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Update: House Rules Finale – Adam And Lisa Win


It was no surprise when Victoria’s Lisa Lamond and Adam Dovile crowned this year’s House Rules winners. They ended up beating WA’s Carole and Russell with the viewers vote impacting on the outcome.

It is no surprise that that the WA team struggled to get popular support due to recent revelations that they own other properties and were not quite so busted that they could only afford to buy a house on Gumtree.

Maybe if they had been presented as house flippers from the start that viewers would have appreciated their hard work and skill more. Though they should not shed any tears there are no real losers on this show as everyone gets a house renovation.

However Adam and Lisa also get their mortgage paid off which was a whopping $546,000.

To find out what happened in the finale see the comment section below where the ultimate recapper Annajjj gives her thoughts on the show as it was screening.


1 Jan { 07.07.14 at 1:42 pm }

Thanks Annajjj for your hilarious commentary throughout the season – I’ve been snorting with laughter! You could write exactly what I was thinking in my head with such flair :-)

Glad it went to Adam & Lisa, but I think that as now they have had their entire mortgage wiped clean, they should pay their cabinetry guy the amount he cut from their bill – he helped them get their mortgage paid off and he got shafted.

But being such wonderful kind-hearted people, they’ve probably already paid him this morning :-)

2 ... { 07.07.14 at 3:54 pm }

Hi, maybe someone knows where i could buy black top with white giraffes ,that lisa wears?

3 Lance { 07.07.14 at 4:13 pm }

Loving all the comments here … but you all missed the funniest part of the night !!
When Adam and Lisa found out that they were the winners and after all the hoo-ha, necessary speeches and thank you’s etc
Channel 7 then let off the fireworks and as Joh said her farewells to Adam and Lisa, Adam picks up Lisa and looking at her screamed “I love you honey”.
Without missing a beat Joh says “love you too Adam” then turns bright red realising it was said on live TV and stumbles over her next line.

4 Jac { 07.07.14 at 4:16 pm }

Thanks heaps for the recaps, I’ve been really enjoying them. Probably more than the actual programme :). Now bring on the Block :).

5 Lance { 07.07.14 at 4:18 pm }

Also did anyone see all the cutouts of the James Bond figures littering Adams and Lisa’s backyard?
One final thing Carol and Russell had already looked at what Adam and Lisa had done because they were useless at showing amazement at what had been done.
Plus, while looking at the spa Russell blurts out “look at this 6 star outdoor outdoor shower” which the whole time was hidden behind the open doors and they had to close them to see the shower.

6 Ann Manley { 07.07.14 at 4:42 pm }

It is a sincere pity that House Rules eventuated into being a popularity contest rather than rewarding the most consistent, and ultimately the best performers in the competition. Older viewers like myself may not own a mobile phone or have a Facebook account or such-like, and so were precluded from voting. Please get it right next time, or I won’t be viewing again.

7 Fijane { 07.07.14 at 5:42 pm }

Hi Ann, if I remember correctly, last year it was decided completely by popular vote, which was a very ‘unpopular’ result. The viewers wanted the most deserving to win.
This year apparently it was 50% vote and 50% judges score from the last room. Im’ not sure if that was better, as there was still no way of verifying the results, and most viewers consider the two judges to be inconsistent and maybe rigged. This year I was glad for the popular vote as there was a danger that the judges could have given the win to the couple who have lied and cheated.
Iwas passionately against the popular vote last year, but I don’t know if this was better?
Re the voting methods. At least they offered a computer way of voting – so many of these things are only by sms which skews the results towards teenagers.

8 kes { 07.07.14 at 6:48 pm }

Thanks Andrea…One would think that after listening to Carole’s high opinion of herself, is that she would be the next Mother Teresa! Time for these two to either deny or confirm that they own multiple properties cos each time that subject comes up,they never just say “no, not us”. It’s a shame how some that come over well at the start,seem funny,real, then turn to silly stuff to stay in the comp. This is the case with Carole mainly. You never knew if the tears were real or the words true. Sometimes you just have to be yourself and if in the end that isn’t all that great, so be it. Look at Brooke, cow from the start of first day not helping the other girls unloading, to being a cow until the end, that was her person, just the way she was.

9 Eliza { 07.08.14 at 2:49 am }

Finally got back on here! Thanks for the laughs..

Few thoughts:
– Wendy and Joe were really annoying re the bi-fold window in C&R’s place over the spa. Ahhh, if A&L had put it the other way, it would have been a safety hazard as people could hit their head on it in the spa!
– Lance, yes, I LOL-ed at Joh and her “love you too..”
– Glad I did not watch this live.. soo drawn out!
– I am wondering how long after the 12 months is up that Candy & Ryan’s place will be on the market.
– LW, if Ch9 do another series of WLCTT I might jump on board too. I mean, I am single, but heck.. free holiday ’round Australia and you don’t even really have to be interested in moving away.
– Next stop, The Block!

10 Anonymous { 08.19.14 at 5:48 am }

Would love to see all you negative lot out there work like those contestants did they were all fucked over except Adam and Lisa favourites from the beginning all for ratings good luck with your fake win