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Masterchef Australia – Aaron Harvie And Wife Natalie Getting Wedding Tattoos

Harvie (Photo Credit: Oceanic Media Group)

The Daily Telegraph papped Masterchef Australia contestant Aaron Harvie and his new wife Natalie getting matching tattoos. They had September 18 etched onto their wrists.

Aaron will be cooking each Tuesday at The Vanguard, for more details go to his blog Food That Rocks for more details.

In other Masterchef Australia news, Courtney Roulston has been doing some work for Cockle Bay with an online reality show called Signature Dish, this is different from the show of the same name on Lifestyle.

The show highlights the signature dishes from the restaurants on Cockle Bay. You can see them on (Source: Southern Courier)

October 9, 2010   2 Comments

Iron Chef Australia – Chris Badenoch V Neil Perry


In programming gold Chris Badenoch, from Masterchef Australia Series One will appear as a competitor on Channel Seven’s Iron Chef.

I am sure the production company and SEVEN will be canny enough to put him up against Neil Perry, Iron Chef Australia/Asia after the snaffu that Neil got himself earlier this year about the Masterchef contestants. The uber-chef  said (see previous blog post here) that the Masterchef contestants would struggle to survive in a real kitchen, and that it was a “game show”.  Neil later said he had been misquoted.

It will be interesting to see if Chris will be able to produce four dishes in an hour as his food philosophy is very meaty, slow cooking. But he will have his partner in life and of his new restaurant, Julie Jenkins, to be his sous chef. I will just be watching the show for that dynamic.

The Herald Sun states:

Badenoch and Jenkins are now business, as well as romantic, partners. Josie Bones will be a beer bar with matching food.

“All the doubters out there have been proven wrong,” Badenoch says.

“We’re doing the restaurant together and it will be a combination of our ideas.”

Badenoch says he relished the chance to return to television.

“It (Iron Chef) was the opportunity to push myself,” Badenoch says.

“It’s one thing cooking against other amateurs (on MasterChef). Going up against guys of this calibre (Perry/Grossi/Brahimi) is a rare opportunity.”

Victoria’s Sacha Meier, Head Chef and manager of Lorne’s Ba Ba Lu Restaurant and Bar, will also be one of the challengers onIron Chef.

Other challengers are Sydney’s Dan Hong (Head Chef, Lotus Bar and Bistro), Adelaide’s Judyta Slupnick (Head Chef and owner of Phore Seasons), as well as Perth’s Matt Stone (Head Chef, Greenhouse Restaurant) and Herb Faust (Head Chef, Scotch College).

Iron Chef will screen on Channel 7 in mid-October.

October 5, 2010   21 Comments

Neil Perry Talks About Why He Is Doing Iron Chef

Neil Perry talks to TV WEEK about his role on Iron Chef and his comments on this season of Masterchef.

The article says:

You’ve Turned down TV gigs in the past – what drew you to Iron Chef?

I’ve always watched the Japanese [version] and I have a lot of respect for what the guys do, so I thought it was a real honour to be asked to be an Iron Chef. I just didn’t realise how hard it was going to be!

How worried are you that you’ll be beaten by the challengers?

Oh, tremendously! Being an Iron Chef means I’ve got absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Is it tougher than Masterchef?

I don’t know. It’s completely different, as it’s professional against professional, whereas Masterchef is about amateurs. The ferocity of [the challenge] – four world-class dishes in an hour – is really pressurised and I think the level of cooking that people [will] see might be a little more extraordinary than on Masterchef.

While you said your quotes were taken out of context, were the Masterchef producers angry that you described their contestants as “nobodies”?

I spoke to the judges and the producers and they all know exactly what I said. It upset me a little bit because [the article] missed the point, which I still stand by – that all these contestants coming off the show are terrific, but they really need to utilise that 15 minutes of fame and really work hard. I am 53 and I ‘m still working really hard to be relevant in this business.

Do you think people like Julie Goodwin will stick around?

Julie Goodwin will have her moment in the sun, but I don’t know if it will continue – I hope it does. With reality TV, there are always new contestants ready to take your spot, [but] if you own restaurants and work really hard at it, you have more longevity.

Why weren’t you at the Masterchef grand final?

I was invited, but Sundays are off limits as it’s the only time I get with my family. I only get about 40 days a year to spend with them, so I just couldn’t give that day up.

Do you feel bad for spending so much time away from your kids?

Yeah, you’re really torn. It can be really difficult, because I often don’t see my kids in the morning, as they’re not up when I leave, and then they’re in bed when I get home. I miss a lot.

What kind of dad are you?

Too relaxed! My wife calls me “the yes man”. My girls wrap me around their little fingers and pretty much get whatever they want.

Does it put a strain on your marriage?

No, we just work it out. We’ve had to realise that this is the life we’ve chosen. We do try and take time out together for date nights, plus we love having Sunday lunch with the girls. Josephine’s boyfriend, Matt, comes along now, so it’s an extended family.

Are you cool with her dating?

Yeah, I’ve learnt to cope! She’s happy and he’s a good kid. There are plenty of ratbags out there, and she’s not out gettign drunk.

Will you retire in the near future?

I think I’d honestly still love to be working in restaurants when I’m 80! It’s a lifestyle.

You’re a keen Twitter user – where do you find the time to tweet?

Just in the office doing all my work before I hit the kitchen! When the Masterchef drama happened, people were just so vehement and vile towards me on Twitter.

How did that make you feel?

You can’t take it personally, but, yeah, it does hurt. In my twenties, I’d probably have tried to punch them out, but at 53, you just go, “Wow, these people really have nothing else going [on] in their lives.

Gosh I hope that last comment wasn’t aimed at me… but I think he makes a good point about there will always be more reality TV stars to take someones place.

October 4, 2010   1 Comment

Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris Release Another Cookbook – Your Place or Mine

With impeccable timing Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris have released another cookbook called Your Place Or Mine. With them on our TV screens once a week, and soon to be twice a week, with the very popular Junior Masterchef the book is sure to race off the shelves.

Also the title of the book is very clever as this pair are sex symbols to the over 30 female demographic.

Above is a promo for the book film in George’s Hellenic Republic restaurant in Melbourne.

September 27, 2010   7 Comments

Is Marion From Masterchef Australia Being Too Picky?

J.Mo and Elle in the Sunday Telegraph question in their column whether Masterchef Australia’s It girl Marion Grasby is being to picky post her reality show appearance.

They write:

When it comes to reality TV stars, it’s often best to strike while the iron – or in Marion Grasby’s case the frying pan – is still hot.

We’re hoping the MasterChef 2010 finalist isn’t being too picky when it comes to TV opportunities.

“There have been some TV offers thrown around,  but I’m just waiting for the right project,” she said at the Network Ten 2011 program launch this week.

Grasby has been working on her own range of Thai inspired food products since leaving the show and flew to Bangkok on Friday to finalise details. She is also in the process of finishing a cookbook.

I am sure Marion is savvy enough to ensure she does not diminish her own brand by picking stuff that is not quite right for her.

September 26, 2010   7 Comments