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Jessica Mauboy Has Made It Big In The USA

Jessica Mauboy is a bona fide international star. And how do I know this? She was on Sesame Street.

February 9, 2014   2 Comments

Slimefest – Tweens Love A Reality TV Star

On Saturday I took my now Miss 8 daughter on her birthday to Nickelodean’s Slimefest. It was eye opening in two ways. Firstly that it was a tween and early teen frenzy of mainly girls and was this was what my daughter was turning into and also the popularity of the reality TV stars in this age group.

Slimefest is a new event for Nickelodean and has replaced their Kid’s Choice awards and it shows what a consumer force the tween/teen market is as they originally only had one show but after the first show sold out a second one was commissioned.

They knew how to entertain their audience with lots of slime the popular Camp Orange host Luke and Wyatt who actually won a Astra this year as Most Popular Host beating Rove and other high profile celebrities.

However the main bit of the show was the entertainment with Jessica Mauboy the highlight for me. She did an amazing set and showed she should have an international singing career.

The highlight for the young girls was Reece Mastin and Johnny Ruffo. Reece shows he has the naughty rock star vibe going and can sing. Whereas Johnny who only had one song is not strong in that area but can dance and has charisma in the bucket load. That kid is going to have a long career in the media.

Justice Crew and Stan Walker showed that they may not have as high profiles as the other but there is some serious talent there.

The other highlight for the mums in the audience was when Commando from The Biggest Loser was dunked in slime and he came out looking like a hot looking Incredible Hulk.

The lowlight… well Miss 8 now has a Reece Mastin tune on repeat. Yep I now know the lyrics to Shut Up And Kiss Me.

Nickolodean continues giving their tween fans what they want with a special screening of One Direction: Up All Night Live at 6.30pm on Saturday the 29 September.

At this stage I have not let Miss 8 know that it is on. And it is little wonder The X Factor here is trying to replicate the success of that boy band here.


September 17, 2012   3 Comments

Slime On At Slimefest For Kids And It Is Reality Stars Aplenty

Get your rock on or slime on at Slimefest Australia’s first music concert for tweens to be held at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion Moore Park on Saturday September 15.

There is a plethora of reality TV stars performing. This includes Jessica Mauboy, Reece Mastin, Justice Crew, Stan Walker and Johnny Ruffo.  Also another X Factor alumni Christina Parie will perform as well as being SLIMEFEST’s official backstage reporter. For kids at home she will give them with AAA access to backstage photos, exclusive interviews and updates to The Nick Shack ( throughout the show.

It all seems a little bit crazy as there are KCA style stunts include the Guinness World Record sliming attempt for the Most People Slimed Simultaneously and the SLIMEFEST-A-TRONa 360 degrees periscope which will unleash a spectacular slime-storm in the venue. Where do they get all this slime from?

There will also be a celebrity SLIME DUNK  with kids voting to see who will be dunked. Celebrities in the running for this “accolade” is Richard Wilkins, Brian McFadden, and the Biggest Losers’ Commando. 

Kids can log onto the The Nick Shack ( to cast their vote for the star that they see most worthy of full body slime saturation.

So if you have a tween and want to get some brownie points this is a good way to do it.

The 5.00pm show now sold out, but there is a second show at 11.00am on Saturday September 15.

Tickets available through Ticketek (

SLIMEFEST  will also be shown on TV on Saturday September 15 at 6.00pm on Nickelodeon.

September 4, 2012   Comments Off on Slime On At Slimefest For Kids And It Is Reality Stars Aplenty

Is Jessica Mauboy Shagging Jay Dee Springbett?

In the wild rumours department, the Daily Telegraph reports that Jessica Mauboy is doing the horizontal folk dance with former Australian Idol judge Jay Dee Springbett.

Kyle Sandilands started the rumour, and of course Jessica is denying this shit.

March 17, 2011   Comments Off on Is Jessica Mauboy Shagging Jay Dee Springbett?

Reality Tidbits – Sunday Wrap Up

Jessica Mauboy

Jessica Mauboy’s publicist muAst have been the only one working this week as every paper I picked up over the past few days there has been a story about her in it. Today was no exception with this article in the Sunday Telegraph saying she wanted to win three or four Aria’s this year.

Also she was mentioned in this article in the Saturday Daily Telegraph about Australians who will shape 2010. The Australia Idol runner up will be in a movie called Bran Nue Dae. She has also said she hopes to do further acting work.

In other Australian Idol alumni news Kate DeAraugo is actually dating producer and guitarist France Millo, they met when he was a “roadie” for the Young Divas. They have been dating three years, and are apparently close to getting engaged.

Guy Sebastian has also had a great year and he tweeted today “Desperate Housewives and Brothers and sisters are also using Like it Like That in the US!! Unreal!” and “Thanks to everyone for making Like it Like That the highest selling single of 2009!! Im blown away.”

Ajay Rochester is again getting bad PR because of alleged bad debts. This one is about a non-paid hairdressers bill. She claims it was meant to be a “contra deal” whatever that means. (Source Sunday Telegraph)

Susan Boyle the runner up of Britain’s Got Talent has the highest selling album of 2009. She also has said she would like to tour Australia this year. (Source Herald Sun)

Mark Holden thinks that new Australian Idol judge Jay Dee Springbett will get better. Somehow I doubt he will get a second season. There is no news yet on whether Australian Idol will get the go ahead this year. (Source: Herald Sun)

January 3, 2010   10 Comments