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Matt Moran Signs Exclusive Deal With Ten And Masterchef

Matt Moran is now exclusive to Channel Ten after recently signing a contract with the network and it is expected that he has a larger role on Masterchef Australia.

The signing occurred after it was rumoured Channel Seven were wanting him to be one of the three iron chefs. reports:

Moran, who has appeared as a guest throughout its two seasons, will now take on a much larger role on the mega-rating show.

It is understood he will also be utilised in other network programs, like Good News Week and The 7pm Project.

The deal comes after Seven made a major play for the popular ARIA owner in the hope of snaffling him for one of the three chef spots on their local production of Iron Chef.

Moran’s new deal will now make him off limits to rival networks – a blow to Seven’s morning television programs which, aware of his appeal to female viewers, often feature him in regular cooking segments.

But perhaps more interesting is the rumour that Moran’s signing with Ten comes as his fellow MasterChef judges Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan are currently still in negotiations with the network over certain aspects of their contracts.

It’s understood the pair are holding out for more money – a stand-off which is not going down too well with Ten bosses who, according to one source, used the Moran signing as a clear message that “no one is indispensable”.

Interesting that George Calombaris has been the only judge to sign a contract. I am sure Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston will fall into line soon, as without Masterchef all their other deals will fall over.

September 8, 2010   6 Comments

Masterchef Australia To Hold A Live Stage Show

Well Top Chef has the tour truck, but Masterchef Australia is going one step further and will hold a live stage show combined with a Festival of Food.

In a nicely timed announcement with the new Junior Masterchef series commencing on 12 September they will  be hoping people will be feeling the Masterchef love again.

The festival will be see Masterchef judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston will be joined by celebrity chefs and Masterchef contestants in a live masterclass/stage show at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion.

The judges will host 12 shows over three days from December 10-13 all in front of an audience of 3000 people. This will make iron chef kitchen stadium look like a kitchen sink.

Tickets will be from $55, and will included access to the Festival of Cooking that will held over the same weekend in the Royal Hall of Industries. The Sunday Telegraph has the Royal Hall of Industries at Homebush, but don’t panic you are not going to have to drive across Sydney to access these two events,  it is actually in Hordern Pavillion precinct. I presume the journalist is not old enough to remember that the Sydney Show used to be in held there.

Matt Preston in the Sunday Telegraph says:

“George, Gary and I are really looking forward to getting hands-on with the visitors and giving them a real behind-the-scenes taste of the MasterChef experience they won’t get anywhere else.”

Go to the Masterchef Live website for more information and to sign up for the newsletter or register for tickets at

Interesting that on the official website there is a picture of Guillame Brahmi, I thought he had signed on to Seven as an Iron Chef. Does this mean Network Seven are allowing him at another channel’s event?

September 5, 2010   1 Comment

Masterchef Australia Couple Chris And JuliaTo Open A Restaurant

Season 1 Masterchef Australia contestants and lovers Chris Badenoch and Julia Jenkins are going to be opening a restaurant on Smith St, Collingwood. Yes that would be in Melbourne.

The Age states the pair are currently renovating the premises.

The article states:

[They} are in the renovation stages at the 50-seat Josie Bones, which they describe as a ‘‘beer bar with food matching’’, near Gigibaba on Collingwood’s Smith Street. ‘‘It will be a high-end beer experience,’’  Badenoch says. ‘‘We’ll follow the share plates concept with a good showing of nose-to-tail dishes. I want to show people it’s not scary, although it will be a combination of both my and Julia’s styles of food.’’

They are hoping to open in the next couple of months.

This should dovetail nicely with Chris Badenoch’s launch of his cookbook The Entire Beast. Great concept, and great timing, unless there is a salmonella outbreak it should be successful.

Interesting to know who is bankrolling the restaurant. The article didn’t mention a silent partner, so either Chris is using his money he is receiving from his cookbook, and maybe Julia is getting some money from her parents.

August 17, 2010   31 Comments

Reality Tidbits

I don’t know what it is with these young whipper snappers on Masterchef Australia this year, first Callum wants his own TV show (see injera’s post on that here), and now Matthew Caldicott wants to try his hand at modelling.

Woman’s Day says he is looking to launch a modelling career, and he is looking to see if any of the agencies are interested in him.

Matt Preston is now officially on a diet according to New Idea. He now realises it is all about portion control. He said he realised he needed to go on a diet when the wardrobe girls on Masterchef were letting out his jackets without him knowing about it.

Wirra a Western Australian AFL player has withdrawn from Dancing With The Stars as he wants the better dancers to have a shot at the Grand Final (Source: Throng)

Fifi Box’s TV career continues to go from strength to strength, she will host a new show on Channel 7 called Four Weddings. It is based on a British series that can be seen on Lifestyle You where four couples compete for a deluxe honeymoon. The other contestants and attend the weddings and vote, it is a bit like Come Dine With Me voting system. It is an enjoyable program.

Ellen De Generes dances at the finale for So You Think You Can Dance. She replaced an injured dancer, Alex Wong. No news on whether we will get to see the US version of the show here. ( Source: TV Tonight)

One of my favourite American Idol’s Fantasia Barrino has attempted suicide. Her personal life is a bit murky with rumours of a liaison with a married man, and rumours of a sex tape. (Source: TV Tonight)

Daniel Macpherson is apparently one of the most popular guys on TV, so I think he will be the host of the Australian version of The Amazing Race.

If you want to know how Kate Gosselin makes her money this blog tells you how here.

In a definition of irony the Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger has broken off her engagement to Andy Freidman. They met through a matchmaker five and a half years ago. (Source: Popeater)

Kara DioGuardi found out she was fired from American Idol on the news. Also for those who like trivia her father is a republican candidate. (Source: Huffington Post)

There is going to be a reality TV convention in Los Angeles next April. I am quite happy to lead a tour group there. LOL. It will have panel’s and reality TV “stars”. Also there will be online reality TV awards. Mark Burnett is involved. (Source:Hollywood Reporter)

Did one of America’s leading reality TV bloggers get banned from the Survivor set because off Russel Hantz? Great article on Reality Blurred. Also one of the negatives of not doing puff pieces, you don’t get access. I am still waiting for my interview with Jonathan Daddia.

August 16, 2010   14 Comments

Reality Tidbits – more Masterchef

How can we miss Masterchef if it really won’t go away?  Another week goes by and our season two contestants keep themselves in, at least, our peripheral vision.

Matt Preston alerted the Twitterverse to this story, about Callum’s dream of having his own show, asking whether people would watch it.  Would you?  I’d watch it once, and – to be honest – would be hoping for it to be more Julie Goodwin than Poh, as it would make for a more entertaining blog post!

I fear that Callum has no real understanding of the television world, even after his months of immersion.  “It [hanging out with Poh] made me jealous because her job is so fun – it’s MasterChef without the pressure of being eliminated.” They might not call it “elimination”, but networks do have other ways of making unsuccessful shows disappear.

Adam Liaw has been busy blogging, and posted a fabulous piece about the chefs he met on the show.  I hope Claire is taking note of the comment about Shaun Presland: “Your food is defined by your passion, not your ethnicity.”  It’s a really fun post, with some interesting insights and genuine laugh-out-loud moments.

Aaron Harvie has taken to social media like a duck to water, and has been dropping hints of an upcoming project with Matthew Caldicott.  He was also spending time yesterday with “some of the MC boys”.

For those of you with pay TV, the real Masterchef is starting on Monday.  Some of you hardcore fans might have already found ways to see this series (I’m guessing it’s the one from earlier this year), but if you haven’t it is definitely worth checking out. It’s on Lifestyle Food at 7.30.

Finally, if you are still jonesing for a reality TV cooking fix, check out The Restaurant on BBC Knowledge, Thursdays at 7.30. You might be able to catch the opening episode again on repeat during the week – I watched it and was instantly hooked (shameless plug for my recap here).

August 14, 2010   10 Comments