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Mark Holden Sounds Like He Is Not A Fan Of Former Colleague Dicko

Mark Holden has come out today saying he no longer suffers from “relevance deprivation syndrome” like his former colleague from Australian Idol, Dicko. Though it sounds more like a case of sour grapes.

In the Herald Sun Mark Holden has a swipe saying:

“If you’re not on television you don’t exist. You know Dicko is already in there with (Nine boss) David Gyngell and he’s already trying to cash his chip,” he said.

“He’s relentless.

“He’s done an amazing makeover of himself into the lovely nice Dicko.

“I get asked to do Dancing with the Stars, I get asked to do Celebrity Apprenticebut, as a barrister, it doesn’t seem to be a part of me any more, fortunately.”

Holden said the only thing that could tempt him back to the small screen would be a character role in a drama or a show about the courts.

Interestingly enough Dicko is quite open about his fame whore ways in last weeks TV Week he said:

“The downside of fame is just how addictive it is. When the threat of it disappearing looms at large, you start to feel needy and really pathetic that it’s a commodity you want so much. It makes you feel dirty like any addiction would, I guess.”

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Celebrity Apprentice Australia – The Celebrity Art Auction And A Snog With The Hoff

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it… After not being able to lob onto the first challenge of Celebrity Apprentice Australia Season two, I thought I better hustle to the Celebrity art auction that was open to the public. Oh and try to get a bit of action with The Hoff.

I took my two young interns who had to be sacked, if you think Gen Y’s have issues then just you wait for the Gen Z’s to hit the workforce they are prima donnas. Going by the George Calombaris school of industrial relations I paid them with an ice cream and they still were not happy.

Anyway today it was the Celebrity Art Challenge and it was open to the public.  There was the girl’s team plus The Hoff – clearly they are sharing him around, and the boys team going to head to head in an art challenge where the celebs had made art pieces to sell charity. Whoever wins will have made a motza  for their charity as the prices were high.

What is like on the set of reality TV show? Well basically the shows are made in an editing suite as there was not a lot of action happening on the ground. Just small little vignettes that will be edited into something fast paced. There is at least three days of filming that goes into one episode.

Marion Grasby was project manager for the girls team and Dicko for the men. Like last season to make the money it was all about the corporates. The girls had roped in Staedler the stationery company and the guys had Roses Only, also BSC some sort protein bar turned up with a cheque.

Charlotte Dawson who has clearly found the elixir of eternal youth is looking fantastic – just to show I am an equal opportunity blogger and think of the male readers here is Charlotte looking foxy.

Tania Zaetta also appeared to have dabbled in the dark arts of botox as does The Hoff whose nickname should be the fantastic plastic.  Tania Zaetta must be this season’s villain as there is not a lot else going on there. Though her career does limp along so she must have some fans or a very good agent.

The intern took a photo of Dicko and as I was on a middle aged man rampage also he is the reality TV veteran of the show he has been in four. Even Nathan Joliffe indulging in body art could not turn my head.

However what I did see were the celebrities determined to win the challenge as well as make an entertaining reality show and the viewer should reap the benefit of this.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia Season Two will air on Channel NINE in 2012.

January 24, 2012   19 Comments

It’s Official Marcia Has Been Lying To Us For the Past 5 Seasons of Australian Idol

Marcia Hines has finally admitted she did not always tell us what she really thought in seasons gone past on Australian Idol.

In an article in the Sunday Telegraph today she said “I can’t hold back because a lot of the things, musically, that Mark [Holden] would have said, I’ve got to say them,” Hines said.
“I relied a lot on his ears and now I have to say what has to be said.

She has also admitted with the departure of Mark Holden she will need to step up.

Marcia and Dicko were nearly on the chopping as well this season so Marcia has had the make over with botox etc, and will also have to make over her image as a judge. Everybody knew that Marcia never gave any criticism, constructive or otherwise and it was boring.

So to avoid her hitting the underemployment or worse doing promos for late night shopping TV, she is going to have to be more sizzling.

Full article here.

Dicko will also reveal his nasty side tonight when he throws James Sidebottom out of the Top 24 because he does not want to win Idol. This story is obviously planted to get viewers to tune in. James is the not so great looking chiropractor from Melbourne. Full story here.

August 31, 2008   Comments Off on It’s Official Marcia Has Been Lying To Us For the Past 5 Seasons of Australian Idol

Reality Tidbits

So You Think You Can Dance – Cirque to Soleil To Be Guest Performers on Tonight’s Show.

The Daily Telegraph says the guests for tonight’s final six elimination show will be performers from Cirque du Soleil. The US winner Sabra Johnson, and Kameron Binks will be in the audience – but will have no part on the show. Which I consider this a ridiculous decision considering Sabra’s popularity.

American Idol performers that have appeared on the show ie. Kelly Clarkson have not overshadowed the local contestants.

Photo of final six with Cirque du Soleil in hard copy of newspaper, with Vanessa with her leg in the air again. Does she ever take a photo without her leg pointing straight to the ceiling?

Erika Heynatz to plug her Single on It Takes Two Tomorrow Night.

Erika Heynatz will sing her new sing Slide on It Takes Two tomorrow night. Her rationale is that the other singers on the show have been plugging their new material so why shouldn’t she? Fair enough.

Link to article in the Daily Tele here.

Australia’s Next Top Model – Jodhi Meares admits how bad she was on last years live finale.
Jodhi Meares admits in an article that her startled live performance in last years ANTM finale “was done under duress”. She does not say whether the finale will be live this year.

She has been in New York last week with the final three contestants. The very popular show will commence on 22 April at 7.30pm on Fox 8.

Article here.

Dicko said Mark Holden Made My Life a Misery
This story is such bollocks. This is the biggest beat up of a yarn in a long time. Shame on you Dicko. Is to get publicity for Australian Idol this year?

“Mark always tried to turn it into pantomime,” said Dicko, pictured, who also admitted he’ll be happy to steal his culled comrade’s trademark “touchdown!” catch cry.

“I was really, really thrilled to come back last year. And this year, now that Holden’s gone, it’s even more exciting,” Dicko said.

“Mark always kept me at arm’s length. I like him. I think he’s an interesting character but he would do whatever he could just to make my life a misery.”

Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Full article here.

April 14, 2008   5 Comments

Matt Corby tries to take on Dicko – unsuccessfully

The Daily Telegraph today stated that Matt Corby took a swipe at Dicko last night for his comments about this years contestant being “beautiful but boring”.

The already prima donna not yet popstar said after his very underwhelming rendition of
Jamie Cullum’s hit Dry, the 17-year-old turned the tables with a snappy aside of his own, with the quip: “I feel sorry for Dicko. He must be bored out of his mind.”

At least Dicko gets paid to watch the show, shouldn’t he be apologising to the rest of the Australian viewing audience.

Anyway Matt Corby your attack on Dicko was the equivalent of being hit by a leaf of wet lettuce.

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