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Posts from — September 2008

Idol Updates

Tom Williams Trying To Extend His 15 Minutes Of Reality TV Fame.

I have got to hand it to Tom Williams, he maybe 16 years old but he sure is media savvy. Tom in his post elimination media interviews has been spruiking that he wants to start a Jonas Brothers type band. For people who don’t know who the Jonas Bros are they are a prepubescent boy band that have taken over the tween and teen market in the US. Hanson for the noughties.

Tom does not say whether he will be following their promise ring philosophical.

Anyhow it is a perfect pitch to record companies by Tom and a very canny move. What next? Will he try and date Hannah Montana to assist with maintaining his profile?

Full story on

Speaking of girlfriends, both Wes Carr, and Mark Spano are hooked up.

Wes’s girl is an actress and they live together in Bondi. Yes she was the one he kissed on Sunday night. In this week’s NW it was revealed he told her he was a personal trainer so she would be interested in him. I don’t quite get that anyway it worked for him.

Also Mark Spano is seeing a make-up artist he met on an Australian Idol shoot. Apparently it is serious and he will be moving from Melbourne to Sydney once Idol finishes.

Micheal Johns the Aussie contestant on American Idol is back in Australia for a quick visit. In an interview with The West he said post Idol he favoured going with an independent label so he could retain control over his album. Apparently it will be out next February.

American Idols’ winner David Cook will have his album out in November.

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Is Alamela Rowan Using The Bullying Incident To Prolong Her 15 Minutes Of Fame?

I know this is going to sound harsh but really it is time for Alamela get over the bullying incident and move on. I am sure there are at least five hundred life coaches and chakra readers up in the Byron area who will help her do this.

But I suspect she likes the ongoing publicity it gives her. Which other Australia’s Next Top Model contestant gets named in each article that Demelza Reveley is in? No one.

So yet again in the major metropolitan tabloid (ok the only tabloid) there is an article about Alamela not winning the Byron Bay beauty contest, that she will be working at the Byron Bay Modelling Academy as a catwalk tutor, and she has a role in some dodgy film in the Philippines called Deep Gold. No she is not going to be doing a Linda Lovelace impersonation but will be using her scuba diving skills.

Now none of this is news, and if she had not been bullied no one would care. In fact I don’t care.

But for those that do click here to get to the Syd Confidential article.

September 30, 2008   5 Comments

Australian Idol – Season 6 – And now there were nine

Sorry about the belated recap of the Idol elimination but I was so excited with Tom Williams, Teale and Madam Parker making the bottom 3 that I popped the champagne and turned into a right lush.

Unfortunately the truth is a bit more boring then that.

To paraphrase many a reality TV judge and compere “Australia got it right”.

Highlights of the evening were:

  • James Mathison and Ricki-Lee struggling to interview Teale and Madam Parker and make it interesting.
  • Madam Parker makes Casey Donovan interview technique look positively sparkling, and Teale who was talking about having a personality, now if you have to talk about it….
  • Darren Hayes who continues to sing the praises of the talent of Teale confirmed his male crush when he said “Teale blew me away.”

Anyway Tom Williams was not going to be saved by the tweens this time. Parents all over Australia had taken the phones out of their little ones hands, and like having to explain why a beloved pet has to be put down they said “He is in pain, let him go.”

September 30, 2008   3 Comments

Model News

Apparently Cheyenne Tozzi is touted as being the host of Australia’s Next Top Model. This is the strangest pick ever if it is true as I don’t even think she has had her 21st birthday. I thought they saw the hosting role to be a be a bit of a mother hen.

I suspect her manager has leaked this story themselves to see if Foxtel will take the bait and audition her. Full story here.

Demelza Revelely this years winner of Australia’s Next Top Model, has now said she is a changed person over the bullying episode. To be honest I am a bit over the whole thing, and I don’t know why they still give it air time. Full story here.

In Make Me A Supermodel news apparently they were filming in my neighbourhood yesterday with this week’s challenges filmed at the Salvation Army store in St Peters, otherwise known as Tempe Tip.

The model’s had to pick out outfits up to the value of $50 and then do a runway show. I will be interested to see if the model’s are in any of my chain store cast offs…

Full story with a nice picture of Hannah McCarthy here.

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Has Survivor Stopped Pixelating Contestants Naughty Bits?

Are Survivor producers trying to garner ratings by not pixelating the naughty bits? Normally in episodes boobs, crotch and even bum cracks are pixelated. But somehow in the first episode of Survivor Gabon, which is currently screening in the US somehow a bit of male genitals got through the censors.

If you want a laugh (I know I am juvenile) click here on Dlisted to see the scene from Survivor Gabon. Some of the comments from his post are hilarious my favourite is “Obviously, the censors are Helen Keller, Lt. Geordi LaForge, and an inattentive seeing eye dog”.

We are a season behind and Channel 9 starts screening Survivor Fans V Favourites tomorrow night at 10.30pm. The TV reviewer in The Guide said it was a cracker season.

September 29, 2008   5 Comments