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Back to Reality on Arena

Fashion stylist Brad Goreski has his eye on Hollywood in Arena’s premiere of It’s a Brad Brad World this Wednesday at 9.30pm. Best known as Rachel Zoe’s former assistant on Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project, he was given his own show after parting ways with Rachel and has denied claims of stealing her clients.

It’s a Brad Brad World follows Brad’s new business venture as he tries to get his clients red-carpet ready in the space of his garage. The all-access show will see him struggle to balance work and his home life with boyfriend, Gary. Will his dreams of making it big come true in the cut-throat world of fashion styling?

Brad lists big celebs like Jessica Alba and Christina Ricci on his clientele, but Arena also has some big names coming back to air this February! Headlining their new seasons, Heidi Klum and Tori Spelling are back in Arena’s reality TV slate.

Heidi returns next week with the highly anticipated season 9 of Project Runway on Monday, February 20 at8.30pm. Also back are judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia and style guru Tim Gunn who are all set for another thrilling season and the long line of celebrity guest stars, including Kim Kardashian, Zoe Saldana, Christina Ricci, Adam Lambert and Australia’s own Rose Byrne.

Premiering in the same week, Tori & Sean: Home Sweet Hollywood returns with its 6th season on Wednesday, February 22 at 8.30pm. This season sees the couple deal with more business and family affairs, as they’re expecting a third child and the opening of their antique and furniture store appropriately named ‘invenTORI’. And with their acting careers and busy lifestyles, can they do it all under the Hollywood spotlight? Follow Tori and Dean on Arena to find out.

It’s a Brad Brad World premieres this Wednesday, February 15 at 9.30pm.
Project Runway season 9 premieres Monday, February 20 at 8.30pm.
Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood season 6 premieres Wednesday, February 22 at 8.30pm.

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Project Runway Mentor Tim Gunn Has Not Had Sex In 29 Years

This blog post was requested as a stand alone post rather then as a part of Reality Tidbits, which says a lot about what my readers want to discuss.

Tim Gunn the lovely and not unattractive mentor on Project Runway has revealed that he has not had sexual relations in 29 years. Yes  folks that is nearly three decades. It is not for any political reasons like wanting to save himself for marriage but it has not been legal for him to do so.

Dlisted writes that Tim Gunn revealed on his TV show that he had not had any horizontal or non-horizontal action for 29 years by his own choice.

Tim Gunn revealed:

“I haven’t had sex in 29 years. Do I feel like less of a person for it? No. Not even remotely.

It’s very personal. I was in a very intense relationship for a long time. And my partner ended it, saying that, quite frankly, he was impatient with my sexual performance.

I’m a perfectly fulfilled person, but it’s very physiological. I have feelings. It’s not as though I’m some barren forest. I don’t want to imply to anyone that I have a mandate that says no sex. I don’t. I don’t know what’s around the corner.”

It is not unusual for people to not have sex for up to 20 years but that is because it is illegal for the first 16 years of our lives, obviously the ex-boyfriend was emotionally abusive. Tim Gunn deserves a nice guy who do you think he should hook up with?

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Congratulations To Barack Obama – We Have High Expectations For You.

obama2Today is the first day of a new America. I hope we get to see great things from President Obama.

Anyway reality TV is all pervasive these day and I have managed to find some links to the inauguration.

Blogging Project Runway has an article about Season 5 Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall showing at the The Presidential Inaugural Luncheon and Fashion Show.

Tim Gunn talks Obama, the inauguration and Washington DC as it relates to fashion.

Also Spike from Top Chef will be getting the party started at his inauguration party at his Good Stuff Eatery. But here he gives some ideas for a menu for an at home inauguration parties.

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Politics Mixed With Reality TV – Does It Get Any Better?

A new reality TV hit for Channel 7 is Battle of the Choirs, and again 80’s rock stars (Iva Davies in this show) should be grateful to this genre as it has given them a new career avenue.

However the real star of the judging panel is George Torbay who works for the Department of Education as their Chief Conductor for Choral Music. He was the only one giving constructive comments as well as showing signs of a personality.

He is the brother of the Speaker of the NSW Parliament Richard Torbay.

I only watched 10 minutes of the show but was Kochie bored or tired?

Tim Gunn has also waded into the US Presidential election by suggesting some fashion changes for the Republican candidate John McCain. He said he needs more colour and better fitting suits.

For the full assessment from the stylish Tim Gunn click here.

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