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So You Think You Can Dance – Final 14

So You Think You Can Dance started off at a cracking pace with a frenetic opening number from the Hairspray director/choreographer, and this episodes guest judge Adam Shankman. He was a fabulous – witty, talented, and charismatic. His Wiki page also says he is openly gay – Really?? Talk about stating the bleeding obviously just couldn’t quite picture him at Wal-Mart with a snotty nosed toddler in tow.

TV producers take note – the opening scenes of So You Think You Can Dance are always highly energised, and they really get you excited about the upcoming show.

Also Dancing With the Stars producers you can cross promote – (SYTCD producers were with the launch of the Hairspray DVD) without it being laborious and tacky.

However as some stages in last nights show I thought I was watching Perfect Match, with the cringe worthy moment of Dominic the Breaker declaring his love for Cat Deeley. Cat handled an embarrassing situation with as much finesse as possible. Be careful Cat he does have the slight stalker look about him.

Cat as usual looked stunning in fabrics that would most people should not leave their House in, black leather last week, bright coloured sequins this week. Though it did look like an can of fake tan had exploded on her. Next week I suspect it will be either taffeta or tassels.

Lacey and Cameron danced the hustle which was so Solid Gold, but much better. I wish someone would do a Where Are They Now on the Solid Gold dancers, I would definitely watch that episode Kochie.

Lacey has got Benji’s charisma, but add in sex appeal. Also she is playing up to the camera well. I predict she will be in the final episode ie top 4 finish. The Judges loved their number.

Her and Benji should start a dance company I would definitely buy tickets to see them.

Shauna and Cedric danced the Mambo. I think the judges were kind because they were expecting them (read Cedric) to bomb and he didn’t. But the routine was not up there with the others of the night. Poor Shauna in the pre-routine vignettes they do knew she had been delivered a shit sandwich and was just praying she could stay in the comp for another week.

Anya and Danny danced contemporary with a Tyce Di Orio number. This pair were a shock bottom 3 last week. I thought the routine was beautiful – Danny is magnificent. He jumps so high and with such control, however the judges comments were quite reserved resulting in Adam questioning whether Danny was arrogant. By the way I have not seen Travis, last seasons runner up, in the audience supporting his adopted brother, as there are always shots of Benji each week jumping up and down in the audience. Travis where are you? Also I would like to see their mum who must be the best dance teacher on the planet. Why is she not a guest choreographer?

This week Benji did have a reason to be there as he was the guest choreographer for the Pasha and Sara’s new partnership. They danced a West Coast Swing routine. Heidi his cuz(top 4 finisher season 2) was there to assist and it looked like they were all having a great time. The routine was a cracker with great use of the stairs at the beginning to splits at the end, and cartwheels in between. Pasha certainly looked relieved to not be in the bottom three as he had been in the previous two weeks. The Benji factor was always going to bring in the votes. Maybe they should change the name of this episode to the Schwimmer Show.

Pasha is the hottest guy in the competition and I think fingers crossed he is actually straight. Yippee.

Sabra & Domenic danced a Shane Sparks hip hop routine. They did a great job, but I am hoping Domenic will get rolled soon as he is starting to creep me out. Also because of this, the fake canoodling in the dance made my skin crawl a bit.

Sabra used her pre-routine vignette much more intelligently then Dom, where she declared she had been a dancer in the very popular High School Movie flick. This would have guarantee her a lot of votes with the important teen voters.

In an earlier episode I thought I heard her say she had only been dancing for four years which makes her the envy of any person who has laboured through childhood ballet classes for years and years and graduated barely able to do a pirouette. Yes that would be me.

Hok and Jaimie were then given the routine of the waltz which is always the kiss of death and did land them in the bottom three. Though the footage from rehearsals when they giggling about having crushes on each other was nauseating and would not helped them gain any votes.

Though I must admit I have a slight crush on Hok not that I am into 5 foot nothing asians with weird haircuts, it must be that oxford english voice.

However I can report that Hok is actually dating Lacey. Now the USA is apparently the 3rd most populous in the world, but this show is very incestuous. Apparently Jaimie has been Travis’s (Danny’s brother) dance partner for the past 5 years….

Lauren and Neil were next with a Wade Robson jazz number. Now apparently Wade is Australian. I was a bit sceptical about this as I know Australians love to claim people as our own eg kiwi Russell Crowe, and even the Bee Gees who were barely foetuses when they were living here. I thought maybe Wade had transited at Sydney Airport for 2 hours and we were going to clutch him to our nationalistic bosoms. However pleased to report Wade was born in Brisbane who moved to the USA when he was young for his career. This guy is only in his mid 20’s. Wade Robson bio/ but his CV is unbelievably impressive clearly he must be a member of mensa.

I hope the Australian production of SYTYCD will pay the big bucks to get him out here as a guest choreographer.

The routine was predictably good, and I am really starting to warm to Neil. However I find Lauren eminently forgettable, also I thought she over acted the routine. Anyway judges loved it, and they were safe this week.

Cedric and Shauna unsurprisingly got the boot. Anya’s solo routine is dire, and she needed to look at some of Heidi’s solo from last season to get some tips on how a ballroomer can still sizzle solo or she will be walking the plank soon.

This weeks eviction show (which is shown straight after the regular show here in Oz) showed just how high rating it must be in the states.

They had the director/choreographer of the Hairspray film as guest judge, some of the cast of the film were in the audience, including Zac Efron who apparently is the new messiah with the teenage girls at the moment. Then to complete the show was Hilary Duff, and she is huuuggggeeee over there.

I hope Australia is going to follow the US formula.
1. Huge opening number by new and exciting choreographers, if I see Paul Mercurio on it I will puke.
2. Guest judges: please import Mary, Wade, Tyce , Sparks, or Mia to come over for an episode. As previously reported Nigel might be a guest due to family on the Gold Coast.
3. Great host – ok so we cannot get Cat, but I understand Natalie Bassingwaite is the front runner, and I reckon she will have the goods to do the job. Funky, Sassy, and pretty.

October 5, 2007   2 Comments