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OPEN Discussion Thread: The Trashy Sharknado 2 Is Coming

I have to confess to watching the first Sharknado and thought it was hilarious so I am ashamed to say the second one is coming and will be fast tracked on Thursday 31 July on the Syfy channel. You have the choice to watch it at 11.3oam but I expect if you are a social media junkie you will prefer to watch the prime time screening at 9.30pm to take the inevitable piss out of it.

UPDATE: Culinary Boner just sent this in which says it all about the World Cup Semi overnight:

Now we are at the end of the reality TV week what else are you watching?


1 brain dead dave { 07.09.14 at 3:06 pm }

For Sale : 1 x Brazilian Goalkeeper. Hardly used. Needs glasses.

Genuine offers only.

2 Sandii { 07.09.14 at 8:36 pm }

Wouldn’t Mr goalkeeper be feeling like shit today

3 Jaycicle { 07.09.14 at 8:57 pm }

I’m sure he does Sandii but the way I figure it Germany was only in a position to score so many goals because the rest of the Brazilian team let them get down to the goal end. Having said that I know diddly about soccer and I’m sure it is of no comfort to the goalie anyway.
Great way to start the thread BDD!

4 daisy { 07.09.14 at 11:22 pm }

OK help me out here guys. I don’t watch sport on TV unless a pretty costume is involved (ice-skating), maybe speedos (diving), hot guys (snow boarding) so I am really ignorant about the need to win.
So tell me is it normal or OK for Brazil to be carrying on like a pork chop for coming 2nd? When teaching kids I thought we are suppoesed to teach them to win well and be able to accept loss. Bloody hell, Brazil didn’t even lose. They came second.
It reminds me of what that golfer said recently when his wife died of cancer; “golf doesn’t matter so much now”.

5 daisy { 07.09.14 at 11:25 pm }

“Heart breaking defeat”, the TV reporter just called it. Bloody hell.
A child dying of leukaemia is heartbreaking, not bloody coming second tossing a ball on an oval.

6 daisy { 07.09.14 at 11:28 pm }

“Devastating” now. Does the loser have to sacrifice 100 virgins to death by fire?

7 Eliza { 07.10.14 at 12:55 am }

Hahaha, Daisy! I get your point but sport is life or death for a lot of people. I will get fired up over sport but get over it after it’s finished. Like NSW letting QLD win tonight.. frustration.. but now past. At least we won the series. Loved the presentation when Ken called QLD the “runners up”. HAHAHA what else are they going to be. It amused me.

Back at school a group of us used to be really into the NRL (we were totes on TV the last time we won the series in 05). I swear the guys were much more attractive then – Ryan Girdler, Luke Ricketson, Craig Wing, etc. I stopped watching as much when the Roosters went crap but now they all look like thugs with tattoos all over their body. Besides Cooper Cronk.. hi Cooper Cronk.

I don’t like soccer though. I think it is because I suck at it.

Sorry, I am rattling on again. I have a job to do so I am procrastinating 😉

8 Zhee { 07.10.14 at 5:37 am }
9 Sandii { 07.10.14 at 7:06 am }

Zhee, That is hilarious

10 Anonymous { 07.10.14 at 11:43 am }

Zhee, so funny. And you got roomba in too, putting into language I can inderstand. Couldn’t get the other link and not commenting much because I can’t get RR to work, on chrome or google.
Not even sure this will go. Even reading is near on impossible. It is going haywire.

11 JK { 07.10.14 at 12:00 pm }

Looking forward to arrow coming back, but I would prefer on a wednesday and not a tuesday :)

12 Eliza { 08.11.14 at 2:44 am }

Watched Sharknado 1 (parts of) and then 2 today.. SOOOOOOOO hilarious! I never would have thought sharks diving at people through the air and biting their heads off could be so funny. And I am sensitive! Next time there is a storm I will be checking for sharks.