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Lisa Mitchell Again Distances Herself From Australian Idol

There is no doubt that Lisa Mitchell is a talented songwriter and performer, anyone who watched Australian Idol the year she was on it could see here was a girl with a bright future.

She signed with an independent record label and went to London to learn her craft. In great news for her and women in the entertainment industry as well she won the Australian Music Prize. It is a $30,000 prize with artistic support, and it is the first time a woman has won the prize.

It is unfortunate that she is embarassed by her Australian Idol past, something that has given her a high profile and has made it easier for her to gain media stories.

The SMH article states:

An emcee at the Museum of Contemporary Art said Mitchell had ”thrown off the shackles of Australian Idol, which is no mean feat”. Indeed, the show is often pilloried as yielding overnight but fleeting fame and next to no credibility.

But English-born Mitchellwas not fazed by references to her past on the TV talent show – she placed sixth in 2006.

”I just hope that people can take my songs just for my songs, not for anything that has happened in the past,” she said.

Considering American Idol contestants tend to embrace their road to fame, it is something the Australian ones are still not particularly comfortable with. Matt Corby appears to be slightly embarassed by his time on the show as well.

This year on American Idol appears to be the year of the alternate girl with Crystal Bowerstox and Siobhan Magus looking to be front runners.

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Lisa Mitchell Shows You Can Go On Australian Idol And Retain Credibility

With Australian Idol starting next week, Lisa Mitchell  who was on Australian Idol in 2006, proves you don’t have to win to go on to have a music career, and a creditable one at that. After the show she turned down some record contracts as she did not want to be “manufactured”. She has previously put out an EP, but tomorrow she releases her first album called Wonder. If you like folksy pop I am sure it will be a great buy.

She is also touring in August. The tour dates are here.

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Lisa Mitchell Currently Touring Australia.

If you live in Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmainia or South Australia you still have the opportunity to see Lisa Mitchell who was one of the highlights from the 2006 season of Australian Idol. Full details on dates and location can be found on

She is currently touring and playing songs from her yet unnamed new album. Lisa has been living in London writing and recording songs.

If you have forgotten about her whimsical style here is her singing one of her own songs Incomplete Lullaby.

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Reality Tidbits

Kirk Pengilly To Mentor On Australian Idol This Sunday.
Former Inxs musician Kirk Pengilly will be mentoring on Idol this week. Are there going to be mentors each week? This could be overkill.

Anyway he will be able to catch up with his former mother-in-law Marcia Hines.

Ricki-Lee and Sophie Monk Face Off Over Tummy Controllers
Ricki-Lee has been named the face of Hold Me Tight shapewear range, whilst Sophie Monk will also be launching tummy tuckers this Tuesday.

I know which one I will be believe the product works for considering Ricki-Lee is size 14 whilst scrawny Sophie wouldn’t even need to use these products.

A Unfunny Mary Murphy So You Think You Can Dance Parody.
Well I thought it was not amusing but then again maybe I don’t have a sense of humour.
Click the link here and you decide.

Lisa Mitchell Has Completed Her First Album
Lisa Mitchell, the Australian Idol contestant, who was in the best season with Bobby Flynn and Damien Leith, has completed her first album.

Full details on Popdirt.

Project Runway – When they said they were taking it to LA, they meant it.
With Project Runway going to LA it was not just the location. First Lindsay Lohan is to be a guest judge but now Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria Parker will be as well.

It is currently being filmed in LA, however there are issues on when it will screen as Bravo who originally had the first five seasons has gone to court to stop the producers from swapping it to Lifetime.

Here is an interview with Heidi Klum regarding the delay. Please note there is a spoiler regarding one of the Season Five designers in it.

Jack Chambers from So You Think You Can Dance Australia Is Networking in New York.
Season one’s winner of SYTYCD Au, Jack Chambers, is currently in New York networking to try and make it on Broadway. He will be back in Australia soon to fulfill some SYTYCD Au requirements, and also to organise his US work visa. Full story here.

October 10, 2008   1 Comment