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Big Brother – Sonia Kruger Would Like To See Broader Casting On the Show

Sonia Kruger revealed to TV Tonight she would like to see broader casting on Big Brother in an interview that covered a range of topics including who she thinks will be final two.

She told TV Tonight when asked about casting:

Kruger admits that the casting could improve if the show is, as expected, renewed for 2013.

“Look I think they could always go a little bit older and a little bit broader. Maybe they were testing the waters with that too. Certainly they stepped away from the stereotype of the old days but I guess they wanted to make sure they didn’t go too far in the other direction either,” she concedes.

“In a way it’s sort of been a year of conservatism. They were so concerned about bringing it back and making it broad in its appeal, but I know what you’re saying. Next year I think they will probably take it that little step further.

“I have had a few people say to me they’d love to see someone in there who is a bit older.”

Also Sam has told that Layla has promised to give him the car if she wins the show, so clearly she is hoping the relationship will continue outside. Also Sam will be live blogging at 12.30pm on the site it could be interesting as he is straight talker.
Also what would a final week in the Big Brother house be like without an alleged voting scandal. However this one highlighted on Behind Big Brother does not appear to have much validity considering the claim is coming from Layla’s brother.  He said their is an error with the phone votes and they are going to Estelle.
Two more housemates will be evicted from the house tonight.
Big Brother will screen on NINE Monday to Wednesday at 7.00pm.

November 5, 2012   45 Comments

Big Brother Australia 2012 – Dreamworld confirmed as home for its return on Nine

Dreamworld officially announced its part in the relaunch of Big Brother Australia, with confirmation that the axed-program will return to its original home in the Queensland theme park, despite moving networks.

It’s definitely great news for loyal viewers, who were notified on the show’s Facebook page and Twitter account yesterday.

I’ve been following the show on both social media websites for a while now, just waiting for the audition call. I certainly hope I haven’t missed it, since the Dreamworld website is already talking about selling tickets:

The programme is scheduled to air on the Nine Network later this year.  Tickets for shows have not yet been confirmed.

Now, I really can’t predict when the auditions will open – considering information about the show has generally been very limited – but I’d certainly keep an ear out.

With Big Brother Australia returning to Dreamworld, I hope it may mean we’ll also see some old faces like Mike Goldman, who I must say, looked pretty fit when I bumped into him at Bondi a while ago. It’ll be great to have him narrate the show again, because I think having the program revamped on a different network doesn’t necessarily mean that we should lose the things that made it great in its first run (like Big Brother Friday Night Live).

Sonia Kruger is set to host the program when it airs on Nine this year.

February 23, 2012   7 Comments

Sonia Kruger Wants The Sleaze Out Of Big Brother

Sonia Kruger has told the Sun Herald  that she wanted Big Brother to be suitable family viewing and less of the sleaze it had become at Network Ten.

The now Channel Nine stars new morning show kicks off tomorrow with co-host David Campbell. However whilst doing publicity for that show she talked about Big Brother.

She said:

“One of the things I was keen to make sure was that Big Brother was going to be more family-friendly, because of the time slot – because you’ve got a lot of kids watching at 7pm.”

Hopefully it won’t be too sanitised as that could make it very bland indeed. There should also be a Big Brother up late show once a week so they can show case the bawdy talk and action.

Also isn’t it Big Brother – Secrets? Surely some are going to have to be tawdry.

In other Big Brother news there is a rumour that Chrissie Swan may take up reporting duties on the set of the revamped show.

Mornings on Channel Nine starts Monday 5 February at 9.00am.

Big Brother will screen later this year on Channel Nine.


February 5, 2012   5 Comments

Sonia Kruger Says She Will Be Funnier Then Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Ironically Sonia Kruger is getting no heat about her role as host of the revitalised Big Brother, but she is attracting some criticism for taking over the role of Kerri-Anne’s morning show timeslot.

However KAK fans are not going to warm to her when she says things like the new-look morning show will be funnier and more exciting then the previous incarnation.

In fact the Sunday Telegraph reports they will revitalise the timeslot with a “whole new circus”: a greater emphasis on live music, fashion and food.

On the other hand co-host David Campbell is getting no flack for joining the show. Anyway with all this publicity people will be curious about the new on air team.

The problem for KAK show was  we all love her but no one was watching. However just how popular she is will be seen now she is a contestant on Dancing With Stars  as I think Kerri-Anne will be the  one to beat.

January 8, 2012   24 Comments

Sonia Kruger Confirmed As Big Brother Host

The Sunday Telegraph got the confirmation that Sonia Kruger will be moving to NINE to host Big Brother next year.

The paper said:

Kruger officially signed with Nine on Friday morning.

“Sonia will host Big Brother but her main focus will be the morning show between 9 and 11am,” the source said.

Sonia Kruger will be taking over the host duties of a morning show with the rumours of Kerrie-Ann Kennerley being moved on as correct.

A cracker quote from Kerrie-Ann  she said:

“I have heard nothing (about being replaced), but that’s to be expected. It’s a beautiful day outside and I’m off to play golf,”

A headache for the Seven executives is who will replace her on Dancing With The Stars. At the moment Natalie Bassingthwaite and Fifi Box are the two names in the mix.

It is always interesting in TV land how the chairs are just shuffled around in the A-list job spots. What could be novel if they decide to make the female the host, and have a male in the green room with the “stars”.

Also if Kerrie-Anne is still signed to NINE they should put her on series two of Celebrity Apprentice, I reckon she would be fabulous.

November 20, 2011   9 Comments