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So You Think You Can Dance Starts tonight on Eleven

The latest season from the US of So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight and will screen every Friday night from 7.30pm on Eleven.

Will you be watching?

June 14, 2013   22 Comments

SYTYCD Australia – Is Mary Murphy Going To Be A Judge?

Even though TEN have not confirmed the return of So You Think You Can Dance Australia there a rumours circulating that Mary Murphy a judge on the US version will be on the judging panel.

Mary who went automatically into my top five role models when she was described as a  “coke fuelled nympho” is incredibly popular. She was dumped as a permanent judge on the US version of the show but ended up being reinstated.

It is no secret Australian networks love to get overseas talent for their format shows and having Mary would give the Aussie version a link to the US series.

It would be great to see Matt Lee back on the judging panel and he has only expanded his fan base with his role in Mary Poppins. They need to bring back a judge from the previous incarnation to give it some continuity link and he should be given priority over Jason Coleman.

Other people in the mix must be Jason Gilkison who is a regular on the US version, and Kelley Abbey. Also Wade Robson might want a bit of respite from his legal matter in the US and it would be great to see him on the panel as well.

I would prefer two permanent judges with one judge rotated through and this would allow new talent to be found.

Also the latest version of the US So You Think You Can Dance is going to start on ELEVEN on Friday 14 June at 7.30pm.

June 6, 2013   11 Comments

All The Right Moves Starts Tonight On GO Channel

For fans of dance and So You Think You Can Dance you may be interested in checking out All The Right Moves on GO Channel tonight.

It is a US reality TV series which follows Travis Wall who was SYTYCD runner up in season 2 and three of his mates starting up a dance company. The other cast members are with fellow SYTYCD alumni (and Season 1 winner) Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance and Kyle Robinson. The four friends and roommates who work together and live together.

Here is an interview with Travis Wall who looks like he has not stopped working since is time on SYTYCD.

All The Right Moves on GO Channel Thursday nights at 8.30pm.

May 23, 2013   6 Comments

Wade Robson Talks To Today Show About Michael Jackson Sex Abuse Allegations

Wade Robson who is a popular choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance has appeared on the US Today Show to talk about his allegations of child sex abuse by Michael Jackson.  Fans have gone nuts about Wade’s claims and are saying he is only making these allegations to get money out of his estate.

The Daily Mail also has the full story as well.

May 20, 2013   Comments Off on Wade Robson Talks To Today Show About Michael Jackson Sex Abuse Allegations

SYTYCD Choreographer Wade Robson Accuses Michael Jackson Of Sex Abuse

Popular So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Wade Robson has accused Michael Jackson of child sex abuse.

The Daily Telegraphreports Wade Robson filed a claim against the late pop stars estate claiming abuse by Michael Jackson. Robson was befriended by Michael Jackson when he was 5 years old.

He used to have sleep overs at his house up until the age of 14. It does look like having the classic elements of grooming around this scenario.

What has stunned people about the claim that Robson in  testimony in the  2005 molestation case against Jackson denied Jackson ever molested him despite Jackson’s former housekeeper testifying she witnessed Jackson in the shower with Robson when the boy was 8 or 9 years old.

Michael Jackson was acquitted on that trial, however he had previous paid an out of court settlement of $22 million to a 13 year old boy who acccused him of sexual abuse.

There are limited details about Robson’s allegations have been sealed by the Probate Court however there is apparently an affadavit by a psychiatrist that treated Robson when he was younger.
As expected Michael Jackson fans have gone bonkers and accussing Wade Robson of being money hungry.

May 8, 2013   40 Comments