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Masterchef Australia Producers Would Be Happy People Are Talking About Their Show

The Masterchef Australia – Gender Wars promo has gone international with the popular site Huffington Post being critical of the so called sexist nature of the advertisement. It says it has created a new low.

The advertisement also attracted the ire of a media student who also wrote an article in the Daily Life. Though she did not quite get the reasons why there were so many more men in the chef profession then women…

Masterchef Australia producers and Network Ten will be glad it has created so much chatter and controversy.  With the huge ratings My Kitchen Rules received and the not so great ratings received for Masterchef Professionals this year they may have been worried that the fifth season of Masterchef would have been overlooked by the mainstream television media.

This controversy is publicity gold for them.

The judges have been getting into the pre-show publicity as well with both George and Gary both taking coded swipes at My Kitchen Rules.

Gary clearly not content with gender stereotyping the female population also decides to have a dig at bogans. He told the SMH:

Mehigan says the reason MKR was more popular than MasterChef: The Professionals was that the Seven Network series captivated “bogan Australia”.

MasterChef: The Professionals really appealed to a foodie set, dedicated foodie people and they loved it,” Mehigan said.

“Then you look at MKR and it’s kind of glamorous, it’s kind of different and it appeals to bogan Australia and there’s bitchiness and all that drama.

“Soap drama is easy. It’s chewing gum for the eyes and MasterChef is never going to be that.” 

With George Calombaris in the Daily Telegraph saying he stands by the original format and its integrity.

“Some of us are creators, some of us are followers….I’m rapt there are cooking shows.”

“I’m not naming names but at the end of the day Masterchef is like the AFL premiership. People wait for that. Do they really watch the preliminary finals?”

He also said he has lost 20 kgs by eating more healthily is he going to be Season Five’s sex symbol? However the reason he lost it was not for female adulation but to be a good influence on his son and daughter. Apparently he has had another child – I missed that one.

Masterchef Australia needed a hook to ensure people tuned in this year and having teams based on gender lines a change but it is certainly not new in reality TV. It is standard on Celebrity Apprentice and has occurred on Survivor. Whether the ad is sexist is up for debate, and I have to be honest I missed the whole gender stereotyping in the promo. However  Masterchef Australia is probably one of the least sexist shows on television, well except for the fact it does not have any female judges. Something they really should rectify.

There is now news on when Masterchef Australia will air but probably after The Biggest Loser has finished.

Do you think the Masterchef Australia advertisement was sexist? And does it make you want to watch or not watch the show?

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Masterchef Australia Promo – Looks Like Boys Versus Girls

Masterchef Australia must be coming soon to TEN as the first promo has been released. There looks like a culturally diverse set of contestants as well as some good looking ones.

Also there is the first look at the new slim lined George Calombaris.

Masterchef Australian on TEN coming soon.

April 19, 2013   81 Comments

Marion’s Thailand Starts On Lifestyle Food In May

Marion Grasby has been smarter than the average bear when it has come to her post Masterchef Australia career. She has launched her own product range which is expanding this year, and also started filming her own TV show in Thailand.

This has now culminated in Marion’s Thailand which will start in May 14 on Lifestyle Food.

More information on the show:

Marion Grasby shows us how to cook authentic Thai meals in a simple, fun and approachable way that only an Aussie girl with a Thai Mum could when Marion’s Thailand premieres Tuesday, May 14 at 8.30pm, only on LifeStyle FOOD.

Bright and bubbly Marion was taught to cook traditional Thai food by her mother, Noi, who was born and raised in a rural Thai village and is herself a Cordon Bleu cook, so Marion had the perfect culinary education growing up. 

While she started as a television journalist, Marion is better known from her appearance on MasterChef Australia season 2, where she was a clear fan favourite and widely tipped to win the series. Since then she has released her first cookbook ‘Marion – Recipes and stories from a hungry chef’ and has created ‘Marion’s Kitchen’, a successful new range of genuine Thai ingredient kits crafted from the traditional recipes handed down to her through her Thai family.

In the brand new series, Marion’s Thailand, Marion combines her knowledge of Thai food and the authentic recipes she has inherited, with an insatiable journalist’s curiosity to learn more about how Thai cuisine started and the cultural influences which have seen it grow into one of the most popular cuisines in the World.

The 10-part series is beautifully photographed against the vibrant natural colours and textures of Thailand, in and around Marion’s traditional family home, where her great food and some amazing locations come together to create a real feast for the senses.

In this first episode, Marion travels back to her maternal homeland and after picking up her mum and dad in Bangkok – heads south, away from the hustle and bustle of a modern city and deep into the Thai countryside to a modest little village called Nakhom Chung.

This is where her mum’s family still live a traditional Thai life. Their houses are modest, open timber structures with few mod cons and no refrigeration. Here, the kitchens revolve around just a wok and a flame and combined with the freshest market ingredients – produce the most delicious feasts.


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Masterchef Australia Has Started Filming And They Would Be Feeling The Pressure

Masterchef Australia has started filming in Melbourne and there will be a different mood on set from previous years. This year for one of the first years since it started they will not be filming as the top reality cooking show on our screens.

In fact there is a lot of pressure not helped that Masterchef Professionals did not rate as well as they hoped. To be fair the Professionals series was good television most of the time, but was up against My Kitchen Rules that was pumping out the drama.

George Calombaris talks about the pressure in today’s Daily Telegraph.

It will be interesting to see if the producers of Masterchef will try and amp up the drama, the back stories and the inter-contestant dynamics or if they will focus on the cooking.

One of things I hope they get rid of this year were the immunity pin challenges where the person could win a pin off the back of other peoples good cooking. That never made sense to me. I would also like to see George, Gary and Matt Preston intespersed with more guest judges like Dan Hong, Chris Mansfield, Donovan Cooke and other established stars of the culinary scene.

What would you like to see on this series of Masterchef?

March 25, 2013   35 Comments

Masterchef: The Professionals – Rhys Badcock’s 15 Minutes Of Fame Starts Now

Rhys Badcock won Masterchef: The Professionals last night and he now has the opportunity to use this win as a stepping stone to further his career in food. However in an interview this morning he seemed a little under prepared for the win and may not realise that when it comes to reality TV fame his 15 minutes starts now.  He  needs to get proactive and he needs to get proactive NOW!

It is amazing that Rhys and fellow finalists, Sarah and Rhett, have  zero online media presence, that is no blog, no Facebook page, and no Twitter account. So those one million viewers watching the show last night who google their names have no way of communicating with them,  nor can the chef’s tell their fans what they are doing, where they are cooking etc. By the end of the week most of those fans will have moved onto the next show.They need to make those fans stick and make them stick now.

Rhys said he wants to do his own TV show, he needs to be able to show the networks that he has viewers that want to tune in to watch him.  We need to be able to feel that he is passionate about food, but when you win a prize which gives you the opportunity to work and be mentored by some of the great chefs around the world, it would be great if you could actually name one of the chefs that you want to work with. At this stage he could not think of anyone he wanted to work with.

All of the finalists have had nearly two months since being in the final to have a think about how they  would spend the money, where they would go and how they are going to parlay their fame into something that can benefit themselves. If they don’t move fast, this media exposure and the time on the show may end up as a wasted opportunity.

In fact Network TEN and Shine Australia should have given them some advice on how to use the social media to their advantage.

The reality is it will probably be harder for them to obtain TV, book deals and media opportunities as the show was not deemed to be a ratings success. Personally I think they should do a second season the finale rated well, they just need to add a bit more drama and behind the scenes footage as the cooking challenges were great.

Rhys, Rhett, Sarah and the other contestants need to get out their pimping themselves and connecting with fans. This won’t happen if they don’t do it themselves. Rhett as the villain of the series and one of the more memorable personalities needs to promote himself fast and not shy away from his arrogant demeanour.

Hopefully Rhys as the first winner of the show can achieve something from it, though the $200,000 is pretty damn good too.

Below is my interview with Rhys:

Reality Ravings(RR): You’ve won Masterchef: The Professionals, you’ve got $200,000 in your back pocket and an around the world air ticket to work some great restaurants in the world, where are you going to go work  or what chefs you want to work with?

Rhys Badcock (RB): I have not thought about it too much, it was a pretty unexpected win, we only found out last night.

RR: Where did you watch the finale?

RB: I watched it in my hotel room with Rhett and Sarah.

RR: Did  they punch you out, did they say it was unfair or were they happy with your win?

RB: Yeah they were happy.

RR: What happens to you now do you go back to that boat in Broome or are you going to try and surf the wave of success post your win on the reality TV show?

RB: I will go back on the boat, but I am going to try and ride this wave and hopefully get my own TV show out of it.

RR: And what is the concept of your TV show?

RB: I am just going to buy a wicked old combie and drive around Australia, catching things and cooking them up.

RR: Have you pitched it to TEN? Are they interested?

RB: I have not pitched it to anyone yet, so I am going to have to come up with some ideas.

RR: Last night the show, the Leek and Lobster Terrine, I have got to say I was pretty underwhelmed by that dish did you taste it what did it taste like?

RB: Super simple but super tasty, all the flavours work really really well together, but really tricky to put together.

RR: What was the sauce on top?

RB: It was just like a warm vinaigrette, used a couple of different vinegars, olive oil, tarragon, garlic and some of the water that comes out of the terrine after it has been pressed.

RR: So what happened you obviously put too many leeks on your terrine, did you realise then Sarah told you that there only needed to be 28 or had you already taken some of the leeks out by then?

RB: I took some out as I did not think it was all going to fit. Then Sarah told me there was suppose to have 28 in there.

RR: So how many leeks did you actually have in there?

RB: There wasn’t even 28 in there, there was less than that they just did not fit.

RR: That is where you got your extra two points and got your win, moving onto the service challenge, how come Sarah got to pick who she cooked with first?

RB: I am not too sure how that worked out. But that was alright, it did not bother me I knew who I wanted to work with and I knew no one else was going to pick them.

RR: I just didn’t know if there had been some random straw draw but it was totally random? By the way good on you for picking Kiah, it was really lovely, he was knocked out earlier on for being a team player and it was good to see him get a bit more time in the spot light. Now with the service challenge and the dessert, when Marco said to Sarah do you want us to stop service was she really lagging behind in the time. Was everybodies desserts out? What was going on?

RB: There was a bit of editing, a bit of crafty editing, she was not very far behind at all.

RR: One of the interesting yesterday was how it all went in the kitchen was given a score and how it went in the top four episode it was based on flavour of the dishes. Did you think this was fair? 

RB: Yes I think it was fair.

RR: Well obviously you won [laughs].

RB: Marco was in the kitchen for this challenge, he was not in the kitchen for the last service challenge.

RR: How come Rhett did not like hearing people talking in the kitchen or did he just like to hear the sound of his own voice?

RB: I think he likes to hear his own voice. [laughs]

RR: He must have been disappointed on the loss, but I found it a bit ironic that it was a dessert that stuffed it up in the end. He was definitely one of the personalities of the show. So your going to hop in a combi, you are going to do your own show, so it is is a bit like those other dudes Curtis Stone and Ben [O’Donaghue] catching seafood and showing them how to cook it. When are you hoping to have that up?

RB: I am not too sure. I will put it to Channel TEN and see what happens.

RR: Do you get to put out a cook book as well?

RB: I am not too sure, I think we probably will get approached to do a cookbook.

RR: Do you have a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account – What is your online presence?

RB: No haven’t got a blog as yet, and will definitely start up a Facebook and Twitter account.

RR: If fans want to get in touch with you they will just keep an eye online and you will just pop up. So just keep on googling Rhys Badcock and they can find you. 

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