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Dee And Darren Win The Block With A Record Breaking Prize Money

Well happy days for Dee and Darren who won a whopping $935,000 last night on The Block. It was $835,000 with the $100,000 first prize added together.

After last years auction debacle everyone came out a winner with the total prize money given out $3,165,000.

Were the reserves set low to make sure everyone came out a winner.

Tim and Anastasia reserve was $1,420,000, they sold for $2,175,000, which meant a profit of $755,000. I bet Anastasia is glad she came back after quitting.

Jess and Ayden (who will be seen next week on Reno Rumble)  had a reserve of $1,335,000, they sold for $2,000,000 giving them a profit of $665,000.

Dee and Darren reserve was set at $1,455,000 it sold for $2,290,000 giving them a profit of $835,000.

Josh and Charlotte reserve was  $1,390,000, they sold for $2,200,000 giving them a profit of $810,000.

This will definitely get the punters signing up for the next series of The Block.

The SMH have a list of the biggest prize winners in TV history as well as the biggest losers here.

April 30, 2015   63 Comments

Anastasia Leaves The Block After A Mega Meltdown

Anastasia has been creating plenty of controversy on this season of The Block but none more so then last night when she stormed off The Block quitting the show with her husband Tim.

What is even more strange about it is that it is so close to the apartments going to auction where they could rake in quite a lot of money.

The issue started with their plasterer concerned about payment and the other contestants confronting her about their budget. Scott told them that they only had $1500 in their bank account and they owed the tradie $19,000.

Even though Scott Cam said the debt could come of their reserve which they initially agreed to. Anastasia stormed off quitting.

The question is whether they will be back and hopefully they will be. OK she is not that nice but serious after putting all that time and effort and tears in on the reno they should try and reap some rewards from the auction.

What do you think? Will Tim and Anastacia be back?

April 23, 2015   25 Comments

The Block – Anastasia And Tim Win A Room – Did Darren Palmer Mentoring Help?

Tim and Anastasia have been struggling on The Block and have never been seen as a design force on the show. But last night they were awarded all nines for their and won the room reveal and the $10,000 prize.

However it does raise the issue of whether the pair’s win had been assisted by the fact they had been mentored by one of the shows judges Darren Palmer. After some disastrous rooms under their belt, Darren Palmer, was brought in to give them some design advice. Why they could not bring in an independent interior designer was interesting as he gave them some ideas on how to style and then he goes and scores the room. The other teams must think it is very unfair.

Dee was particularly peeved as Darren told them to use seagrass for the walls which is what she was doing.

Anyway this week the mentoring paid off and Tim and Anastasia won and it was a beautiful room but maybe now Shaynna can mentor Ayden and Jess, as their bedroom was said to be “not South Yarra”.

The winning room is below, did you think it was the best one?


March 2, 2015   19 Comments

The Block – Dee And Darren Are In And Fans Are Going Mental

Dee and Darren Jolley beat both Bec and George and Kim and Matt as the All Star into The Block Triple Threat, and social media is saying the show is rigged.

Dee and Darren beat Bec and George by one point but viewers think that Dee was put in because they are ratings gold.

Please note that filming of this series had commenced prior to The Block auctions last year where Dee and Darren made very little profit so this is not the reason producers put them onto the new season.

Fans thought Bec and George’s room was far better then the Jolley’s what do you think? Which All Star should have won? To be honest I did not like the brown in Bec and George’s room and much preferred Matt and Kim’s and Darren and Dee’s.

Dee and Darren's Bedroom

Dee and Darren’s Bedroom

Bec and George's Bedroom

Bec and George’s Bedroom

Kim and Matt's Bedroom

Kim and Matt’s Bedroom


February 16, 2015   29 Comments

The Block Are Finally Getting More Judges

New judges have been announced for The Block – Triple Threat and about time. Don’t panic Shaynna Blaze, Neil Whittaker and Darren Palmer, who will be known as the Style Judges, will still be judging on a Sunday but three buyers agents have been added into the mix for Monday night’s show.

The reason for this is to get the view on what buyers actually want. Now they are not saying that they have bought then in because of the auction results in the previous series. Where two houses made a huge profit but the others made barely any.

Also there has been a lot of social media chatter for a few seasons calling for a different eye on the rooms and the three judges do tend to like the same thing.

The Daily Telegraph are saying the agents are Block veteran ‘auction-bidder’ Advantage Property Consulting’s Frank Valentic,  Greville Pabst, of WBP Property and Nicole Jacobs from Jacobs Buyer Advocates. They will comment more on the practicality of the renovation and be talking about what buyers want.

This should be interesting. They will be seen on The Block from 22 February where they will judge on Monday and the winning room will receive $5000. This is a change from last series where on the Monday night episode the Blockheads were voting on each others rooms.


February 12, 2015   12 Comments