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Fashion Week Day One – Johnny From Project Runway, Alex Perry And Terry Biviano

It is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and this year there are not as many reality TV types around but on Day One I managed to catch up with Johnny Schembri who won Project Runway Australia. His runway show was packed last night and if you are interested in buying his stuff go to The Iconic as it is on sale now. He talks to me about what is happening for him fashion wise.

Terry Biviano who was one of the highlights on WAG Nation last year talked about how being on the show gave her business a boost and what it was like having the cameras on her. It does not look like we will be seeing her in The Real Housewives of Australia.

Also I popped into the Alex Perry show and you have to wonder how he fits everything in. He is the ultimate energiser bunny. The show had a naughty, elegant school girl vibe about it. However Sarah Murdoch was there wearing an Alex Perry number and supporting his show as was his Project Runway colleague Megan Gale.

Former Australia’s Next Top Model Cassi Van Den Dungen walked in his show as did Amanda Ware. At this stage I have not spotted Montana Cox as there are rumours that she has put on weight, whatever that means in the fashion world.

Alice Burdeau is also there here is a shot of her at the Aurelio Costarella showcase.

For photos about the fashion go to Frockwriter Live

April 9, 2013   2 Comments

Australia’s Next Top Model – It is Monday So Another Alex Perry Story

It is amazing how every Monday without fail there is a yarn about Australia’s Next Top Model in the papers. Normally involving something judge Alex Perry said or did not say. Always handy when the episode is going to air tonight….

This time it comes from Project Runway Australia finalist Craig Braybrook who said to the Herald Sun that Alex Perry and the Project Runway contestants used to make negative comments about fat people.

The article states:

PROJECT Runway Australia finalist Craig Braybrook has weighed into the Perrygate scandal.

Known for his catty comments, the Melbourne designer couldn’t resist letting slip that contestants and mentor Alex Perry would often make swipes about curvy people on the set of the Foxtel reality series.

“On the show he was always like ‘I hate fat people’,” Braybrook said.

“He used to say it all the time.”

Last week Perry denied he was a “fattist” after copping a barrage of criticism for describing a size 8 Australia’s Next Top Model contestant, Alissandra Moone , as “overstuffed luggage”.

Perry was slammed in the media and on social networking sites after he led the charge to send Moone, 18, packing when she could not fit into a size 10 designer dress.

The Perrygate saga followed an angry war of words with former Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester, who claims Perry hates fat women and had openly mocked her body.

Perry described Rochester’s claims as reprehensible and said there was no way Moone was a size 8 when she was on the show.

“Somehow everyone thinks I hate fat people … I have somehow become the new skinny ambassador,” Perry said at the time.

“I can dress a big girl better than anybody.”

The Project Runway Australia finale just happens to be on Arena TV tonight as well at 8.30pm, and the Australia’s Next Top Model episode  is on Fox 8 at 7.30pm.

If you want to see the previous Alex Perry’s stories click here, here, and here.



September 12, 2011   4 Comments

Australia’s Next Top Model – A Size 8 Still Too Large?

Every year this issue comes up on Australia’s Next Top Model when one of the models is told they are too fat.

However this year it appears a girl who is size 8 has been deemed as being to large for the industry. reports Alex Perry tells 18 year old Alissandra Moone likens her to “overstuffed baggage”.

The article states:

Alissandra Moone, 18, who at 57kg is considered underweight on the Australian body mass index, was “stunned” when her size became an issue on Foxtel’s top-rating show.

Judge Alex Perry has openly criticised Moone’s body, likening it to “overstuffed luggage”, and the clash is set to reach a head on tonight’s episode.

“It’s a very bad message to be sending to young girls who watch the show,” Moone said yesterday.

“It’s harsh. It’s stupid. And it’s out of touch. I understand it’s a reality of the (modelling) industry but this is a TV show and they should have a responsibility to censor that kind of thing.

“I know this has happened to other girls in the past but I was shocked when he (Perry) said I was too fat.

“I’m only a size eight. There’s going to be a lot of young girls watching this who are bigger than me, and how’s this going to make them feel?”

Perry was unavailable for comment.

This story has probably been put out there to attract viewers to tonights episode on the show.

So if you want to watch it Australia’s Next Top Model (ANTM) is on Fox 8 tonight at 7.30pm.

 UPDATE: Alex Perry has come out on twitter (no not in THAT way) and said he was misquoted. His quote was to do with her pose in photo shoot apparently.

September 5, 2011   14 Comments

Ajay Rochester V Alex Perry – A Reality TV Scrag Fight

Ajay Rochester is in town to promote her new book has taken a slash at Alex Perry  saying he hates fat women. quotes Alex as saying the reason Ajay might be having a go at him is that he refused to dress her in the past.

However Alex and Ajay went head to head on 106.5 fm yesterday and it wasn’t very edifying for either of them. I wondered why Alex was allowing himself to be drawn into this debate, however he said on air 60% of his made to wear business are larger women.

Ajay continues to give her views on the stoush via her blog.


August 26, 2011   5 Comments

Project Runway Australia Season 3 Preview

Good news for Project Runway Australia fans, with news the third season will kick of on Monday July 4 on Arena TV at 8.30pm.

There is a whole new cast. The show will  be hosted by Megan Gale, with Alex Perry as mentor.

I don’t know how Alex Perry is juggling his workload, as Australia’s Next Top Model is currently filming as well. He also has his fashion design commitments and last week I read he was designing an apartment complex in Brisbane.

Fashion designer Kirrily Johnston is a new judge, as well as industry expert Jarrad Clark.

Clark’s experience spans working with the major creative heads in fashion, Australia and worldwide, as the Global Event Production Director of IMG Fashion.

And we have the names of the contestants.

Five designers from New South Wales; Anthony AllarsDylan CooperJohnny SchembriNerida Bourne and Rachael Perks, four designers from Victoria; Claire Hocking,Craig BraybrookGabrielle Stephens and Matcho Suba and three designers from Western Australia; Anna McEachranAmanda McKenna and Timothy Godbold will battle it out for first prize.

Also expect to see Collette DinniganCamilla FranksDannii Minogue and  Carla Zampatti, as guest judges.

Cannot wait – this is one of the best Australian reality TV show produced. By the looks of the preview it looks like again the production values are high.

Also if you know any of the contestants email me or make a comment and tell us about them.

May 25, 2011   7 Comments