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The Daily Telegraph List The 25 Most Influential People On TV

Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris

It is that time of year for lists, and the Daily Telegraph has now put out their list of the 25 most influential people on TV. What was interesting was the reality stars that were on the list as well as the ones they left off.

Matt Preston was number 2 on the list, behind Jessica Marais who took out the number one spot. Also George Colambaris and Anna Gare were on there, but where was Gary Mehigan? He did not make the list. If I was him I would be feeling a tad peeved today. As I thought he proved when he was absent for two weeks from Masterchef Australia this year due to an injured knee that he brought some levity to the show.

He is a nice balance to George and Matt more exhuberant personalities, and ham acting.

Other reality stars that made the list were Manu Feidel, Danni Minogue, Peter Maddison from Grand Designs, and Scott Cam from The Block.

December 29, 2010   5 Comments

Chris Badenoch And Julia Jenkins Beer Restaurant Josie Bones Is Open


The much awaited Josie Bones the beer restaurant owned has now opened in Melbourne. It is operated by Masterchef alumni Julia Jenkins and Chris Badenoch.

As you would guess it has a lot of focus on beer and the whole of the beast eating. In fact if you are vegetarian don’t bother going, as there is a headless pig photo above the bar.

However a few tweets are very positive tweets about the restaurant and on other online review sites. Though it does make me wary when the people that love it only have written one review.

However Melbourne food blog Eat, Drink, Stagger rated the food, but had a few issues with attitude from the bar staff. There are no reviews from the mainstream media yet.

The couple have bought in a head chef to lead the kitchen, but I am sure the loved up Masterchef couple were the masterminds behind the menu.

Josie Bones in on 98 Smith St, Collingwood if you have eaten there come and tell us what it was like.

December 28, 2010   8 Comments

Chris Badenoch Is As Non-Discriminating With His Meat As He Is With His Women

Chris Badenoch is currently doing the rounds promoting his cookbook The Entire Beast.

In this interview in City Weekly Chris reveals that his views on meat appears to be similar to his approach to women.

He states:

“I don’t discriminate between animals,” says Chris Badenoch. ‘‘There are too many tasty ones.”

Chris received notoriety for romancing fellow Masterchef Australia contestant Julia Jenkins as well has having a few women on the outside as well.  For the record he is still with Julia.

He also is pretty hands on with his meat:

“As long as the animal’s lived a happy and free-range life and was slaughtered humanely, that’s what matters.”

“People these days are so desensitised to the fact they’re eating animal and they don’t like anything to look like the animal,” he says. “But people shouldn’t eat meat if they can’t cope with where it’s from and what it is.”

Badenoch says that buying whole animals, rather than separate parts, is also a “smarter and cheaper way to buy”. “If you just buy a chicken breast, you also don’t know what the rest of the animal looked like – you can’t see its quality.”

Badenoch says he got the ideas for his recipes from a combination of the cookbooks he owns, eating at different restaurants and talking to butchers. “And once you get to a certain point, you can just see a piece of meat or a bit of produce and use your imagination to come up with ideas.”

Chris is also opening a beer eating establishment Josie Bones with Julia, the website says it will be opening before Christmas so they better get to it.

December 7, 2010   9 Comments

Adam Liaw Working In A Real Kitchen


Still no news on when Adam Liaw winner of Season 2 of Masterchef Australia will be opening a restaurant. However he is currently learning the ropes in a real kitchen at the Flower Drum in Melbourne.

The Daily Telegraph writes he is spending a week there, and then he will spend some time in Tetsuya’s kitchen.

Hopefully this will give him his restaurant legs and we will see a rocking eating establishment open with him behind the pans in 2011.

November 27, 2010   Comments Off

Julie Goodwin Sings As Well As Cooks – Who Knew!

This goes into the OHMIGOD files. Julie Goodwin who won Season One of Masterchef Australia has now released a Christmas album.

The question is why? The Sunday Telegraph said:

The bubbly Central Coast mum said she had made money from her secret talent before entering the hit TV cooking show.

“I used to sing at Asquith Golf Club,” she revealed.

I was speechless when I read about it and I was even more gobsmacked when I saw a clip of her performing on the Today Show. Click here to see her performance.

November 27, 2010   22 Comments