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George Calombaris is Breeding

Maybe inspired by Junior Masterchef or maybe he decided it is time, but George Calombaris is having a baby with his long term girlfriend Natalie Tricarico.

The baby is due in July and of course both of them are over the moon. Congratulations to both of them. No news if the kid will have some food related name, like Sage or Apple.

January 20, 2011   8 Comments

Masterchef Australia May Not Make Your Dreams Come True

Appearing on Masterchef Australia may not mean you are automatically guaranteed your dream job in cooking. Well in most of the contestants cases it is more like not getting that TV show, or media gig rather than a real chef’s role.

The SMH did a quick ready reckoner on what has happened to some of the contestants.

The article said that Julie Goodwin was the biggest selling author in Australia last year, plus she has a Australian Women’s Weekly column and her own cooking show.

But for some of the other contestants it has meant going back to their day jobs with some food work on the side.

The article states:

Others have yet to realise their dreams of a television show: Alvin Quah is a regular on Mornings with Kerri-Anne but while he hopes for a cooking program of his own, the PhD-holding scientist remains working as a scientific affairs manager in the pharmaceutical industry.

Quah blogs – the latest entry on his Cinnamon Pig website is ”in praise of offal” – and writes about food for the Citysearch website.

The article also goes onto say Claire Winton-Burn is no longer writing for The Age nor has she been posting on her blog since September last year.

However season 2 winner Adam Liaw is finalising his cookbook, and his looking to open a restaurant in Sydney in 2011.

Also Marion Grasby has a cookbook deal, as well as her range for Coles. I suspect we may see her on our TV screens this year as well.

However Chris Badenoch who has just opened Josie Bones in Melbourne gets the final quote in the article where he says”If you want to be a chef, you don’t need to go on TV.” I tend to agree.

As the article did not include them all here are what I know what they are doing:

  • Matthew Schofield is back working as an accountant, clearly working in a professional kitchen wasn’t for him. Pity as Neil Perry gave him big raps.
  • Justine Schofield is writing for TV Week;
  • Poh has the highly popular show on ABC and a new book out;
  • Carrie was going into catering but not sure if she is getting much work;
  • Callum moved to Melbourne to do a internship with George Calombaris, I am not sure if he is still there as that was for three months;
  • Jimmy Seervai was opening an indian restaurant in Sydney, I am not sure if it has opened – he wasn’t going to be head chef.

If you know of what any of the former Masterchef contestant’s are doing please add in the comments section.

January 16, 2011   14 Comments

Matt The Fat Joins Kyle The Vile

Masterchef Australia Matt Preston continues his multi-faceted media career by joining Kyle Sandilands on his breakfast show.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Matt Preston has signed a contract with Austereo which will see him appear on Kyle’s breakfast show on a “semi-regular basis”.

The article states:

Preston will join the show as a sidekick to the top-rating duo of Sandilands and Jackie O at the end of February, pitching in with celebrity interviews and adding his insights on the world of food, restaurants and star chefs.

I think it is a great gig for Matt Preston, but I am a bit perplexed by it. Are Today FM looking to expand their demographic or do they think Matt Preston will be a good fit with their current audience .

The contract is rumoured to be six figures. Congratulations to the popular Masterchef judge who has said he would like to get into commercial radio.

January 12, 2011   6 Comments

Celebrity Chefs The New Rock Stars!

A Monash academic has said celebrity chefs are the new rock starts or moving into the territory where they once were. Really I would have thought that was so 2009.

The Courier Mail reports Monash University academic Angela Higgens says “People can relate to celebrity chefs,”

The article reports:

“Singers and actors have a huge talent but they don’t say ‘you can do this at home’.

“It’s about accessibility and achievability. Chefs are instructors not performers.”

MasterChef Australia has fuelled the rise of celebrity chefs such as Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan, joining established international stars such as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson.

Ms Higgens says the “rise and rise” of the celebrity chef started with the breakdown of traditional family life.

“We used to cook with our mothers,” she says. “These days, with both parents often in the workforce and smaller family units, we are turning to celebrity chefs for reference.”

I am not sure I agree with everything she is saying. However one thing I do know is if my daughter when she is a teenager has a poster of Matt Preston on her wall I will be very disturbed.

January 4, 2011   3 Comments

The Daily Telegraph List The 25 Most Influential People On TV

Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris

It is that time of year for lists, and the Daily Telegraph has now put out their list of the 25 most influential people on TV. What was interesting was the reality stars that were on the list as well as the ones they left off.

Matt Preston was number 2 on the list, behind Jessica Marais who took out the number one spot. Also George Colambaris and Anna Gare were on there, but where was Gary Mehigan? He did not make the list. If I was him I would be feeling a tad peeved today. As I thought he proved when he was absent for two weeks from Masterchef Australia this year due to an injured knee that he brought some levity to the show.

He is a nice balance to George and Matt more exhuberant personalities, and ham acting.

Other reality stars that made the list were Manu Feidel, Danni Minogue, Peter Maddison from Grand Designs, and Scott Cam from The Block.

December 29, 2010   5 Comments