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Open Post – The Biggest Loser

if you want to talk about the latest series on The Biggest loser chat here.

This year it is back to the families concept and Tiffany is back to join Michelle, Commando and Shannon.


1 lola { 12.09.15 at 8:09 am }

Yes, it was a bit of a yawn fest, Jofres win it all.
Agree, could do without the cringe inducing proposal and wedding. I may be a bit old fashioned but it’s ten years on and two children later to finally get married. It takes more courage and faith to marry first then start producing offspring instead of trying before you buy it!
At least Jodie didn’t have an on air wedding.

Johnnee’s ego is out of control . Me thinks he will get fat again very quickly and clearly does not have the same discipline as Moses.
Sylvia looks like she is also prone to fatten up again,
I hope the Pestells keep up with their weight loss, Dad looked good at finale considering he was the first eliminated.
I’m with Shannon, individuals would be better with a stronger focus on meal planning and nutrition .

2 Littlepetal { 12.09.15 at 8:26 am }

Johnee has been tweeting about his workouts everyday on his Twitter account. Haven’t seen any up to date photo. He should have just kept his mouth shut and work hard when on TBL.

3 Sarah { 12.09.15 at 8:34 am }

Johnee was impossible last night, so up himself that he probably thought he was going to win the 10K That was a great article on Mumbrella from Shannon – we should see how much and what they eat. Ninemsn have Daniel as being a married father of two – not sure if that’s correct! That fake wedding must have taken some organising on the night!! No marriage certificate, dress and makeup organised, they must think we are thick as bricks. I thought Fiona did well and hope she’s back, if the show comes back.

4 brain dead dave { 12.09.15 at 10:12 am }

Dr.Phil will be an hour late to allow for the Bland Finale to be encored.

That’s ruined lunch then, Ch 10.

I fink Danny is on $tudio 10 this morning.

5 brain dead dave { 12.09.15 at 10:20 am }

One of the Jofre rellos spelled the winner’s name as “Dany”


There’s never been a better time to be a Jofre.

But I have to confess… I fort the wedding was real. Fanks for nuffink,$hine. Youse emotionally abused me (not to mention little Amelia) wif that stunt.

6 Littlepetal { 12.09.15 at 10:22 am }

The contestants were all so delusional if they think they can win the family prize or the eliminated contestants prize.

Even before leaving TBL house, all the Jofres have lost more in term of % weight loss. It’s really a one horse race. Since it is a weight loss show, the Jofres deserves the win.

7 brain dead dave { 12.09.15 at 10:29 am }

Congrats to the Jofres for over 200 kilo weight loss.

That’s an entire Johnee.

Massive. Enormous. Huge.

For me the highlight of the series was the plover. To survive there for 12 weeks at Camp Biggest Loser wifout being killed and eaten was an enormous effort. Coulda just been a pile of fevvers, hey?

8 lola { 12.09.15 at 11:07 am }

Good one Dave,
Big thanks to you and Calorie Loader for weekly synopsis on the show.
Also thanks to all fellow commentators here, we dug deep, we kept the faith , we forged on for those 12 weeks.
Fanks everyone and I hope you all enjoy the festive season.

9 lola { 12.09.15 at 11:09 am }

Especially the Xmas chuckens and spit roasts.

10 Bolders { 12.09.15 at 11:34 am }

Yes this season should teach Spit-Shine Shine that having a team of four men means the race has one horse. Of course we knew that but then again we’re not in the Shite business.

It was good to have youse all here to gripe about the nonsense fed to us on this show. And Lola I wasn’t buying into the hype about the wedding either. You’ve had two children dudes. It doesn’t have the excitement of starting out together. But hey that’s just me.

I want to like Johnee but he does come off a bit crass: that comment about “everything” improving and him slapping Tenealle on her Captain (see what I did just there?) made him look crass.

11 Littlepetal { 12.09.15 at 11:48 am }

Johnee is following Commando Paleo Diet. He must be smiling as he can tuck into the chunkens and roast. Yum yum.

Didnt Rob’s wife already has 2 rings on her finger before the so call wedding. What a way to pad out the finale. If they got the timing right, we could have witness the birth of Michelle and Commando baby. World firt!! Biggest Loser’s trainers live birth!!

12 brain dead dave { 12.09.15 at 12:05 pm }

Commando could be there yelling at Michelle:

“C’mon ! Push it out! You can do it!”

13 lola { 12.09.15 at 12:10 pm }

Funny quip I saw on Facebook this morning,
Midwives yelling at Michelle in the delivery room,
“If you think this is pain, wait til it really hurts!” PUSH PUSH

14 brain dead dave { 12.09.15 at 12:22 pm }

Michelle’s having a home birf.

At the gym.

The faces she’s been pulling this season, the baby could well come out of her mouf, ey?

15 Nico_66 { 12.09.15 at 12:39 pm }

Well what a craptastic way to finish a craptastic season! Congrats $hine you really outdid youselves. Did well not to heave my dinner back up through-out the show especially during the “wedding” – the producers, writers whatever they are, really do think the viewers are idiots to buy into that bull$hit.

Thanks for posting that article link with Shannan’s thoughts Spooner. I too agree with what he was saying about this most recent season and the direction the show needs to go back to if it gets another run. In what was a very dismal series, the highlights for me were watching Mel seemingly grow more confident and the friendship she and Shannan developed. For all of her bluster and dojang mumbo jumbo, Tiff along with Shannan are the trainers that come across as the most sincere particularly when it comes to the contestants. Maybe TBL should return to the original two trainers and two teams format with Tiff and Shannan at the helm?

I’d also like to add my thanks to youse especially CL and BDD for their MASSIVE efforts – you gice (as Sylvia would say) smashed the $hit out it. But in all seriousness, it’s been nice to come to this site and discuss/vent all things 2015 TBL families with you all. Cheers ?

16 Pandy { 12.09.15 at 3:33 pm }

Nico_66, I agree with you completely. Mel definitely was the highlight and I was pleased to see her becoming more confident as the show progressed.
Tiff and Shannon do seem the nicest with their contestants well being at heart.
Johnee came off as an idiot right up until the end, can’t stand him.
Mistakes made were having families instead of individuals and not showing us more of the contestants eating plans.
I missed the usual face your fears, must have been on a budget this year, I was waiting for them to jump off a cliff or something!
Thanks everyone for the recaps and comments, hope we get the chance to do it for MKR and IACGMOOH next year RR.

17 Julie { 12.09.15 at 7:24 pm }

One thing I forgot to say last night – was very surprised to see a glimmer of Pestall Powa when they beat the Failwoods.

Sad to see it all end, only because I’ll miss CL and BDD’s coverage.

Guess I’ll have to wait for MKR now – I hear it’s the duck’s nuts :)

18 Calorie Loader { 12.10.15 at 4:13 am }

Part 2.
As Fiona said, the Pestrell’s transformations really do have to be seen to be believed. Although Ali didn’t do badly at all with a 28% weight loss after spending most of the time outside the house. We once again sit through their overplayed explosive outdoor training session. ‘Do you understand how much you’re pissing us off Mel?!?!?!?,’ says Jodie sitting out training altogether, with Ali concurring as she leaves training mid-session. The viewers sure as hell don’t understand. We also relive one of their first sessions where Ali asks Jodie ‘don’t your arms work?’ and Jodes replies, ‘No they don’t. They’re f*ckn fat’.

Apparently Mel made it to final 7. That would be the pre final final 7. As Ali comes to the end of the fatwalk to pose, Tilly comes running up which results is her short bit of limelight being cut short. Anuva mastermind moment from Shine? Then the Pestrell’s line up together and do this weird dance, pointing their fingers at the floor (are they pointing out sweat that drupped from Johnee’s jig earlier? I’m completely baffled. Or has the champas been popped early cause no need for weigh in ‘we got this’). Then Dad said something no girl wants to hear-his daughters have started their weight loss journey but still have a long way to go. LONG way. Ali looked like she wanted to gut him then and there.

Someone’s gone to sleep bringing up the holograms ‘cause they are at least a meter or two behind the actual contestants. We also revisit the famous Bavarian cheesecake scene for the last time. It is the same footage, yes, because it happened only the once.

We see Mich saying she couldn’t believe her luck when she landed the Jofre’s. Shannon couldn’t believe his either.

Weigh in for already ‘liminated contestants begins. They all walk in, newly changed into their spanks and girdles, or gaffa tape. They walk past the crowd and Johnee (out of control at this point), flashes his wotsit to them (or where it’s meant to be). I think they should be able to claim compensation for being subjected to this spectacle.

Fiona asks each and every contestant if they think they’ve ‘done it’? She is of course referring to losing enough weight to beat the current leader. It’s a dangerous question to be asking Johnee given the graphics we endured earlier. Cliff naturally thinks he’s smashed it and will smash his way to the top position.

Moses is hyped up like a small child on red cordial. All the whooping, hakka performances, gun shows, handstands, push-ups and backflips leads me to the conclusion he got his hands on some ice bro, or got trigger happy wuth the steroid surunge. Then it’s Johnee’s turn to weigh in. That self satisfied orgasmic eye roll to the back of the head recurs, but this time it’s just at the thought of his narcissistic self, and how fully sick he thinks he looks.

Ali don’t got this. We almost forget about stick insect Rob, as he hides amongst the lard. Why even bother to have this blindingly obvious weigh in? Well time needs to be filled while everyone prepares for the fake wedding back stage (but not, because it was totally spur of the moment. Noone had a clue, not even Rob Not even Kelly the marriage celebrant who was dragged unsuspectingly from her bed for this very special sacred event.

Onto the free bruva Jofre’s. Fi’s asking Pab what he set out to achieve on this show? He completely bypasses the question telling what he’d hoped to achieve by 25-a successful career, family, wife. Fi asks-and what have you done? Nuffink he says. It’s time for payback as Fi sticks to script and completely ignores the information he’s just relayed, ‘well done for achieving everything you set out to do.’ Unless it was just a sarcastic bashing, then muttering, ‘well done for achieving none of that,’ under her breaf.

Spewfest ‘wedding’, yada yada. Everyone looks bored. Especially me.Then we weigh family by family. What a loada crap. Haven’t they heard of a calculator? We know every individual has already been weighed. No need for this weigh in anyway. It’s visually obvious enough. Jodie’s face says it all, ‘We NEVA WIN ANYTHING!!!!!!’

The moment none of us have been waiting for –the winner…So it’s Jofre, Jofre and Jofre. Tony tounge kisses Rob’s head he’s so frilled. And stop all that ass slapping. They are looking like batty boys.

I saw in the paper today Danny will split the winnings 4 ways, as suspected. They cleaned up wiv $210k. He also wants to pursue somefink ‘worfwhile’-personal training and healf. Construction was his previous line of work.

19 Calorie Loader { 12.10.15 at 4:53 am }

Catnip, I noticed that too re Tony’s lips. Maybe he was very cold having no protective fat layer left.

Interesting point about the fur person final Fijane. It seemed for most of the series everyfink was in the Jofre’s favour, with Shine supporting the juggernaut. But as the public showed their distaste perhaps for one family dominating everything, they tried to oust at least one of them. It just grew wings and came back stronger though. As we know though, despite everythink, they literally worked their butts off, pushing harder than any uvver family, so congrats gice.

How sad re Johnee’s tweets, LP. The more pressing qwustion is who is following him to justify writing them in the first place? Apart from our amazing in-house researcher on inside info of course (LP).

Thank you to all the commenters this season, and your kind words and encouragement to ‘keep pushn’ fru. It’s been an absolute pleasure to recap for y’all alongside maestro Dave (who has given us all many laughs-thanks heaps bro). It’s been great to piss take, chat, grizzle and analyse this caricature of a show. Lola said it well @708.

MKR may well be the next place we meet (or IACGMOOH which I enjoyed this year), but if that duckhead is the best they’ve cast, I’d rather eat a duck’s nuts.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!!

20 Fijane { 12.10.15 at 6:53 am }

So, now Tony AND Danny will be saving the world by becoming gym-junkies. Pablo has lost huge amounts of weight, but nobody has helped him find his purpose in life. And there has been no mention of Rob doing anything but truck driving, but no guidance as to how to avoid those bad habits.

It seems that Shine and the trainers have absolutely zero interest in helping the contestants achieve a balanced life. They just pick and choose bits of the backstory to increase ratings. Endless time spent on Pablo wanting to ‘find love’, surely if he had purpose/career ‘love’ would follow.

21 Littlepetal { 12.10.15 at 8:50 am }
22 Pandy { 12.10.15 at 9:19 am }

Thanks LP, Mel looks really great now, she was the one who was really underestimated and deserved more.
Those Jofries used her and her sisters treated her like crap.

23 lola { 12.10.15 at 9:56 am }

Thanks Littlepetal for the update on Mel. Good on her, she looks so much healthier and happier. Those floor tiles could do with a good scrub though. Free work out without having to trek to the gym.
Just sayin’

Thanks Calorie Loader for final review. Had me in stitches as per usual.

24 brain dead dave { 12.10.15 at 10:03 am }

Mel’s television looks like it’s on the Today show and that empty VB carton behind her could have been cropped out.

I’d be careful of publishing p0ssessions and house details online just in case the Jofres decide to come around and rob the place and take everyfink…

Ha ha lola, I spotted the tiles, too. I’d be putting Pablo in a dog collar and making him clean the floor.

25 brain dead dave { 12.10.15 at 10:35 am }

Massive final recap from Calorie Loader at #718. Been a pleasure for me too, thanks. You done the hard yards and burned more calories than me. Them Xmas hampers from $hine should arrive any day now. There could be some chucken mussing.

All youse who read and commented. Fank youse and best wishes for Xmas season. Fanks for the kind words.

Til MKR it’ll be Bake Off repeats and Flipping Out on 9Life. I’ve seen the first two MKR “corporate flyers”/nasty villains.

26 Pandy { 12.10.15 at 3:40 pm }

And seeing Daniel on The Project last night he looks like he has already put some weight back on.

27 Littlepetal { 12.10.15 at 11:29 pm }

The viewers got suck in to believe that Pablo is a recluse with no career/job.
From his facebook he is designer/Director at Calle85. Also hundreds of friends.

28 brain dead dave { 12.11.15 at 7:01 am }

Studying Food Science at school really worked for Pablo.

29 brain dead dave { 12.12.15 at 11:05 am }

Now I get the duck’s nuts references , having just seen that fool on a sneak peak for MKR. That bald bogan lair doesn’t augur well for next year….it’s an enormous fail on the four contestants so far.

He even talks like a Jofre ~ “We done it… we done it!”

I always understood the term as “duck’s guts”,in any case.

See what a fucknut he is already. Fail,baldy.

30 Julie { 12.15.15 at 7:11 pm }

something to be said for evolution ??????

31 Juz { 01.25.16 at 7:54 pm }

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