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Australia’s Next Top Model – Auditions For Season Nine Are Starting

Australia’s Next Top Model will be back in 2015 for it’s ninth series. This year Foxtel tried The Face Australia as the reality model competition but it did not connect with the audience so it is unlikely to return.

The audition dates have been announced so if you are interested make sure you are there. They also announced there will be no permanent replacement for Charlotte Dawson but a series of special guest judges each week. Jennifer Hawkins will be the host with Alex Perry and Didier Cohen also returning.

For the full details see below:

Foxtel announced today FOX8’s flagship series Australia’s Next Top Model will launch a national audition tour beginning Thursday July 31 signalling the start of production on the ninth season of the modelling reality competition.

The first audition event will see host Jennifer Hawkins return to her hometown of Newcastle in New South Wales to begin the search for contestants for the new series.

The tour will then move to Sydney, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne on the search for Australia’s Next Top Model.

The new season will air on FOX8 in 2015 and Jennifer Hawkins will be joined by celebrated Australian designer and long term judge Alex Perry, and model Didier Cohen.

Foxtel Executive Director of Television, Brian Walsh, said: “The whole team on the show has been deeply affected by the loss of Charlotte earlier this year. We feel the series will never be the same without her and in 2015 we will welcome a special guest judge each week to join the judging panel as in our minds Charlotte is irreplaceable.

“This will give the girls on the show unique insight and varied guidance each week, while honouring the legacy of our friend Charlotte and remembering her commitment to this iconic series.”

Locations for the Australia’s Next Top Model audition tour are:

Thursday, July 31 Newcastle – Charlestown Square from 3pm
Saturday, August 2 Sydney – Chatswood Chase from 10am
Sunday, August 3 Sydney – Westpoint Blacktown from 10am
Thursday, August 14 Gold Coast – Robina Town Centre from 3pm
Saturday, August 16 Melbourne – Myer Melbourne, Bourke Street from 10am
Sunday, August 17 Melbourne – Chadstone Shopping Centre from 10am
Saturday, August 23 Adelaide – Myer Centre Rundle Mall from 10am
Sunday, August 24 Perth – Garden City Booragoon from 10am

Please go to for further information about the audition tour.


1 Eliza { 07.14.14 at 11:52 pm }

I have missed this show this year. It is always one of my favs. Must say, I always really liked Charlotte on the show so will miss her presence.

2 daisy { 07.15.14 at 1:03 pm }

I will miss BINTM. The Aussies and (even worse) NZ are like bumpkins in comparison.
Aussies look catalogue and NZ look like check out chicks. No offense to check out chicks. Some of you would make much better models than NZ.
But I will watch of course.

BTW, anyone else looking fdto the end of the shaved sides of the head? It will one day be likened to the bogan ratstail.

A guy down the pool had such a tiny piece of hair left on top and it was shaped in such a way that it looked exactly like one of the many beach sparrows was fixed there.

3 Twinkle { 07.15.14 at 2:51 pm }

Um, daisy aren’t you sterotyping there a bit?

A number of models from NZ – who haven’t been ‘found’ through this medium but nevertheless are still models – are doing very well overseas and certainly do not resemble “check out chicks”.

4 daisy { 07.15.14 at 3:12 pm }

Twinkle, yep. I am stereoptyping.

I think that some of the Brit girls don’t look great initially but usually they are given great make-overs. I reckon the Aussies are given pretty garden variety makeovers.

My favs are when the take ‘an ugly duckling’ and make them look amazing. Like that blond girl with braces on last year’s BINTM.
She looked Lik Mildred from Robyn’s Nest/George and the Dragon but soooo photogenic and fabulous on the catwalk.

I reckon the Aussies and Kiwis would do better with better makeovers.

5 daisy { 07.18.14 at 10:09 am }

I got to see Asia’s NTM last night. The show itself was crappy. The guy who mentors the girls is way too OTT and the judges are who?
They did the same old make the girls walk a dangerous precipice (the top of the Twin Toers Malaysia, and make them stand in ice in their undies. Boring format but the girls weren’t bad.

I am def gping to dl a few more. I might do Italy.