules continues to be stretched out so the reveal will occur Wednesday night and the final on Sunday night. Annajjj recapped this episode to keep our enthusiasm going for the show:
It’s wall-gate time and after a week of promotion we’re straight into it. Ryandy have had a little think and decided they don’t want to change their plans to accommodate the Cappers yet again. Meanwhile the Cappers have decided that they are completely entitled to change their minds as many times as they want to get their zone perfect regardless of whom they have to screw over to do it.

Candy tries desperately to get her point across, getting more agitated as Carole refuses to listen. Carole can’t understand the fuss. Surely everyone should just do as she commands? Finally Candy snaps and drives off in a rage leaving Ryan to watch as Gapper directs his builders to build a half wall.  Honestly Ryan. Grow a pair and just order your own builders to build back up the other half of the wall. That’ll show those nasty Cappers.

Instead Ryan stands around in tears while McFlurry bounces back over to provide some advice. I’d like to take this opportunity to state that I have never ever wanted to slap anyone as badly as I want to slap McFlurry right now. She clambers over the half wall and gets right up in Ryan’s face.

‘The biggest challenge’ she starts, ‘is you need to roll with the punches’. Well that makes perfect sense. In Mcfuckwit World.

Ryan tries to explain his distress to her. ‘I understand I really do’ says McFlurry who really doesn’t. ‘Roll with the punches and make gin and tonics’ is her final piece of advice. Ryan and I wear the same expression for the next 30 seconds.

Next up is a very small segment of Lisa just to remind us there are more than two teams featured tonight. She runs into Candy who is trying to calm down and Lisa advises her to do some shopping therapy.

Back at the house Ryan is forced to reopen his doorway and Carole tries to engage him but he blanks her. ‘Well this was bound to happen’ says Carole philosophically, ‘because everyone knows I’m a complete controlling cow’. Candy returns and is annoyed with herself for letting the Cappers get to her. Don’t worry Candy. They got to all of us.

The following day, to Australia’s endless distress, Candy decides she should apologise to the Cappers. Noooooo! Carole is impressed with the apology. ‘There’s not a lot of people in the world who would do that’ she tells us. Irony meet Carole.

Although everyone is now friends again, apart from the Cappers and the rest of Australia, Gapper decides it’s fine to throw his weight around a bit with the other males. I’d be keeping a slightly lower profile right now Iggy. Does anyone else wonder if the Cappers are watching this tonight and thinking ‘uh oh we’re really screwed now’.

Back to the reno, briefly, and there is a lot of green going into the bathroom. Chester! appears to warn the teams that their plaster is wet. Then we are into the traditional last night painting frenzy but first Ryandy bring in bouncy balls for the teams to play with. Gapper can’t quite get the hang of it and looks like he is energetically humping his ball.

Wallpaper is going on the ceiling and on the walls and there is a plug for Woolworths Insurance who are providing some green bags of food. Then Gapper and Ryan disco dance a bit and Candy tells Ryan she loves him. Twice. Reveal tomorrow? Probably.


1 cuisinaire { 07.02.14 at 2:26 am }

:( What I said on the other thread.

2 Eliza { 07.02.14 at 2:33 am }

The wallpaper is all hideous besides A&L’s which is ok. The sky wallpaper on the ceiling reminds me of this tacky shopping/outlet mall in Tokyo. Not nice and not fun.

What I said on the other thread too, cuisinaire. Just can’t time my comments very well.

3 Fijane { 07.02.14 at 6:57 am }

Annajjj, after you have slapped, can I finish the job? Never been so angry at a tv show before, and it is not even PMS time.
Turned over to MC after Ryan caved in, so I missed the ‘apology’ etc – probably lucky for my family.
Have to ditch HR now, I would probably have a heart attack when the judges rave about Carole’s treachery.
Why, why didn’t they just rebuild the whole wall – obviously they have shown themselves to be better people than I would be.

4 Picnic { 07.02.14 at 8:06 am }

I too was yelling at the TV – “rebuild all the wall”, “shut the f**k up Cappers” and “Cant stand you, if you win I will never watch this show again”. Candy should not have apologised. And McFlurry!!! She was the one who told C&R to pull down the wall. The wall should never have been pulled down, you cant see the view from the lounge room and the kids need a place to be noisy and muck around and the adults need a separate place. Last nights show made me very angry – all I can say is GO Lisa and Adam

5 Lenni { 07.02.14 at 9:37 am }

It makes sense to see the kids. Perhaps the adult lounge should have been in the play area and the larger section should have been a play/family area. That way the adults could see the view and have a quiet area and the kids would be safe in the middle of the house. Also the change of plans could have been done with an extra ‘time’ allowance given to Candy and Ryan in consideration for the messed up ‘advice’ they were forced to follow …twice.
Carole is ok, just used to getting her own way . She seems to be the top dog in her relationship as seen in the way Russell submits to her way of doing things without a seconds thought. She is forceful which is ok. The younger teams should be aware of the way she is and make plans accordingly.
I do think she and Russell would have apologized even if it was not shown on the show . If not then its a shame as they were in the wrong as well.
Kids with sad pasts do need a quiet, safe, peaceful place to recharge and thats all I am saying on the subject.

6 JK { 07.02.14 at 10:36 am }

Why is McFlurry siding with the crussels? Why doesn’t McFlurry give Ryan a hug when he needed it the most!

Always nice to see Chester pop up out of nowhere <3

7 Tragic { 07.02.14 at 10:38 am }

I used to quite like C&R but not anymore. I can’t stand blatant liars.

Go A&L – for the win. They deserve it. :)

8 Aubergine { 07.02.14 at 11:04 am }

WTF? Ryan busts a gut smashing down several walls at the request of the philandering Carole and then she changes her mind again (Gapper or “David”?)!?!
And did I not hear snooty cow Carole say to Ryan “We are all here for the same thing. To win”;
to which Ryan replied “And create a nice home for the kids”;
to which the contemptuous Carole replies “Oh yeah, that too”, whilst looking sheepishly to camera.
Noice. Really noice.

9 Danielle { 07.02.14 at 11:14 am }

I didn’t watch the whole episode but I saw the scene in question and it looked like Carol and Russel were ganging up against Candy and Ryan wasn’t helping. I said to my boyfriend that Carol and Russell were unlikely to win after that scene because of their behaviour if it is public vote. They also keep on going on and on about potentially not having a mortgage, which is annoying.
Ryan and Candy seem to want to sell their house but a producer said that they aren’t allowed to sell houses on the show for 12 months.

When Carol bosses Russell around it’s funny but it’s not funny when it’s another team about they are forceful about something that is just a matter of opinion.

Carolyn was not sympathetic but hey she wouldn’t work with people who didn’t have the same aim as her: it’s not about making a beautiful and functional house, it’s about making each zone look good.

10 Well I Never { 07.02.14 at 11:37 am }

This whole show is so staged, we’ll have Candy & Ryan off tonight, leaving the Perfect Team and the Baddies left for Sunday’s public vote. Judging by the comments on social media the Cappers don’t stand a hope in hell. The hatred and comments that are being voiced against people they don’t know are unbelievable. But then again, the Cappers can’t win, they’re not young, beautiful and good for future TV stardom.
That said, I doubt if Carole happy about their portrayal last night. Perhaps that’s why we in WA had a 2 night special on Today Tonight on the reno done for the lady who lost her husband in MH370. Did any other States have a special on their remaining teams?

11 brain dead dave { 07.02.14 at 11:52 am }

No, as Bomber and Mel are gonski in SA it was the mother of all dirt dishing specials on Rolf Harris. Rolf’s moving into a new house soon , too.

12 annajjj { 07.02.14 at 1:32 pm }

Lenni that is a much better idea to have the larger room for the kids and the smaller room with a view for the adults. That’s the sort of thing McFlurry should be coming up with.
I’m hugely supportive of the teams fixing up the house for Barnardos and yes they should be working together to do the best possible job for those families. Unfortunately at this stage in the competition the teams are getting very competitive and can see the prize within view. There is definitely creative editing going but the situation last night was awful. It was pretty unpleasant to watch the Cappers change their minds, upset Ryandy and have McFlurry endorse the whole thing.

13 Eliza { 07.02.14 at 3:49 pm }

I agree, Well I Never.. I think it will be Carole and Russell vs Adam and Lisa. Ch 7 do seem to like a “good” vs “villains” finale. I don’t tend to go on show’s FB pages much as yes, people on there just love to say nasty things about the contestants. At least here we actually have constructive things to say about the show. Much more civilized.

We don’t have TT anymore here in NSW so no Candy and Ryan special for us!

That front room was very small so I think it would be hard to keep it totally closed if they had to keep it the same size. I also like the idea of getting more light into the centre of the house. This is where this show frustrates me as I agree with others, when you have so many people in a house at the one time, you need areas where you can either escape or do something peaceful. I would have liked to know if they could have re-designed the internal space better but with the tight deadlines I guess it would be very hard. Carole should not have gone back on her word like she did, as I said in the other thread, it’s like she just wants to make her own decisions at times! Russell warned her to the ramifications of opening it all up and she just yells at him and does the opposite of what he says! Look where it got her!

Funny, I was at Beaumont tiles again on the weekend and those tiles that Brooke & Grant used for A&L’s laundry (that they replaced) were in hot demand.. lots of people looking at them! I wonder if they could see me looking at them with my “WTF” face.. Felt like getting my interior decorator on and redirecting them.

14 jec { 07.02.14 at 4:06 pm }

I saw Candy’s apology as a “Sorry I acted that way and used the language I did” more than “Sorry we don’t agree with you about the wall; we do now”. In my eyes it’s a skill to apologise for a behaviour rather than apologising for what was in dispute did. I don’t think Candy was apologising about the wall but smoothing over workplace relationships, which would be important on a show like this. I hope that makes sense!

15 Katty Kitty { 07.02.14 at 4:24 pm }

Anyone notice Ryan talking about the butlers pantry in their own home…………NOT that it was noticed in their “house rules” reno perhaps he was confused with his real home

16 Well I Never { 07.02.14 at 4:28 pm }

@Jec I saw it as that also, Candy worded it well. Carole’s comments afterwards were abysmal and very like her – don’t apologise EVER even if I’m at fault. I worked with her for a couple of years, so I’m aware its a trait she carries into her everyday life as well.

17 Eliza { 07.02.14 at 4:41 pm }

I saw it that way too, jec. You made total sense.

18 v { 07.02.14 at 7:58 pm }

braindead dave-all i can say to your comment is hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha:):) Thank You-priceless:)

19 annajjj { 07.02.14 at 8:37 pm }

Agree that it is likely to be Ryandy going home tonight with the heroes and the villains battling it out in the Grand Final

20 Jaycee47 { 07.02.14 at 10:18 pm }

I see Sunday’s show goes for 2 hours and that’s it…haven’t seen any promos for voting yet….are you gice sure it will go to a vote? I have my suspicions it wont as social media has crucified C & R so it would be a landslide for A & L

Good one BDD…LMFAO!

21 kes { 07.02.14 at 11:07 pm }

Well here we are, after weeks of writing comments on this delightful blog. My feelings towards C&R are gone now,like many others.She has a real need to have her way and will do almost anything to get it.She is a seasoned woman that makes things happen in her favor,cow.I cannot believe tonights results, it seems to be set up for the mega fight from these two against the most deserving of couples A&L. As for Candy&Ryan, it was all put on apparently since the end of the second reno.That in itself was a put off and after so many peeps applied to get on this show,why the hell would one couple that were bordering on separating anyway want to do this show,free reno I suppose. After watching for so long,it feels like an anti climax in some ways,probably from what I see being scripted and being reminded so many bloody times that the winner will have their over floated mortgage paid off! Nearly as bad as “junkyard shite”. Hoping that Lisa and Adam ride the journey and win.

22 brain dead dave { 07.02.14 at 11:48 pm }

Ch 7 dragged it out for nearly two hours, it chewed into the excellent Lance Armstrong doco on ABC2 . Armstrong and House Rules have a bit in common both massive frauds.

Carole looked a wreck in that sky blue dress for judging, it seemed to add ten years to her crumbling, sagging edifice. The battle hardened old sow seemed to be packing a turtle under it, too.

As usual Johanna made a big deal about the closeness of the scores but there was no suspense with two eights for Candy and Ryan and an eight for the Cappers and another bloody commercial for the inevitable 9. Every time those Cappers used the word “mortgage” tonight made me ashamed how far people will go to crawl up Au$tralia’s arse. A drink for every time they drop the “m ” word and you’re feeling more bubbly than Todd Carney.

Thanks Jaycee47 and v for the kind comments. I guess we’re expecting a public vote because that’s what happened last year but Ch 7 will do what Carole tells them. Carole and Russell look like weasels trying to get into a hen house after that money.

23 Shazza { 07.03.14 at 8:24 am }

Love reading the posts on here, annajjj and bdd should get together and do the last recap! Bdd loved the bubbling comment, still laughing …

24 annajjj { 07.03.14 at 8:46 am }

Excellent idea Shazza! I’ve always wanted to get together with bdd – I’ve loved him from afar for many years. (Even wrote him a poem once!) I’ve suggested to RR that she open a post on Sunday and we all live blog.

25 Veronicali { 07.03.14 at 9:07 am }

Can anyone clear this up – from 8.30 I was watching something else and only flicking back a few times, but Adam & Lisa were told they were in the GF before Ryandy and the Gappers were even scored?! wtf? A mistake in editing?

26 all happening { 07.03.14 at 10:07 am }

Agree Veronicali, one team could have got 2 X 10 and one 1X9, 1X10. I don’t think it was an editing mistake, just cutting corners.
You need a yahoo email account to vote and each account will allow 10 votes.

27 Smythe { 07.03.14 at 10:23 am }

Carol…all about family. LOL She said if the mortgage is paid off she can be a grandmom and a mom. So she can’t be those while owing a mortgage??? What a big joke! She has come off as a major *B* and I hope that she and Russell do NOT win. Don’t know her up close and personal but on this program (as well as what has been written about her regarding the property she’s owned and sold) she is a fake, a facade and a phony. Said I wouldn’t watch this crap show any more but was curious to see what happened. Wish I hadn’t wasted my time because every time she says something my skin crawls.

28 Andrea { 07.03.14 at 10:38 am }

Exactly Smythe, Carol will eventually sell her million dollar property, and another one she owns, and then she can pay off the mortgage on the third home bought for the show, and make all her happy memories with space for the grandkids to play, vomit!
I so hope Adam and Lisa win.

29 brain dead dave { 07.03.14 at 11:17 am }

So it’s definitely part public vote and part judges scores on Sunday night, according to $unruse this morning. Of course , it will be “right down to the wire” as usual. But the avalanche of hate for Carole and Russell will make it a blood bath.

Thanks Shazza and annajjj. I do remember the poem.

30 all happening { 07.03.14 at 11:35 am }

Survey on popsugar says 91% A&L, 9% C&R BUT that only if everyone votes.

Originally they mentioned a phone number for votes as well but doesn’t show on the home page now.

Looks like I have to set up a yahoo email account. Then I will at least feel as though I have tried to shut up the smug two faces byytch.

31 brain dead dave { 07.03.14 at 11:46 am }

I’ve seen only SMS or go to the website as voting options.

It’s nauseating seeing Carole pleading for votes so “we can leave something for our grandchildren”. Vomit. Do something good for them ,Carole and fly away , you pair of galahs.

32 mm#8 { 07.03.14 at 12:48 pm }

as frustrating as the mortgage chasers have been, I am amazed at my level of wonder at the judges…

a sitcom looming ? starring Joe & Wendy ?

Joe: I think there is too much happening in this room?
Wendy: I loove ….the legs on that coffee table. (Pause) I don’t like …. the fabric on those chairs ..
Joe: I agree (Long pause) shall we go to the bedroom?
Wendy: okay

this will set ratings records …..

33 Smythe { 07.03.14 at 3:18 pm }

BDD…..I like Galahs (the birds) so don’t want those two fakes and irritants compared to those intelligent birds. Understand the slang use of the word but Galahs don’t deserve that. :-)

34 Shazza { 07.03.14 at 9:15 pm }

So annajjj, are you going to share the poem!

35 brain dead dave { 07.03.14 at 9:24 pm }

I’m familiar with birds ,Smythe and in fact was out yesterday looking at Red Browed Finches and Blue Wrens in the wild.

36 Gabby { 07.04.14 at 8:19 am }

All happening thanks for the Pop Sugar percentages but you can bet they won’t be that spread out come Sunday night, they will be neck and neck, miraculously.
Carole the mouth had better not win. Does she not try to be a good grandparent now, not owning a property?
Owning a property doesn’t add anything to parenting or grand parenting skills, what a load of old shite.
Adam and Lisa for the win!

37 New Home Building Brokers { 07.04.14 at 10:31 am }

We wish Carole all the best in the final.

38 Smythe { 07.04.14 at 10:04 pm }

Brain Dead, I live w/ birds and they rule the roost. I’m their maid and butler. :-) Today one of them decided to bite me. Doesn’t he know that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you?

Are you a birdwatcher? The red browed & blue wren are cute little guys.

39 Smythe { 07.04.14 at 10:12 pm }

In homage to HR, I ate a Subway sandwich today.

40 kes { 07.05.14 at 3:18 am }

Yeah 37 ummm….where did her former boyfriend go??? I saw this two weeks ago and he was in the pic with Carole, Mmmmm, bit dodgy.

41 Red { 07.11.14 at 7:11 pm }

WTF!!!!!! So glad that Carol an Russel didn’t win they wouldn’t have deserved it. they all agreed about the wall coming down then that stupid designer cow that pretty much bullied them into taking the wall down!! Hope the cow gets hammered in the street. An the judges what a JOKE “it’s a gift” they talked it up so much which was not them!! Bet they were told to talk it up, Totally felt for Candy an Ryan.