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Sydney’s Inner West is the hub of Australian Idol

Ok so maybe I am exaggerating however, tonight Jacob Butler will be playing at the Sandringham Hotel on King St, Newtown which could be interesting if you like Brit Pop.

Apparently he is going back to his job at JB Hi Fi, no wonder he was so desperate to win.

Tomorrow night, Thursday last years winner Damien Leith will be making an appearance down at Marrickville Metro (my spiritual homeland) from 5.00pm.

November 28, 2007   Comments Off on Sydney’s Inner West is the hub of Australian Idol

Reality Titbits

Matt Corby outlines wedding Plans

As you may or may not know, Matt Corby handclapper, has a girl he has an eye on however her father wont’ let her date him until she finishes school this year.Matt Corby reveals in this weeks TV Weak, that he could see this girl as his wife.

The conventionality of these people depresses me, clearly no revolutionary here. Seventeen years of age and wanting to get married? And worse where is the rebelliousness of the teen years, if you want to date this chick do it behind daddy’s back. Oh and message to the girl you should snatch Matt up as there is always a Veronica waiting in the wings.

Wade Robson may be a guest on Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance.

This week Channel 10, and TV Weak tantalised us in an interview withe the wonderful talented Wade Robson that he may come out to Australia for So You Think You Can Dance, which auditions have commenced in Adelaide. Also in this a further interview he reveals some interesting facets of his life.

I had not realised he had be embroiled in the Michael Jackson saga, apparently he has had the bad luck to share his bed. Notwithstanding that in the kiddie fiddling Jackson saga he was called upon as a witness, and said nothing untoward happen. Apparently he is still friend with him. Lets hope he is not suffering Stockholm Syndrome.

Anyway he is an amazing talent, choreographing Brittany Spears concerts and video clips at 16??? I could barely put a burger together in Macca’s at that age.A further cap to his career was an Emmy which he recently won for a routine on Season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance.Further info on win

It is Official Jacob Really is a Knob

It was revealed yesterday that Jacob Butler pulled the plug on some of his media duties on Tuesday. Speculation on whether it was hangover or nervous breakdown continue. It also revealed he had an album in the can to be soon released. Somehow I don’t see it winning any Aria awards. I suspect we will soon see him on Big Brother, or putting on 100kg to qualify for Australia’s Biggest Loser. Don’t worry Jacob no need to win the latter show as you already are.

October 11, 2007   2 Comments

Australian Idol Elimination Night -Goodbye Jacob

Does Hillsong influence the results of Australian Idol shows, or does the voting public think Beatles songs are naff? Please discuss.

On tonight’s show either of those theories could be correct. The bottom two Jacob Butler, and Carl Risley are not members of an evangelical christian organisation, but before we whip ourselves up into a christian conspiracy frenzy again (lets leave that to Today Tonight) they both managed to butcher overdone Beatles classics.

Personally I love a good conspiracy theory, however I am inclined to believe it is the latter. Does anyone under 40 really get excited by The Beatles these days, unless it involves a nasty divorce settlement and a prosthetic limb?

Also I know music purists are going to disagree, but was singing a Beatles tune really in the spirit of Brit Pop night as Dicko conceived it? It appears the voting public has punished them for it.

Even though Reality Raver confidently predicted Marty to go – the mystery of who is voting for him continues – must be either the Central Coast residents or the stoner dudes (if that is the case then Australia has a massive drug problem), it was no shock to see Jacob go.

It was meant to be his night, his genre, and he blew it. It was the equivalent of Mark Da Costa singing a Status Quo song on rock night. Lame.

He also blew the sympathy shag his Channel 10 girlfriend they were flashing on screen every 2 seconds was going to give him by thanking everyone but her. Particulary galling considering she probably spent about $1000 voting to keep Jacob in the competition.

The judges were encouraging and told him to keep on trying, but you could tell they thought it would be very doubtful he would be offered a record contract, You knew you were seeing a dream collapse and that teaching degree (music) was just one step closer.

The good news is that next Sunday there will be no Beatles songs as Idols will be singing songs from the year they were born. Disturbingly this will mean a couple of songs from the ’90’s.

October 8, 2007   8 Comments