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Revealing Interview With Bonnie Lythgoe about why her marriage to Nigel Lythgoe fell apart.

The Melbourne Herald Sun has a very revealing article with Bonnie Lythgoe, judge from So You Think You Can Dance Australia highlighting why her marriage to Nigel Lythgoe fell apart.

If she is hoping for a reconciliation (which I thought was on the cards) she may have wanted to be a bit more circumspect.

Some quotes from the article:

  • Lythgoe says Nigel liked being the leader and so her career always came
    second to his. “˜”˜He’s denied me a lot of roles and … it saddens me, because
    I’m so supportive of him and just wanted him to give me that same support back
    and he didn’t,” she says.
  • Lythgoe says her husband didn’t seem to want her to
    be on the SYTYCD judging panel and would cut her off mid-sentence, leaving her
    feeling insecure and full of self-doubt.
  • “˜”˜The good thing with Nigel is that he can do a show with me and at the end of the day he can walk away and forget about it,” she says. “˜”˜I couldn’t. I was taking it home with me and I was getting more and more upset and more and more frustrated.”
  • Lythgoe says Nigel’s growing fame made their rift worse.
  • “˜”˜I need somebody to put their arms around me and love me just for me,” she says. “˜”˜We all need to be told that we’re loved and Nigel kind of didn’t have the time. Though I knew he loved me, he didn’t have the time for me. “˜
  • “˜We used to go out for dinner, and I’m a real romantic, some candles and a nice glass of wine mean everything to me. Nigel’s on the phone half the night making this person feel OK or that person feel OK. Well what about me? I want to feel OK too. It was a problem for me.
  • “˜”˜Sometimes I’d be on his arm and I felt like Mrs Cellophane. They’d look right through me. I was just nobody.”
  • Lythgoe says it was only after she found independent success as a judge on the UK series E4 School of Performing Arts that she felt confident enough to work on SYTYCDA.
  • “˜”˜I’d been knocked down so much by Nigel that I got to the stage where I thought I was probably not very good,” she says.”So I did this E4 series and I just grew and grew and felt so comfortable. It gave me the most amazing confidence.”
  • Lythgoe now hopes that her success on SYTYCDA may help to reunite her with her husband.

Full article here

I like her honesty, but I am not sure what Nigel would think if he read the article.