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So You Think You Can Dance Shannon Holtzapffel Is Going To Get Dirty And Rudimental Will Perform

STYCDA Judge Shannon

Seriously people need to take a break from watching contestant’s burn schnitzel on My Kitchen Rules or seeing tanty’s over a kitchen floor on The Block, and check out So You Think You Can Dance. It really is great to see some amazing dance talent on stage.

This week judge Shannon Holtzapffel will be getting down and dirty on stage to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines along with the top 18. Almost worth watching to see who he is going to grind the most with on stage.

Also from London UK music sensation Rudimental are also performing exclusively on the stage this Sunday.

Their hits are Feel The Love, Waiting All Night and Not Giving In, they will be singing their current hit single Free.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia on Sundays, 7.30pm on TEN.


March 5, 2014   2 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance – First People Eliminated – No More Ballroom Dancers Left

Thabang was a surprise elimination on Sunday night on So You Think You Can Dance. He was in the bottom three with Stephen and Joel. His Viennese Waltz with Maddie attracted critcism due to his partnering style. The judges think he is not a supportive partner, however to be fair he was also grappling with 60 metres of material as well so no wonder the lift looked awkward.

It was interesting that this had a bigger impact then the dance for you life solos. As Thabangs was the most outstanding quite hard considering he is ballroom. Stephen even though he is technically fantastic lacks a little charisma and Joel the hip hop guy did a dance that had nothing new or orginal in it.

With Kathleen also being eliminated from the girls it also means there are no ballroom dancers left in the competition. And this is not a positive thing.

It was surprising to see Nadiyah having to dance for her life tonight as she has received a lot of air time unlike Zoey and Stephen.  However in hindsight she did not have a lot to work with last week in her hip hop routine. Kathleen should be eliminated as her footwork was again sloppy in her Samba this week. Surely there must have been better ballroom dancers audition.

You wonder if they were so keen to have the ex-partners in as a story line they overlooked some better technical female dancers.

After having to work out if Paula Abdul was wearing a shirt it was time for the couples to dance together for the first time.

To survive in this show you have to have talent but also you have to get lucky with the choreographers/routines you get and again we saw the impact this had.

Ashlee and Jay were first to dance to Happy by Pharrel. The choreographer was Simon Lind.What was weird about the routine it took awhile for it to get going. They were in one spot of the stage for the first half of the dance. Aaron said people won’t appreciate how fast and frenetic the routine was. Jason G said it took them until halfway through the routine to get into their groove, and  Shannon got out of the chair to explain what he meant when he said they were over dancing. They will be at risk of bottom three this week.

Eden and Blond danced a contemporary jazz routine by Stephen Tannous. Blond was lucky he got teamed with Eden one of the smaller girls in the competition and it was the highlight of the night. The mesmerising routine was to Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Lorde and it was very clever of Stephen to use the sticks. Blond was fantastic as was Eden and they received standing ovations. Stephen Tannous was knocked out of his season far too early but it is great to see him back as choreographer and it looks like they will be calling him up every week if this is what he is going to deliver. Go here to see the routine.

Sally and Jordan did contemporary and choreographer was Jason Winters. Rehearsals were not good and Jordan was not happy about the steps on stage. His he a little high maintenance? The song was Addicted To You by Avicil. There were no obvious bloopers but the dancers did not look to happy at the end. Shannon thought the emotion over took the cleanliness. Jason G said Jordan could have drawn on so many more emotions and Paula thought they technically nailed the steps then told Jordan to lift his shoulders.

Jason G then asked what was clearly a set up question about what was blocking him this week and he said it was close to home the dance this week and he wept. Not sure what that was all about.

Patric and Lauren were danced Urban to Chris Scott routine. It was to Fast Car by Tracey Chapman.  It was lyrical hip hop apparently. It was not the most riveting of routines but everyone else loved it. Lauren is the golden child of the competition with Aaron telling her she was one of the best dancers in the dance world. It will be interesting to see how she goes when lifts are involved as she has struggled with them previously.

Kathleen and Chris danced a ballroom number. It was a samba by choreographers Aric and Masha. Kathleen is a little hard to lift  as she is more Cyd Charisse then Debbie Reynolds. Also her feet were very sloppy, Mary Murphy would not be happy. Chris did well and they were told they had more chemistry then her and Thabang.

Yukino and Stephen did a Jazz number with choreographer Cameron Mitchell. Yukino has a star quality and was fabulous but not technically perfect. Whereas Stephen was technically perfect but the problem I am still not sure he has a star quality.

Maddie and Thabang  had to do a waltz to Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. Thabang said there is no chemistry between them but they were going to have to try. The problem is the waltz does not have much a wow factor. The audience gave a polite clap at one of the lips but that was probably because they were glad he was not suffocated by all the material. Shannon thought it felt vacant. Paula agreed with Shannon and thought there was no connection. Jason G said it was a beautiful routine given to you but both looked removed. Aaron told Thabang he was not a giving partner.

Renelle and Joel were given some weird Brazilian ballroom style called solculamba (sic). Have to say it was a smoking hot performance by Renelle to the song Climax by Usher. Was Joel doing something weird with his mouth as it kept on opening and closing? Maybe that was his sexy look.

Nadiah and Michael had a urban routine choreographed by Tiana Canterbury. Tiana just happened to be twerking when the pair entered the rehearsal room.  Though it all made sense when the song was revealed as #twerkit (featuring Nicky Minaj) by Busta Groove. It was an enjoyable routine but for some reason it seemed a bit Mardi Gras to me with some locker room over tone since they were dressed in footy gear. Jason G did not think it worked for him but thought it might have been his age. Shannon thought it was primarily a female dance style. Michael thought he tried to make it masculine – he didn’t. Aaron disagreed with Jason and he thought they did a great job.

Zoey and Sam were danced a contemporary by Paul Malek.It is interesting that for the second week in a row Sam has had the lucky last dance spot. The number was to Forever Young by Audra Mae.  The judges loved Zoe and said she should not be in the bottom six. The reason she is there is that no one knows who she is. She got zero camera time in the top 100 week. Well none that I can recall.

The dance for you life solos then occurred and then with minimal conferring Thabang and Kathleen were gone. There were now tears from their partners and they appeared to be quite happy they were in a new couple.

March 4, 2014   6 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Paula Abdul Showed Why She Was Hired

It was a smart first live show on So You Think You Can Dance Australia, with the dancers being able to perform in their own genres giving them a chance to shine. As some of the top 20 were not as well known as others due to limited screen time it gave them the opportunity to gain some fans before being placed in a dodgy ballroom or hip hop routine.

Also it meant there was not a lot of male/female pairings which was an advantage for some of the dancers, as who needs those pesky lifts when there are first night nerves to combat.

Also Paula Abdul showed why she is worth the pay check. For me she was underwhelming in the top 100 week, but last night she and Jason Gilkison shone with articulate and knowledgable feedback.

First out of the blocks was a all male routine which was choreographed by Matt Lee. It was great and also showed that Blond the Asian hip hop guy is going to go far in the competition.

Renelle and Lauren were the first to do their routine which was a contemporary jazz routine choreographed by Stephen Tannos. Tannos was a former contestant on the show who had been an unfortunate early casualty. His routine was a nice start and he had two strong dancers to work with. Rennelle, who I cannot remember from the top 100, was also having to deal with not being there for her husband whose father had died the previous week. Cue bringing the emotion to the routine.

Nadiah, Blond, Jay, and Joel were up next dancing to a Christopher Scott routine to the song Do You Love Me by The Contours. Blond was really allowed to shine with all his tricks which meant the other boys faded a bit into the back ground. Nadiah was cute but there was not a lot of technically difficult dancing from her. However she has received a lot of airtime so expect she will be safe.

I like the serious non-ditzy Paula Abdul and she told the dancers it is important that when in a group that you have to be able to pull focus. Jason Gilkison thought it borderlined on cheese, but singled out Blond for praise. Aaron loved it because there was tapping on stage.

Jordan, Maddie and Eden were anointed the strongest technical dancers in the competition by their choreographer Sarah Boulter.They did a lovely routine to Heart Cry by Drehz. Paula gave some great feedback telling Maddie that she needs to maintain her core as she said when you are that flexible sometimes you have to reign it in. Eden is another dancer who has not had much airtime was praised.

Kathleen and  Thabang the ex-lovers danced a ballroom routine choreographed by Gleb and Elenya. They danced to Where Have You Been by Rhianna. Thabang was working it hard and showed why he has a shot of being the first ball room dancer  to take out this competition. However he was criticised for overdancing and taking the focus off the girl. True he was far better to watch and disagree with Jason Gilkison that he should dim his dancing switch. This is a show that relies on the public vote to get you further in the competition, making your partner look good at the expense of yourself is going to see you eliminated. Also as Jason G said Kathleen was a bit sloppy with her moves so watching her is not going to get her votes. I expect her to be an early casualty.

However one person who was not letting twenty dancers on stage over shadow his performance was Robbie Williams. He may not have the strongest voice but he knows how to perform and oozes sex appeal.

After Robbie, it was Sally, Yukino and Patric all hip hop dancers turn to perform. The choreographer was Tiana Canterbury who choreographed a routine to Talk Dirty  by Jason DeRulo. Patric took is time on stage and grabbed it even though he was not technically perfect and Yukino was a cute dancer.

Ashleigh, Zoey, Chris and Stephen danced a jazz number to a Marko Panzic routine. The song was Mamma Knows Best by Jessie J.It was a sassy routine which was performed really well. The only downside for the dancers that it would be hard to single  anyone of them to vote for as they all morphed into one. Zoey was great but I barely remember her from the top 100 week. It will be a travesty if one of these four get the bullet tonight as they did dance very well indeed.

The highlight of the episode were 18 year olds boys, Michael and Sam, who danced to a Debbie Ellis routine. The song was Brother by Matt Corby and it  was the performance of the night. Carrie Bickmore was crying which does not bode well for her when she has to eliminate dancers she could turn into a basket case. Having said that she is doing a good job as host as she is keeping the focus on the dancers and the judges and not herself.

The final number was by the girls in a number by Christopher Scott to Lana Del Ray’s Young and Beautiful. It was mildly ironic that ten attractive girls were doing a routine about the pressure the media puts on women to look a certain way.

If I had to guess who is going I would say Sally and Joel.

The 7.30pm time slot did not bring them in big ratings, but hopefully if they keep it there it will start to build. It is a great show and deserves to get viewers.

The elimination show is on tonight at 7.30pm on TEN.


February 24, 2014   14 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance Australia – The Top 20 However Their Was Some Hi-Jinks First


The top 20 dancers have been picked but last night the over the top manufacturing of drama detracted from the talent and showed lack of respect for the contestant and the viewer.

It was half way through the episode and the judges selected dance captains. Then the captains had to select the dancers they wanted in their groups. When there were six dancers left sitting on the seats. It was then announced that the other dancers had selected who were next to go home and the six were sent off and as expected they were hysterical as were the other dancers on stage.

It was clearly an unfair decision to ensure there tears all around and also it just seemed weird. But hang on judge Paula Abdul decides she needs to and comfort and then what is in a clearly scripted moment she gives a little speech saying to them this sort of stuff happens as a dancer all the time and sometime there won’t be a reason. She then says that they deserve a second chance and they will be a secret group themselves. Do they really think the viewer is that stupid and just made me very annoyed?

Was this “scene” a way of giving Paula Abdul some screen time because at the moment she is just bring her superstar status to the judging table and not much else. In fact the other judges Shannon, Aaron and Jason seem to be getting more airtime. Hopefully this will all change next week when the live shows start.

Of course when the secret group came out there was again some manufactured drama to go with it. The last group of four dancers were told there were only three places left but now there were six “eliminated” contestants had formed a group and would be competing.

In the end they put through 33 to the top 30.

There are other bits of over the top manipulation designed to get emotional responses out of the dancers.  Phillip was told his girlfriend Holly was cut before he danced so he was teary and Jason Gilkison gave him an emotional motivational speech. He did not get through either.

What was good about the episode is we finally got to see how talented these dancers are and that his what will shine and hopefully next week when the live shows start particularly with a live performance by Robbie Williams people will tune in.

Other highlights of the episode:

  • Daria who is not my favourite being treated pretty shabbily. First told she did not have a partner for the ballroom as a male dancer had quit the competition. It was unclear who.  She was told a male dancer would have to dance twice once with his original partner and once with her as she rehearsed by herself in the wings. Then half way through rehearsal they brought back Jay a tap hip hop person who had been eliminated. Thankfully after the judges put in another manufactured twist of swapping partners around 15 minutes before performance she was told she did not have to swap. However after all that she was told she did not shine and was culled.
  • Jason Gilkison showed why he is such a great choreographer as his cha cha danced by Robbie season three winner was fantastic;
  • The Lauren/Hannah sister subplot continued about who would get in and in the end unsurprisingly Lauren got into the top 20. However it was only last night that it was revealed Hannah’s boyfriend was also competing but they did not focus on that.
  • When the staged partner swap in the ballroom section occurred Thabang managed to get his former ballroom partner, needless to say they shined, whereas contemporary dancer Kenny was paired with a girl a foot taller then him. Needless to say they were eliminated.
  • The top 33 showed there were some amazing dancers in there. More tears when Yukino told she was dancing with a teddy bear as it signified hope as she thought she had lost her sister in the Japanese earthquake. There were many shots of her teared up sister in the audience.
  • In a coming up section Jordan was shown to be having difficulties with his diabetes and told he cannot dance, however that plot line was not elaborated on and he was in the top 20. Did I miss something? 
  • It is interesting to see only two ballroom dancers in the top twenty and also 16 of the 20 dancers are from NSW.

Meet the Top 20 dancers are:

Ashleigh Tavares (Jazz, 20, NSW)

Blond (Urban, 31, NSW)

Eden Petrovski (Contemporary, 20, NSW)

Chris Tsattalios (Jazz, 21, NSW)

Kathaleen Fisher (Ballroom, 19, NSW)

Jay Johns (Urban, 21, NSW)

Lauren Seymour (Urban, 22, NSW)

Joel Rasmussen (Urban, 27, QLD)

Maddie Peat (Contemporary, 19, NSW)

Jordan Turner (Contemporary, 20, NSW)

Nadiah Idris (Urban, 26, VIC)

Michael Dameski (Contemporary, 18, NSW)

Renelle Jones (Jazz, 23, QLD)

Patric Kuo (Urban, 20, NSW)

Sally Hare (Urban, 28, NSW)

Sam Malseed (Contemporary, 18, SA)

Yukino McHugh (Urban, 20, NSW)

Stephen Perez (Jazz, 21, NSW)

Zoey Black (Jazz, 23, NSW)

Thabang Baloyi (Ballroom, 21, NSW)

The live shows start Sunday on TEN at 6.30pm the first one will have Robbie Williams as a special guest.

February 17, 2014   23 Comments

Time For TEN To Move Their Reality To 7pm

Network TEN is struggling in the ratings but before they sit around the board room table wondering which shows to ditch or commission they should move their weeknight reality shows to 7pm.

When TEN did this with Masterchef they scored big, when NINE did it with The Block they reaped huge rewards. The TEN network may not get over the million mark but they would get more then they are currently getting going against the big show like My Kitchen Rules and The Block.

The 7pm starts means they have a chance of enthralling the viewer with the show so they don’t want to grab the remote at 7.30pm. The Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance and the upcoming Masterchef Australia are all good well made shows they deserve an audience.

Also the 7pm timeslot is attractive to parents as means it finishes at 8pm and they can get their kids to bed at a reasonable hour.

The Project is currently running for an hour, as I never watch it I can’t discuss the merits of the show but seems lengthy for a panel show and it is not giving TEN a great lead in for the rest of their evening. Hopefully TEN will do this after the Olympics and see if they can reap some rewards from this.

What do you think?

February 12, 2014   23 Comments