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Manu Feildel’s New Show Starts Tonight And He Whinges About Fickle Sydney Diners


Manu Feildel’s new travel cooking show, My France With Manu starts tonight on SEVEN. He goes back to his childhood home to show us a little bit more about him and his family as well as some cooking as well.

Manu career continues to go from success to success. He is a judge on My Kitchen Rules one of the highest rating shows on television, has many product endorsements and he has a new cookbook out his fourth one called Manu’s French Bistro.

He has also opened a new restaurant with George Calombaris also involved in Melbourne called Le Grand Cirque. However he has had to sell his Sydney restaurant L’etoile.

In the papers today he is saying the reason he closed were that Sydney diners are fickle and are not loyal customers. Apparently the harbour city residents are always looking for the next thing. Mark Best who is a chef at Marque in Sydney and Pei Modern in Melbourne disputed this telling the SMH “It’s a throwaway line for the underwhelming. I don’t think there are any good restaurants that died through lack of customers; good restaurants have good customers.”

One of the issues that must be vexing for celebrity chefs is trying to work on their projects as well as being behind the burners in their kitchens.

My France With Manu is a two part series on SEVEN at 7.30pm Sunday nights.

April 6, 2014   79 Comments

Manu Feildel Had His Head In George Calombaris’s Crotch

Well the good news is there appears to be no ongoing feuds between My Kitchen Rules and Masterchef Australia judges, but the bad news is I just had to type words that I thought I would never write – Manu Feildel had his head in George Calombari’s crotch!

Perth Now are saying that whilst Manu and George were over there for the Food and Wine Festival Manu was having a very fun time indeed.

His time away included what appeared to be a big night out where the head in crotch incident occurred.

Perth Now writes:

Feildel’s “tour de shock” of Perth wasn’t just limited to his performances at the Good Food and Wine Show.

The Frenchman reserved his most eye-popping antics for the crowd at the Malt Supper Club where, in the early hours of Sunday morning, he was seen lying on the floor of the night spot simulating oral sex on fellow TV chef George Calombaris.

The Sunday Times watched as he partied like a rock star until just after 2am in front of a crowd of gob-smacked patrons.

Feildel gyrated his hips with his hand on his crotch before getting down on his knees and doing bend-backs.

At one stage he did sit-ups, raising his head to Calombaris’s crotch. It’s no wonder he was looking worse for wear the next day at his 1.30pm appearance at the Good Food and Wine Show.

He dropped utensils and repeatedly complained of a “bad hangover” because of a “big night”.

The show was littered with references to his anatomy. Holding a butter and hazelnut log to his crotch as he walked to a fridge, Feildel used it as a phallic symbol to get a reaction from the audience.

The appendage jokes continued as Feildel offered his coq au vin chicken dish to two young women who had been asked on stage to sample his cooking.

“Want some coq?” he asked suggestively.

Devoted fan Tina McKnoe said he appeared drunk during the show.

“I think he was drunk the whole time he was there actually,” she said.

Ms Mcknoe claimed expo staff also told her Feildel was drunk.

“That’s what I was hearing as I was going around to the different stalls. I was telling them that I got to see Manu and they were like, ‘Yeah, he’s wasted’.”

Manu Feildel’s manager denied he was drunk during the Sunday show.

Seriously no story is going to top this one in the Sunday papers tomorrow.

July 21, 2012   22 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Princess Jennifer Is Having A Baby!

Clearly Jennifer from My Kitchen Rules can multi-task. She managed to get pregnant with husband Wayne whilst filming a reality TV show. Quite frankly who would have the energy after those long days of filming, but then maybe looking at Manu Feildel and Pete Evans all day may have helped fuel the fire.

This week’s New Idea has the exclusive interview about the good news.

The baby is due in July, she is currently fifteen weeks pregnant. Jennifer 25, will be finding out the sex of the child so she can get all the designer gear for it. However she does say she just wants the baby to be healthy.

February 13, 2012   14 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Pete Evans Is Feuding With His Brother Dave

Pete Evans has had a rollercoaster last twelve months. First he split from his long term partner and mother of his children, then he found a new love in with new love Nicky Watson. Now news has emerged that there has been a bust up between the My Kitchen Rules judge and his brother and business partner Dave.

The Sunday Telegraph states:

MY KITCHEN Rules judge Pete Evans has walked out on the restaurant that made him famous following a bitter family feud with his business partner and brother, Dave.

While the celebrity chef still holds shares in the empire he built with his brother, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal the 38-year-old is no longer a “working partner” in the Hugos Group – which owns trendy Kings Cross nightspot Hugos Lounge and Hugos Bar Pizza.

It is understood their relationship has grown so tense, the high-profile brothers are no longer on speaking terms.

In other MKR news the other judge Manu Feildel is flying to Malaysia to meet his girlfriends parents. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

“For the past five years, Pete has had less and less to do with the business as he spends 10 months a year working full time on MKR and his other television and book commitments,” a Hugos Group spokeswoman said in a statement to The Sunday Telegraph.

“Due to the fact Pete is no longer a working partner, Hugos Group is in discussions on how to best move forward.”

February 12, 2012   13 Comments

My Kitchen Rules – Episode 1 – Helen and Steve From NSW Are Cooking

Normally on My Kitchen Rules we see contestants in this stage of the competition cook dishes they have never tried before which is ludicrous enough, however I thought it had reached new heights when this Helen and Steve revealed they had not used the oven before as it had only been installed the previous evening. I was thinking wouldn’t you at least bake a cake to test it?

However before I castigate them too much it has been revealed today in the Herald Sun that they had not been cooking in their homes but in their brothers. In fact only four of the 12 couples cook in their own kitchens and this is because of logistics. They need to have the space for the control room and generator.

Also it appears, the kitchen and where the contestants dine has to be separate and considering the trend is open plan living this must be an issue for a lot of people who want to go on the show.

From the ads we could see Leigh and Jennifer from South Australia were being set up as the villains. Leigh looks the most surly, but Jennifer is going to get a lot of air time due to her Paris Hilton type qualities including carrying around a small dog and appearing completely vacuous. Oh and she also has the annoying habit of  sighing “yeah” alot.

However I also found Tom who is partnered with “friend” Clare to be rather arrogant. Both Clare and Tom declared they were just friends, and they don’t want anything else but I am not convinced.  For Tom to only think of Clare as a friend would go against the Ladder Theory which states that guys cannot think of girls as friends.

Steve and Helen from Sydney were the first to cook for the other teams their menu was Saganaki Prawns, Open-style moussaka served with Greek Salad, and Cypriot Pancake with vanilla icecream and walnut preserve.

Their big issue in the kitchen was they could not work the stove so the lamb shoulder for the moussaka was transfered to a frypan, but Steve finally figured out the cryptic instructions and they were able to start cooking.

Their “restaurant” was obviously a greek theme and they went the full kitschness with it including greek statues. This set up the atmosphere nicely.

However Leigh and Jennifer wanted more Greek. How they thought this could be achieved was unclear. Did they want a mini version of the acropolis as the centre piece on the table?

After the judges arrived the other “surprise” of  the mystery couple, Simon and Meg, the New Zealand team.  I dont’ know what the big deal is about having a NZ team there is more rivalry between NSW and Queensland at State of Origin time. There is no way the NZ people will win as the aussie viewers would be peeved to see the $250,000 go off shore.

Helen and Steve argued about the presentation of the entree. Steve wanted lots of sauce and  Helen was not wanting to go the rustic route. Again did these people not watch the last two seasons, Manu Feildel is always going on about how he likes lots of sauce.

Leigh and Jennifer thought it needed seasoning. Justine the truck driver from Perth snapped back there is enough salt in the cheese.

It was then revealed by the New Zealand team that they had not had Greek cuisine before as there are no Greek restaurants in New Zealand.

Ironically it was Pete Evans who complained about the lack of sauce not Manu.

The main course was Moussaka and it looked like stew on a plate, very unappetising.  Pete thought it was a good honest home cooked meal. Manu was not liking the sauce he thought it was far too reduced.

Jennifer picked on every aspect of the moussaka and then at the end said “good effort”. She also  thought the ice-cream was a bit eggy. She wasn’t going to win a popularity contest anytime soon around the dinner table.

The Army boys from Queensland, David and Scott, who appear quite droll scored them a 7, the WA girls gave a 7, Thomas and Carla  gave a 7, the New Zealand team gave a 7, but  Jennifer and Leigh gave a 6. This gave Steve and Helen a total of 34 out of 50.

The judges scored as well with Manu giving an eight for entree, a five for main, and an eight for dessert. Whereas Pete scored the entree a seven, the main a five and dessert an eight.

This came to a total of 75 which if previous seasons are anything to go by should not land them at the bottom, as usually one team totally tanks.

January 31, 2012   18 Comments