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Masterchef: The Professionals – Rumour Is Marco Pierre White Will Host

A few weeks ago there was a rumour circulating that Heston Blummenthal might be the host of new show for TEN Masterchef: The Professionals.

However at the time Marco Pierre White’s name was also raised. It appears he might be the one getting the gig.

Great coup for Shine Australia and TEN as he was great as a guest judge on Masterchef Australia this year. He appeals to the ladies but also to male viewers as well and he does have a touch of the crazies about him.

Let’s hope this rumour is true.

Also food show fans might be interested in a a guest post for food blog Noodlies about Masterchef Australia and other food shows.

Masterchef: The Professionals hopefully on our screens on TEN in 2013.

October 22, 2012   5 Comments

Masterchef US Contestant Says Her Food Was Not Tasted Before Being Eliminated

Even though it has been some time I have been writing and delving into the world of reality TV I still sometimes get a shock when I read how it is not so real or indeed fair.

I literally just stumbled over this blog post on Krystal Mandap’s 3 Boys And A Chef about her experience on Masterchef US.

It should be noted Krystal was really happy with her experience on the show, considering she made the decision to quit a new job as they would not let her have leave.

After getting through to the top 100 and slipping through to the top 36 with a meal she said was not the best, it was surprising to read her dish in the next challenge was not tasted. She just presumed they already had in mind who they wanted to put through.

She writes:

The judges did not taste my food here nor did they ever on this ground beef challenge. Not sure what that was all about but it was very disappointing. At this point  they must have had an idea in their heads as to who they already thought the front runners were, at least I keep telling myself that to make me feel better about it!

Overall it was a great experience and yes I would do it all over again!

If you are interested in the behind the scenes of reality TV shows this is worth a read.


October 15, 2012   4 Comments

Matt Moran Chops Himself From Masterchef Australia

Mentor and special guest judge Matt Moran has decided to leave Masterchef Australia because he wants to spend more time opening eateries and pursuing his own cooking show opportunities.

This is code for he has been signed or is going to be signed for a new cooking show. The question is which one? There is a plethora food reality TV shows to be screened in 2013 (see blog post A Fiesta of Reality Shows For 2013) and he would probably be best suited for The Taste if NINE goes ahead with it as a mentor judge.

After three years as a special guest judge Matt has not signed to be on the show.

He told the Sunday Telegraph:

“I am not going to renew a contract with Ten. I haven’t actually spoken to them. I’ve loved it, absolutely loved it, but it’s time to move on.”

Moran said he “was sure” he would have a guest role in the upcoming season but said: “I don’t know when, where, how, or what.”

However he also added:

Moran, who is planning to open River Bar in Brisbane in December, said his passion for running restaurants was another reason he reconsidered his role on MasterChef.

“Aria has always been my main gig … but I am sure there will be room for TV next year in some other capacity,” he said.

Matt Moran on Masterchef was a good guest judge and it would have been great to see him utilised a bit more on the show. In 2012 he was mainly seen on the immunity pin challenge on Tuesday nights advising the contestants. He was good at being honest and direct in saying what he thought.

As one of the stalwart reality TV shows Masterchef should look at Matt Moran leaving to bring in some new chefs in the mentor guest judge roles.

Masterchef magazine is also under going some changes with the magazine deciding to only publish when the show is on. This decision was made because of declining circulation, though to be fair most magazines are struggling in this new media environment. When you can now get a lot of recipes online people are not buying as many cooking magazines.

October 14, 2012   11 Comments

Matt Preston Trying His Hand At Real Acting

Is Matt Preston preparing for life after Masterchef Australia? He is stretching his acting wings in an episode of Lowdown on the ABC Thursday night and he is not playing himself.

TV Tonight reports the Masterchef judge will be playing a cravat-less wearing police detective:

This week Alex (Adam Zwar) and four other showbiz journalists spend the night in the a reality TV house surrounded by cameras. But something goes awry, requiring a Detective to arrive in the form of Preston as ‘Inspector Thornbury.’

“You always think acting will be easy, just remembering your lines and not bumping into furniture. That’s the old cliché. But I thought ‘I’m in over my head here.’ Which is a good thing to do,” he says.

Some might say that reality TV was his training ground for the real thing, also he might be realising that being a food writer in the long term may not pay the bills. Like most freelance work, Colman Andrews a leading US food writer, talks about the decreasing money in the food writing sector.

I have heard good things about the show Lowdown so will be checking it out tomorrow night both for the reality TV plot line, and Matt Preston’s cameo.

It screens on the ABC on Thursday night’s at 9.30pm.

Also on the ABC2 tonight is the final episode of UK reality cooking show The Restaurant and also Annabel Crabb’s series Kitchen Cabinet kicks off as well tonight at 9.30pm.

Joe Hockey is the first guest and TV Tonight appears amused at his choice of bed linen. No posh bed line for him it is Bart Simpson. Well at least Joe’s wife will know he is not getting up to any mischief with those bed sheets.

October 10, 2012   8 Comments

A Fiesta Of Reality Cooking Shows For 2013 – But Who Will Be On Them?

With reality TV shows in 2012 either being rating bonanzas or tanking badly, next year it looks like Networks are banking on cooking shows to bring home the bacon in 2013.

The popular veteran shows are back in Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules but they are joined by a few more.

First is Masterchef: The Professional which will see professional chefs competing for the title. This is based on a UK show but hopefully the Australian version will be looking at Top Chef when it comes to the format. Rumours of who will host it include Heston Blummenthal and Marco-Pierre White. It will screen on Network TEN.

NINE will have a new show called The Great Australian Bake Off, based on a UK show. This is to find Australia’s best amateur baker. No news on who will host and judge the show as yet. Donna Hay would be a great fit somewhere on the show.

There are rumours that actor Shane Jacobson may be hosting a cooking show for NINE, but this could be another show they have bought the format for called The Taste.

This is the food show equivalent of The Voice where the judge mentors have to pick a cooking team to mentor based on the taste of the dish only. The contestants can be either professionals or home cooks.

The US version of the show has the hottest cast ever on it with Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain and Ludo Lefebvre. (See previous gushing blog post on the show)

Again no word on who will be mentors. However people I would be happy to see on the show would be restaurant critics and judges on Iron Chef Australia Simon Thomsen, and Larissa Dubecki.

Also Christine Mansfield would rock as would Colin Fassnidge, Dan Hong, and Matt Moran.

Network TEN had Recipe For Riches is also on their slate where they are looking for a person with a recipe that can be sold on supermarket shelves. There is no announcement on who will be hosting or judging on the show.

Lifestyle Food are also currently casting for another season of Come Dine With Me Australia. Former model Chloe Maxwell is going to be a contestant but you don’t have to be a celebrity to apply. You don’t necessarily have to be a great cook either.

The one big overseas  format that probably won’t be coming to our screens is Hells Kitchen, where dodgy professional chefs vie for a job in host’s Gordon Ramsay restaurants. If the format did come to Australia George Calombaris would be the perfect host. Firstly he has the restaurants of the calibre required give someone a job, but he is at his best when he is working the pass in challenges on Masterchef Australia. He also has the mix of being a hard arse and humour that would make it work.

It will be interesting to see if there are enough contestants to be on these shows and of course the chefs/cooks/foodies to be judges.


October 10, 2012   9 Comments