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Guest Post: House Rules – The Reveal…. Finally

Annajjj recap of the penultimate episode. She will be live blogging/chatting the finale on Sunday so please join in.

Here is the recap:
It’s finally the reveal night and the last two teams to go into the Grand Final are announced. But first we have a couple of hours worth of padding to get through.

We kick off with all the teams telling us how much they want/deserve to win. Then we cross to Ryandy who have a major disaster on their hands. Their kitchen appliances won’t be delivered for an hour and a half and there is only an hour and a half to go. Then over to Lisadz who are renovating their enormous zone and Lisa tells us that Adam is the most anal person she’s ever worked with which is TMI IMO. Lisadaz are getting a bit stressed with each other.

In another part of the house Carole reminds us for the one millionth time that she and Gapper are here to win. If she gets her mortgage paid off Carole can then be a mother and a grandmother. I’m a mother and a grandmother too Carole, and I still have a mortgage. They’re not mutually exclusive. The Cappers appear to be going with a vivid citrus theme in each of their rooms.

In the last half an hour Joh arrives on set to add pressure to the teams. Adam has the shits with the sheets and Team Telstra arrive to get their plug in. Gapper is still painting in the bathroom and Carole reminds everyone who might have forgotten that she really wants her mortgage paid off. Seriously.

With 7 minutes to go Ryan’s appliances arrive and he gets his Rhino on to install them. Adam runs to help out but Gapper is ordered to finish painting before he is allowed to help. Admittedly Carole is seen briefly helping by unpacking some stuff. Then time is up, tools down and the couples embrace again in slo mo. “We didn’t argue all week’ Gapper exclaims in surprise. Well no, not with each other you didn’t.

Snellster and Wendy arrive at the house and earlier poster Julieann is quite right. Joe doesn’t own a single shirt that hasn’t been upcycled from Granny’s tablecloths.

First up the Capper’s zone and personally I don’t love this living room but the judges think it looks great. Joe really likes the controversial nib wall. The judges also like the bathroom and there is a bad paint job right behind Wendy which doesn’t rate a mention. There is more citrus in the master bedroom and I hate that bedspread but everyone else seems to love it. Overall the Cappers have done a really good job.

Over to Ryandy’s zone along with a quick reminder that they capitulated to Cappers. In the kids room it looks like a bag of Smarties exploded. There is so much colour it almost becomes a colour void and the psychedelic wallpaper gives Joe head spins. Back to the entry which has one of those trendy new doors everyone is getting and then into the games room which has a very cool hanging chair and who doesn’t want one of those?

So far both teams have done well which makes me worry a bit for Adam and Lisa. In Ryandy’s kitchen it’s a big improvement although it does look quite a bit narrower than before. More ‘punches’ of colour and the pantry is in the wrong place.

Finally over to Lisadz zone and the dining room is great although apparently fabric chairs are a mistake. On the deck Joe likes the roof slats but not the yellow feature wall. The laundry and linen cupboards are good but the toilet is a ‘clash of colours’ according to Joe which is ridiculous as it is about the least colourful room in the entire house. The main kids room containing three bunk beds is a winner.

The teams arrive at Homebase to watch the Barnardos ladies, Jo and Nicki, and foster mum Sharon and her three girls inspect the house. This bit is mostly lovely apart from Nicki stopping to deliver a Telstra advertisement and then Jo delivering a Woolworths Insurance advertisement. The children love the new house and their enthusiasm is contagious. They all pile out onto the deck to admire it and there is a very very fancy house opposite.

Finally it’s judgement time. The judges say lots of nice things about the teams but don’t score them yet. This bit has to be dragged out. It’s 9pm now but we still seem to be a while off from a verdict.

After more ads Joh tells us it is unbelievably close. Judges start to deliver their scores which don’t seem to reflect their earlier comments at all. Adam and Lisa score 9 and 9 and Joh immediately tells them they are safe which seems a bit premature. What if the other teams get 9 and 10 or 10 and 10? They don’t though. Ryan and Candy score 8 and 8 and the Cappers get 8 and another ad break but really, we all know it will be a 9 and then back from ad break and yep. 9.

Farewell Ryandy! You were both a bit painful with the whole pranking thing at times but you didn’t deserve to lose to the Cappers on this one. We end with a preview of the teams renovating the ‘most important zone’ and the promise that the Cappers will torture us a lot more with their assertions that they want/deserve to win.


1 Nem { 07.05.14 at 3:54 pm }

What are kids older than 4 supposed to do in the “best ever” games room with the hanging chair that takes up a third of the space. Also, how long till a kid slips and brains themself on the sharp corner of Carole and rusty’s tub?

2 Nem { 07.05.14 at 3:56 pm }

I laughed at the bit where a kid comments of the effectiveness of the artwork. Lol. Not scripted or anything, right?

3 WHY { 07.05.14 at 11:00 pm }

Has anyone else thought of the Safety issue in the “games” room with that hanging chair from the ceiling. I can just imagine children holding on to it whilst someone is in the chair, pulling it backwards like a swing, then letting it go – into the wall!

All that had to be done is Adam and Lisa’s bunks bedroom was simply move the wardrobe over slightly and VOILA – more space to climb the ladder!

There was no need for a beach scene in the kitchen – there was already a view of the beach out of the window, go figure! This contact/wallpaper enclosed the kitchen too much, and simply unnecessary.

Carole made the wrong decision with making the toilet / bathroom all in one. Think about that house at full capacity – showers being taken, teeth cleaners etc, and God help the person that needs to go to the toilet. No solace there. I know there is a second toilet but for convenience the main toilet should have been separated.

4 Smythe { 07.06.14 at 5:33 am }

Loller #49 Yes, the show this season is crap. The reno of the flats was a waste of time. Good for the owners but boring for the viewers. So much of this season is outright BS whereas last season it seemed more believable. Knowing that these contestants have multiple properties has not helped. Chester is hardly ever shown and Carolyn has not been helpful. Several times her suggestions have been contradictory from one time to the next.

Unloading the truck of appliances in 7 minutes…..they must have called in a” Superhero” with ultra speed powers to help them out. :-)

5 Gabby { 07.06.14 at 3:50 pm }

I am so looking forward to tonight’s live blog.
Emma, will it be on this thread or will you be opening another one?
Welcome home, I hope you and the family had a great holiday.
Adam and Lisa to win!

6 Andrea { 07.06.14 at 4:18 pm }

Agree Smythe and WHY, lets hope that tonight’s outcome is the one we are all wanting, Adam and Lisa to win!
I think there will be a big riot if it goes the other way lol!
Oh and RR, I still have to keep refreshing the page too all the time to get all the comments.
Bet you wish you were still on holidays!

Hi Gabby, the live blog tonight should be fun.
Can’t wait for BB to return!

7 Jaycee47 { 07.06.14 at 5:19 pm }

On BHG they had the numbers to SMS for Vic so if anyone still wants to vote it is 19 777 277 and text the word VIC. Unfortunately I don’t know when it closes.

Just happened to put the TV on at 9.50 this morning and caught the end of Sunrise interviewing all 4 finalists. Has Russell had a makeover? He sure looked different. Better even!

Go Vic! Never thought I would say that.

Thanks Annajjj for the excellent recaps as well.

8 annajjj { 07.06.14 at 5:26 pm }

Hi Gabby and Andrea, I think Emma is going to start a new Open Post for us. I’m looking forward to it too! It felt like this season was going on and on and suddenly here we are at the final!
Thanks Melinda and Jaycee47 – I’ve really enjoyed doing them. I love the regulars posting too.
I’ve put in my vote for Lisadz. Every bit helps….

9 all happening { 07.06.14 at 5:55 pm }

HR’s fb page is heavily biased toward Gappers. Carn’ Lisadz

10 Zhee { 07.07.14 at 12:14 am }

Ahh, I am so late. 😉 Had some vacation this week and my sister and niece for a visit, so no House Rules. But judging from the recaps, I didn’t miss much. I don’t even bother to catch up with the show. I really hope The Block will be better….

Re TV shows: I am looking forward to Outlander, it’s my guilty pleasure regarding Diana Gabaldon’s novels. They are pure kitsch, but I love reading them in the fall time. :) Now they finally fimled it as a TV show, hopefully it will be enjoyable and not cancelled too quickly like other faves of mine like Pushing Daisies.
PS: Daisy, I started watching the Leftovers. It centers people who have to deal with losses in their families (2% of the population world wide disappeared). They don’t show what happened to them but how the people cope with that situation. Looks promising so far.

11 Fijane { 07.07.14 at 7:53 am }

Zhee, totally off-topic, but I am in the middle of re-reading An Echo in the Bone in prep for My Own Heart’s Blood which i bought last week. Sorry, can’t agree that they are ‘kitsch’, one of the best sagas I have read, just slightly behind Poldark.

12 Zhee { 07.09.14 at 7:20 am }

I actually didn’t like the last book. Book 5 and 6 were already bad. I think Gabaldon should have stopped way earlier. As much as I love Jamie and Claire, but it’s too unbelievable. *sigh* And I hate Brianna. 😀 Need to buy the newest book as soon as possible.

13 Fijane { 07.09.14 at 5:31 pm }

I agree that the first three books are the best, but I will take ;whatever I can get of Jamie and Claire. I’m skipping over the Lord John stuff in AEITB, and I don’t like William either. I’m hoping the next book has a lot less of them and more of the main characters. I’ve seen a few posts on an Outlander forum that seems to indicate that people like the last book.