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Sunday Reality Tidbits

Kyle Sandilands is claiming it was migraine that prevented him from attending his friend Brian McFadden’s wedding. Also Brian has busted his leg on his honeymoon he has a broken shin bone. (Sunday Telegraph)

Mel B apparently applying to become an Australian resident. (Sunday Telegraph)

Girls who have a crush on Masterchef’s Hayden Quinn won’t be happy to hear he has a serious girlfriend. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Australia’s Got Talent star Timomatic’s album reached the top five of the Australian music charts. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Excess Baggage star Darryn Lyons pap business is apparently in trouble reports the Herald Sun. Perhaps he might end up on Celebrity Apprentice, as according to TV Tonight a third series is going ahead on NINE.

Just discovered this today (thanks Gidgit) and there is some hilarious articles on it, one in particular is Four Reality Shows Too Awesome To Actually Exist.

A Kardashian might be finally getting a job with Khloe Kardashian a front runner to host the US version of The X Factor. The show is going for a younger demographic with two new judges Brittany Spears and Demi Lovato. (Source: TMZ)

The Apprentice star Omarosa fiancee Michael Clarke Duncan died last week at the young age of 54 from a heart attack. She is devastated. (Source: Radar Online)

If you are a fan of Ryan Seacrest, host of American Idol, or just interested in how one becomes a mini-mogul in Hollywood here is an good article in the Wall Street Journal.

Simon Cowell has a unauthorised biography coming out, and apparently he also collapsed earlier this year. (Source: Daily Mail)

Kim Kardashian turns up to a nightclub appearance and only fifty people turned up. I don’t think this will make E! cancel the series. (Source: Daily Mail)

Either it is a slow news day or Lara Bingle is famous in the UK. Pap pictures of her in the Daily Mail.

Celebrity Cafe have put together a list of the top Ten worst reality TV singers, surprisingly Noelene Donahue from Sylvania Waters does not make the list.

September 10, 2012   7 Comments

Masterchef’s Marion Grasby Going For Global Domination

Marion Grasby not only celebrated her 30th birthday but also she is following in Masterchef’s footsteps and aiming for global domination. reports Marion and her fiance will be moving to Bangkok and are hoping to expand her product range, Marion’s Kitchen, into Europe and the United Kingdom. The show is screen both in the UK and in certain parts of Europe, it is currently screening in Scandinavia.

Currently Marion’s Kitchen cooking sauces are sold at more than 3000 outlets nationally, as well as in 800 stores in South Africa.

Not bad not bad at all.

September 9, 2012   6 Comments

Melbourne Peeps – Want To In The Audience For Aaron Harvie’s New Cooking Show

Aaron Harvie is filming his new cooking show Love To Share for Network TEN in Melbourne tomorrow and Friday.

Not sure when it is premiering on TEN.

If you want to be in the audience here are the details:

Love to Share is a fabulous new cooking show, hosted by ex Masterchef contestant Aaron Harvie and featuring great chefs, celebrity guests and fabulous foodie stories.
Audience is required at Raw Materials, 148 Cowper st, Footscray this week
Thursday 3pm-5.30pm
Friday 9.30am -12.00pm OR 12.30pm – 3.00pm
You will share in a brand new cooking show format and get to sample some great food and wine!  Please email and let me know which session you are able to attend and how many seats are required.

August 22, 2012   8 Comments

Masterchef Australia Moving To Melbourne

Well it has been confirmed now that Masterchef Series Five will be filmed in Melbourne.

Great news for Melbourne and its chefs. It will certainly highlight the what Victoria has to offer. NSW as usual won’t realise what they have lost until it has gone, with production jobs, free advertising for their top restaurants and the showcasing of the city to tourists. Masterchef is currently showing all over the world including Sweden and India. Here were my thoughts on the matter when it was first rumoured to be moving.

The move may also indicate the judges are entrenched for next season.

Network Ten and Shine have announced:

After four incredible seasons based in Sydney, MasterChef Australia is spreading its culinary wings and

heading south to the home of Australian food culture – Melbourne.

The recent sale of the Alexandria kitchen in Sydney sparked a search for a new location and an exciting opportunity to find a new home for the much-loved cooking show.

Network Ten and Shine Australia are pleased to confirm that season five of MasterChef Australia will be filmed at the Melbourne Showgrounds, starting in early 2013.

Network Ten Chief Programming Officer, David Mott, said moving production of MasterChef Australia to Melbourne would lead to a fresh look for one of the most powerful and beloved brands on Australian television.

“This is an exciting move for MasterChef Australia’s viewers and sponsors,” Mr Mott said. “What better way to explore fresh, new cuisines than to head to what is arguably Australia’s food capital.

“The Melbourne Showgrounds offers an exciting opportunity to create a new environment for MasterChef Australia, with a new kitchen, new challenges and new locations in Victoria’s acclaimed food and wine regions.

“We figure it is way past time we let our contestants loose in Melbourne. We can’t wait for MasterChef Australia 2013.”

Shine Australia Chief Executive, Mark Fennessy, said: “Since 2009, MasterChef Australia has enjoyed a wonderfully successful run in NSW. Filming in Melbourne represents an exciting new chapter for the world’s most popular cooking show.”

Applications for series five of MasterChef Australia are now open at

August 20, 2012   11 Comments

Masterchef All Stars – The Finale – Was Callum Set Up For The Win?

Was that a Maggie Beer Masterclass or was it the Masterchef All Stars finale? Maggie basically told Kate how to cook a pheasant when she basically had no idea. She also told Callum that he needed  a dish to centre his meal, and hinted to Chris to put in black pudding into his potatoes.

Also does Maggie Beer pay for that product placement that occurs of her products when she guest judges on Masterchef or are they their in lieu of an appearance fee? Not that there is a problem with that. However the stock used was hers this episode when previously it has been another brand.

Tonight was just a bit of a let down. Contestants were awarded 8 out of 10 for undercooked protein, and the final dish was one that Callum who made top two had cooked in his previous Masterchef final. More on that later.

This was a finale that did not feel like a finale. Traditionally in the other seasons they have had to cook a entree, main and dessert, but tonight it was two challenges.

The first challenge had Maggie Beer as guest judge. They had to cook a family meal for the four judges plus the other Masterchef contestants. This was keeping with the feel good factor of the series.

Interestingly in the best of the best final, two of the All Stars in the final served up under cooked protein in their meal. Poor Aaron Harvie would have had to go through drive through MacDonalds on his way home, as he was the one who got dished up the inedible part of the poultry both times.

Kate cooked a stuffed pheasant with sides of beetroot. Hers was under cooked and her sides were rushed as she ran out of time. Chris Badenoch made salt crusted chicken, even though Maggie gushed that it was cooked,  it looked pretty red in the middle and on the bone joints. Aaron could not eat his. Also his carrots looked burnt as well.

Callum was putting together a vegetarian meal, which confused Dani as she must not have realised what vegetarian actually meant as she asked him what meat he was going to cook. However her bewilderment was probably correct. As Maggie Beer and Matt Preston queried what was the dish that was the centre of his meal. He then decided to cook a pheasant. His at least was cooked through.

Chris scored all eights for his meal, Callum scored all nines, and Kate scored all eights except for Gary who played bad cop and gave her a seven. She was eliminated.

Also lucky for Callum that Maggie was a judge as they are both from the Barossa Valley and she is a big fan of his.

Then it was Chris versus Callum for the title, and then Peter Gilmore revealed they would have to make the Snow Egg, the same dish Callum cooked in his season two final.

How was this fair? Why not just get Peter to present a different dessert. The judges and Peter Gilmore were a bit sheepish about it, saying that it was not the same as last time. This time it was with jackfruit instead of guava, and Chris was shown how to plate it up. However Callum was standing there as he was getting this tutorial.

By the way Peter Gilmore who is a great judge needs to lose some weight he looks like he could have a coronary at any moment, and he is quite young.

Props to Callum for pointing out to Chris that he was using too much Jackfruit. However both of them had issues but in the end after much coaching by Peter Gilmore and George at the plating up stage Callum won the title.

Callum being quite magnanimous gave Chris $10,000 of his $25,000 prize money to his charity, however it did not feel like we had seen the best of the best cooking tonight.

August 19, 2012   82 Comments