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Reality Tidbits

Channel Nine Axing More Reality TV Shows.

Unfortunately there has been no announcement on whether Channel 9 will be axing the excruciatingly bad My Kid is A Star. However the rumour is they are going to pull the plug on Million Dollar Salon.

This was to be a reality tv series where hairdressers (can you still call them that these days or are they hair designers/stylist) were to compete to win their own salon.

Apparently after months of filming auditions it has been decided that there was not enough talent for the production to go ahead. They don’t elaborate whether this deficiency was with the contestants or the judges Renya Xydis and Joh Bailey.

Daily Telegraph article here.

Big Brother news.
It is not surprising that with less then two weeks to go the Big Brother publicity machine has started to be cranked up. Kyle Sandilands tried a few weeks ago to gain some publicity by bad mouthing Rove after an interview.

Apparently the new series which starts April 28 has been given much needed revamp. Along with new hosts Kyle and Jackie the BB house has had an overhaul. they will be missing the farmyard. Also the weekly grocery list and the punishment room has been given the chop.

Aussie American Idol Reject has been offered to do a duet with Dolly Parton.
Michael Johns who was cast off American Idol last week, supposedly a surprise elimination has been contacted by Dolly Parton who would like to do a duet with him. I don’t know how that will fit in with his Blues/soul/rock persona but hell it is Dolly.

Apparently he has also been offered some record contracts.

Other post idol frivolity has been partying with Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz, and Demi Moore in New York.

Full story here.

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Nearly insolvent hairdresser Joh Bailey to be a judge on Million Dollar Salon

Joh Bailey whose three upmarket hair salons are nearly in administration has been given a cash life line by being chosen as a judge on the new reality TV show Million Dollar Salon.

Apparently he will be on the panel at today’s auditions at the Seymour Centre in Sydney

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Reality Bytes

The beginning of the ratings of seasons and it is a time for new as well as old reality tv shows to make their way onto TV.

A new reality tv show that Channel 9 is trying out this year is The Chopping Block. It starts on February 6 at 7.30pm and stars Getaways Catriona Rowntree, and Aria chef Matt Moran.

The premise is that two restaurants compete against each. I think they take two struggling restaurants and try to turn them around. I am not sure what similarities it will have with Gordon Ramsey Kitchen nightmares. For further information the shows official website

Another show in pre production is Million Dollar Salon. The show will follow 12 people trying to run hair salons in cities across Australia with ultimate prize a million-dollar salon.

On of the judges will be high profile hairdresser Renya Xydis, who counts Nicole Kidman as one of her clientele.

In the Sun Herald she said “I’m looking for creative people, fun people and people who really want to make a dream happen,”

Auditions are being held at the Playhouse Theatre, Newcastle, tomorrow and the Seymour Centre in Chippendale on Wednesday.

January 27, 2008   2 Comments