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Junior Masterchef – The Top Four Revealed

It is getting very close to having Australia’s inaugural winner of Junior Masterchef as they are down to the final four. Little Siena who is nine is punching above her weight by still be in the competition.

Isabella 12, and Jack 12, would join Siena 9 and Sofia 12 in the final four.

Season three of Masterchef Australia recently commenced filming and Gary Mehigan is wondering how many more seasons he is going to be on the show.

He told TV WEEK:

“I’m signed on for another two years and I’m happy to do that,” he says adding, “It’s exhausting, though, and maybe if you ask me in another year, I might say season four will be the last one for me. That’s not because I don’t love [it] – it’s just because it takes up nine months of the year!”

As for what is in store for next season, Gary says the challenges will be somewhat toned down for the competitors.

“We’re approaching it slightly differently because we’re trying to avoid making it harder, as that’s not the point.” he says. “It’s back to basics. There will still be a few twists, but we won’t be pulling things like the V8 cake out as much, because how do you top that?

November 8, 2010   12 Comments

Masterchef – Adam Liaw Turns Down TV Show


Masterchef Australia winner Adam Liaw has apparently turned down offers for his own TV show according to TV WEEK magazine.

The articles states Adam is not in the fame game and that is why he rejected offers for his own TV show.

Busy working on his first cookbook, Two Asian Kitchens, Adam reveals his feet still haven’t hit the ground.

“I don’t have a base – I’m spending next month in a hotel in Sydney,” the 32 year old says. “It’s been crazy!”

In other Masterchef alumni news Claire Winton Burn looks like she is trying to get an endorsement from PETA with this article in the SMH about eating baby animals.

UPDATE: Adam Liaw will be cooking at a sustainability fair this weekend in Brisbane with Sharnee more details here.

October 14, 2010   8 Comments

Julie Goodwin Sold $3.7 million Worth Of Her Cookbook

Masterchef Australia Julie Goodwin has proven sceptics wrong with over $3.7 million worth of book sale for her cookbook Our Family Table. states:

In the six months since its April release, it has sold 138,603 copies, notching up more than $3.7 million in sales and rocketing to the top of the Nielsen Bookscan list of top 10 cookbooks this year.

This statistic was part of a story which showed Masterchef cooks were blitzing the cookbook sales. Her book and MasterChef Australia The Cookbook: Volume 1 account for 10c in every dollar spent on the booming cookbook market.

I find it interesting the cookbook market is going so well considering the amount of recipes available online.

Gary Mehigan’s cookbook Comfort Food is also selling well.

October 9, 2010   8 Comments

Masterchef Australia – Aaron Harvie And Wife Natalie Getting Wedding Tattoos

Harvie (Photo Credit: Oceanic Media Group)

The Daily Telegraph papped Masterchef Australia contestant Aaron Harvie and his new wife Natalie getting matching tattoos. They had September 18 etched onto their wrists.

Aaron will be cooking each Tuesday at The Vanguard, for more details go to his blog Food That Rocks for more details.

In other Masterchef Australia news, Courtney Roulston has been doing some work for Cockle Bay with an online reality show called Signature Dish, this is different from the show of the same name on Lifestyle.

The show highlights the signature dishes from the restaurants on Cockle Bay. You can see them on (Source: Southern Courier)

October 9, 2010   2 Comments

Iron Chef Australia – Chris Badenoch V Neil Perry


In programming gold Chris Badenoch, from Masterchef Australia Series One will appear as a competitor on Channel Seven’s Iron Chef.

I am sure the production company and SEVEN will be canny enough to put him up against Neil Perry, Iron Chef Australia/Asia after the snaffu that Neil got himself earlier this year about the Masterchef contestants. The uber-chef  said (see previous blog post here) that the Masterchef contestants would struggle to survive in a real kitchen, and that it was a “game show”.  Neil later said he had been misquoted.

It will be interesting to see if Chris will be able to produce four dishes in an hour as his food philosophy is very meaty, slow cooking. But he will have his partner in life and of his new restaurant, Julie Jenkins, to be his sous chef. I will just be watching the show for that dynamic.

The Herald Sun states:

Badenoch and Jenkins are now business, as well as romantic, partners. Josie Bones will be a beer bar with matching food.

“All the doubters out there have been proven wrong,” Badenoch says.

“We’re doing the restaurant together and it will be a combination of our ideas.”

Badenoch says he relished the chance to return to television.

“It (Iron Chef) was the opportunity to push myself,” Badenoch says.

“It’s one thing cooking against other amateurs (on MasterChef). Going up against guys of this calibre (Perry/Grossi/Brahimi) is a rare opportunity.”

Victoria’s Sacha Meier, Head Chef and manager of Lorne’s Ba Ba Lu Restaurant and Bar, will also be one of the challengers onIron Chef.

Other challengers are Sydney’s Dan Hong (Head Chef, Lotus Bar and Bistro), Adelaide’s Judyta Slupnick (Head Chef and owner of Phore Seasons), as well as Perth’s Matt Stone (Head Chef, Greenhouse Restaurant) and Herb Faust (Head Chef, Scotch College).

Iron Chef will screen on Channel 7 in mid-October.

October 5, 2010   21 Comments