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The Singing Bee – More Game Show then Reality Show

Tonight I thought I had stepped into Dr Who’s tardis and been time warped back to the early 1960’s with the first episode of the Channel 9 show The Singing Bee.

There was Go Go dancers combined with wholesome entertainment that families could watch whilst eating their TV dinners.

The cultural cringe of those times was completed with the importation of the show’s host from the USA, Joey_Fatone.

I am mystified as to why Channel 9 executives decided a local person was unable to compere the show. Joey exuded an aura of “Hell I don’t know why they picked me but I will take the money and run.”

It was obvious he was reading the autocue, he was not engaging with audience or contestants. The penultimate moment of Channel 9’s mistake came when tonights winner after being told of the money he had won mischeviously said “But do I get the trophy?”, and Joey responded like he was talking to an idiot “You’ve already won that.”

He was being ironic Mr Fatone. Not a word that has ever really been in the American vocab.

The show is more a game show, then reality tv where contestants show their knowledge of song lyrics rather then singing ability.

The beginning of the show began with Joey pulling six contestants out of the audience ala The New Price Is Right, and it was then I was wondering where Larry was. Bring him back. This show would have been a perfect vehicle for him with his ability to nicely take the piss out of people, or poach Sonia Kruger from Channel 7.

The show was painful in a fast paced way, with the six contestants quickly being knocked down to one winner who competes for $50,000 prize money, oh and the trophy.

Rob Mills aka Millsy from Australian Idol is one of the singers and appeared to be enjoying himself, looking self satisfied he was at least continuing his post Idol career without having to bed American Hotel heiresses.

I am sure the troubled Channel 9 will be hoping for a ratings winner with this one, and even though I was singing along, I for one will be unlikely to watch it again.

October 7, 2007   1 Comment