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The Voice Australia – The Top 8

It appears it could be a girls year to win this year with Sabrina Batshon, Holly Tapp and Kat Jade made automatically safe along with indigenous duo Zedke.

After instant saves Johnny Rollins, Anka, Jackson and Frank Lakoudis move forward in the competition.

Hopefully they won’t completely sanitise Kat as I find her looks and personality refreshing. Also loving Zedke.

Who did you think was the stand out last night?


1 Eliza { 07.14.14 at 7:15 pm }

Hahaha.. you can be Steve the Pirate if you wish.

Ohh hang on, maybe.. wait, I will get back to you on the other thread so as to not give away all our secret team info.

2 daisy { 07.14.14 at 9:29 pm }

Good thinking 99.

3 Eliza { 07.15.14 at 12:21 am }

How about that save, huh?!

I can imagine stabbing my eyeballs out. I like them too much to actually do it, plus, eyeballs gross me out.

4 Eliza { 07.15.14 at 12:22 am }

Come to think of it, blocking my ears would be better as without my eyeballs I would still be able to hear the sob stories. Stabbing eyeballs just sounds more dramatic.

5 Deano { 07.15.14 at 9:16 pm }

Well – the iTunes charts were accurate last week…
Top 4: ZK. Jackson Thomas. Johnny Rollins. Frank Lakoudis.
The only surprise for me was the 1 minute save.. I voted for Sabrina (on talent) but Anja won the vote. Maybe viewers who like mismatched leopold skin clothing watch the show live..

iTunes update (9pm 15-July)
No. 12. Johnny Rollins. When a man loves a woman.
No. 24 Anja Nissen. I have nothing
No. 25 Jackson Thomas. When the war is over.
No. 57. Frank Lakoudis. Sweet child O’ mine
No. 68. ZK. Don’t stop believing

Wow. I think ZK can stop believing they can win the voice. They have been given a crap song to sing and no one’s downloading it.
Jacksons got an average song too.

On this early data, would have to say that Johnny Rollins will win.
I’m also surprised that no one has gone No. 1. Last year, the voice finalists dominated the iTunes top 10 and Harrison Craig went No. 1..

6 Deano { 07.15.14 at 9:52 pm }

Talking Points from the semi final.
Will.I.Am talking into his watch..
Why did they take an unprecedented 5th contestant into the final?
The rise of Anja. Or was she due for a good week after a few shockers.
The fall of ZK.
The quality of 2014 seems to be down on previous years. Has the show jumped the shark & nuked the fridge?