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No Surprise That Most People On The Most Botoxed List Are Reality Stars

Normally celebrities love to make a top ten list however the being on the most botoxed list might be one that does not find its way onto a resume. A Sydney Cosmetic surgeon has compiled a list of the top ten botoxed people in Australia. As you would expect the majority are reality stars. reports:

A SYDNEY cosmetic physician has produced a list of Australia’s 10 most Botoxed celebrities and put singer/actress Sophie Monk at number one.

Dr Mariusz Gajewski (Dr Maz) said Sophie Monk, who has a naturally beautiful face, looks “overdone” and “aged” thanks to too much of the serum the stars call Vitamin “B”, Botox (Botulinum toxin).

Following Monk on the list is Australia’s Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson.

Then in order is Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Lauryn Eagle, Tania Zaetta, Alex Perry, Brynne Edelston, Napoleon Perdis and, in tenth, Michelle Bridges.

After seeing Kym Johnston on Celebrity Apprentice I would have thought she would have gone close to making the list.

Who do you think should have been on there?


May 22, 2013   27 Comments

Sophie Monk Probably Needs To Find A Reality Show To Go On

Former Popstars singer Sophie Monk made a blind item (now revealed)  on gossip blog Crazy Days and Nights, it hints that she is trying to land a rich guy.

The article states:

#1 – This foreign born actress/model who always seems to stay in the spotlight without actually doing much other than occasionally dating a celebrity spends most of her time now hustling rich guys to take her out. She is hoping to land a big fish, but most get tired of her after a few days because of the financial demands she puts on them right from the beginning. Definitely going to be revealed.

Sophie Monk
Sophie Monk was previously engaged to Benji Madden who we will helping his brother Joel mentor on The Voice.
Thanks Susan for sending this in.

April 18, 2012   2 Comments

Has Sophie Monk Got Trout Pout?


Has reality TV star Sophie Monk gone all Hollywood on us and got a trout pout? She always had big lips but these do look a little enhance.
Sophie is in town to promote underwear to keep your flab in. Not sure I get the connection of slender Sophie with Shapers, but then again I don’t get the connection of a gorilla banging on drums to promote Cadbury chocolate.
Story of her underwear promotion on Daily Tele Website. Also here is an interview where she says she is a dud in bed.
Now another thing I am not getting is the supposed Nigel Lythgoe and Sophie Monk liaison it has as much reality to it as her dating Ryan Seacrest.
Anyhow The Herald Sun has an article saying Nigel is begging Bonnie to get back with him!
Now I know she is keen see previous post. If a reconciliation means she is not a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Australia, I will be happy with that. Or maybe he can train her into talking in sound bites. Last season she was notorious for yabbering on.

October 14, 2008   3 Comments

Nigel Lythgoe Speaks About Those Sophie Monk Romance Rumours

Nigel Lythgoe in an article in The Western Australia speaks about the rumour of him dating starlet Sophie Monk.

The two were photographed together recently by paparazzi in Los Angeles, prompting rumours they were dating.

“It’s the old thing of whoever you’re photographed with you’re having an affair with them, so I’m going to be hanging around Sophie Monk more and more if supposed to be having an affair with her,” he said.

“I’ll have her baby, for god’s sake.

“Why she would want to go out with her grandfather I’ve got no idea.”

Oh he also said it was time to move on from reality TV – personally I thought the Sophie Monk stuff was more interesting.

Link is here.

October 10, 2008   Comments Off on Nigel Lythgoe Speaks About Those Sophie Monk Romance Rumours

Reality Tidbits

Kirk Pengilly To Mentor On Australian Idol This Sunday.
Former Inxs musician Kirk Pengilly will be mentoring on Idol this week. Are there going to be mentors each week? This could be overkill.

Anyway he will be able to catch up with his former mother-in-law Marcia Hines.

Ricki-Lee and Sophie Monk Face Off Over Tummy Controllers
Ricki-Lee has been named the face of Hold Me Tight shapewear range, whilst Sophie Monk will also be launching tummy tuckers this Tuesday.

I know which one I will be believe the product works for considering Ricki-Lee is size 14 whilst scrawny Sophie wouldn’t even need to use these products.

A Unfunny Mary Murphy So You Think You Can Dance Parody.
Well I thought it was not amusing but then again maybe I don’t have a sense of humour.
Click the link here and you decide.

Lisa Mitchell Has Completed Her First Album
Lisa Mitchell, the Australian Idol contestant, who was in the best season with Bobby Flynn and Damien Leith, has completed her first album.

Full details on Popdirt.

Project Runway – When they said they were taking it to LA, they meant it.
With Project Runway going to LA it was not just the location. First Lindsay Lohan is to be a guest judge but now Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria Parker will be as well.

It is currently being filmed in LA, however there are issues on when it will screen as Bravo who originally had the first five seasons has gone to court to stop the producers from swapping it to Lifetime.

Here is an interview with Heidi Klum regarding the delay. Please note there is a spoiler regarding one of the Season Five designers in it.

Jack Chambers from So You Think You Can Dance Australia Is Networking in New York.
Season one’s winner of SYTYCD Au, Jack Chambers, is currently in New York networking to try and make it on Broadway. He will be back in Australia soon to fulfill some SYTYCD Au requirements, and also to organise his US work visa. Full story here.

October 10, 2008   1 Comment