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The Amazing Race – I’m Not Wearing That Girl’s Leotard

phil's eyebrow

I don’t know what the worst thing was about that gymnastic challenge in Romania, having to wear a leotard, or having to do a cartwheel. I would still be there trying to do one.

The brother and sister team, Tammy and Victor, at 10.13am were first to leave the pitstop. Teams were to fly to Bucharest, Romania and head to a gymnastic hall for their next clue.

Tammy and Victor got a great head start  by being the only team to get on a 3.20pm flight. But then they had something happen that I have yet to see on all the seasons I have been watching the show. The flight had to turn back because of technical issues. So the other teams who were on a 4.45pm flight suddenly were in the lead.

They were with the last few  teams on a 9.00pm flight which would not arrive in Buchurest until after midnight.

It was roadblock time  at the gymnastic hall, cue the leotard and difficult gymasticmoves. If there were any female’s in the team they were the ones that were doing this Roadblock.

They task was to do two different manouvres on three gymnastic apparatuses, the beam, the parallel bars, and the floor. 

Then it was off to Brasov Transylvania, where they had to go to the black church for their next clue.

Amanda and Chris were in the lead at this point, but that all came to a crushing halt as they could not get a train to Brasov until the morning, so all the teams caught up.

Brad and Victoria had tried being tricky and took a flight to Amsterdam to get a connecting flight to Romania which would get them in 25 minutes earlier than the other teams. However once in Amsterdam they found out their flight had left without them, and the rest of the planes were grounded due to fog. They could not fly out until the morning.

This was lucky for Victor and Tammy as they were having a shocker. They got lost on the way to the gymnastic hall and Tammy did the roadblock, and was not a great. I was feeling her pain as she cannot cartwheel, then she could not somersault. Victor is a bit bossy and makes all the decisions which was going to lead them into even greater catastrophe later in the episode.

All the teams except Brad and Victoria were now on a level playing field.

It was no surprise once they got to the church that the clue was a detour.

They had the choice between Gypsy Moves and Vampire Remains.
Gypsy Moves – they must load all the family belongings onto a horse and cart and move them to another location and then unload again.


Vampire Remains – Teams must drag a coffin to a point and then must impale frames on a stake to get a flag to claim their next clue.

Jamie and Cara were involved in another The Amazing Race Curse which is having a taxi disaster. Their driver had no clue where to take them.

Victor and Tammy were quick to the detour location, but then he stuffed it by following the wrong markers and then not listening to Tammy who was saying they should turn back. He kept saying going back would be a big mistake. Finally when he had to admit he stuffed up he started to weep. I mean seriously was it soooo humiliating to have to admit your baby sister was right?

Amanda and Kris were first to finish the detour and should have been heading to the  pitstop which was at Vila Panoramic. However they had lost their fanny pack, they had left it at the start of the gypsy challenge. The editors were trying to make it look like the gypsy’s might be living up to their European reputation of scamming and thieving. Very naughty. But of course they found the pack.

But this gave father and son team Mike and Mel, the opportunity to slip past and be the first team to arrive. They won a trip to Costa Rica.

Amanda and Kris came in second, and Tammy and Victor were still walking on that mountain. Victor wept and they finally went back down the mountain. Oh but their pain was not over yet they lost one of the keys off their coffin, therefore they had to look for the key on the grass. They found it and finally got to the pit stop to find out it was their lucky day and they were the second last team to arrive.

 Brad and Victoria were last to arrive, and they were eliminated. Here is an interview with Brad and Victoria.

Also I note that Phil’s one eyebrow lift did not make an appearance this episode.

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The Amazing Race – Team Superbad – Can I Buy A Lottery Ticket With You Guys?

- The Superbad team have got to be the dumbest but luckiest team in The Amazing Race history.

In a week where the level of idiocy from males on reality TV hit new highs with ice cream scooper Eric giving his immunity necklace away to then be voted out on Survivor, these boys come in come in a close second for the reality TV morons award.

They started the leg without shoes as they left them on the previous leg when they dressed up as a cow, but this was just the beginning of their woes

As Ken (of the Ken and Tina team) said “They are good at the travel [between the clues], but suck at the challenges.”

The stumbled and staggered at the detour. They started on the marching detour when one couldn’t do the socks, they then flipped to the serving Borchst detour, then back to marching, then back to the borchst.

Then they finally stagger into the pitstop last and it is a non-elimination round. How they made top four and will be in the running for 1 million dollars is a reality TV travesty.

December 12, 2008   2 Comments

The Amazing Race – Season 13 The Final Five

Is there a romance blossoming on The Amazing Race between Starr and Dallas? It is not the first time there has been on the road flirtations, but nothing as never eventuated. As an aside are these the weirdest name for a couple yet?

They were off to Kazakhstan and what a way to showcase a country by going to a chicken factory. I don’t think this will bring an increase in tourism to the country.

There was tension when the contestants were spread across three different flights, but since the chicken factory didn’t open until 7.30am, everyone had plenty of time to catch up. The frat boys Dan and Andrew who had been the most unlucky with their flight just made it.

It was Roadblock and they had to search amongst the 30,000 chickens to find the one of six golden eggs.

There was also a fast forward which Nick and Starr and Sara and Terence decided to do. It involved eating sheep bum fat. Both challenges were pretty crappy.

Sara in the taxi to the fast forward said she was not sure they had made the right decision, but Terence thought this was what the race was all about to take risks to win. If they lose the fast forward there was definitely going to be fear and loathing on that team.

The golden egg challenge was easy. But Terence hit a brick wall at the sheep eating challenge as he was a vegetarian. He said he was not going to do it. Now really what did he expect they were going to get served at a restaurant? It is always some sort of stomach churning flesh.

If this is Kazakhstan cuisine no wonder it has not taken off in Sydney.

Sara gave the phrase “If looks could kill a new meaning”. He did start eating it, but he was always going to fade.

Terence in the end bailed after seeing Nick and Starr had nearly finish. And a gold star to Starr who just gulped it down beating Nick easily. I know there are people on the race who don’t like her but I do. She is the strongest player on this current series.

The detour was play like mad or act like fools.

The play like mad detour was to learn to play two traditional instruments then go to a park and busk until they had earned a certain amount of money. No one did this one.

Act like fools they must dress like a cow and walk through the town to find the milk store and drink a glass of milk.

The frat boys again having bad luck with a driver who did not know where he was going, so it looked like Sara and Terence would make it back into the race.

Nick and Starr made a hat trick of coming in first for the third time in a row.

Toni and Dallas went past the stall and Ken and Tina got there and drank the milk but missed the clue at the bottom of the cup. Then when they did realise they then went and returned the cow costume.

Seriously when are these teams going to learn to read their clues properly. Dan and Andrew have luckily stumbled through this whole series, but made another vital mistake when they took a cab to the pitstop, when it specifically said you had to get their by foot. Even after having to retrace their steps they managed to beat Terence and Sara to the pitstop.

Dan and Andrew should have been eliminated due to them being utter morons, however the other teams must be happy that such a strong team was eliminated tonight.

Here in an interview on Buddy TV Terence and Sarah reveal they were only seven minutes behind, as well as discussing the way they were edited on the show.

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The Amazing Race – Season 13 – Episode 5

It was time to head to Asia and specifically Siam Reap in Cambodia. The teams were split up, Ken and Tina, and Type A personalities Sarah and Terence, got the first flight out of Auckland. Terence and Sarah also copped a speeding ticket on the way to the airport. I thought that maybe NZ reality TV show Highway Patrol was suddenly going to pop up on screen. All caught up in Singapore for their flight to Siam Reap, except for Ty and Aja.

So tonight the interest was only in who was going to win this leg, and unless there is a catastrophe. This may have been a possibility as the taxi’s were taking the teams to all sorts of places.

First clue was at a petrol station where they had to fill up a truck with 25 litres of petrol. Of course that truck was to take them to their next clue.

The frat boys had difficulty with it. Not realising that you had to put a bit of grunt into it. Nick and Starr were leading at this stag, but they were caught up to.

They were all on boats racing to a restaurant in the middle of Siam Reap. Terence and Sarah got their driver to go fast and then suddenly the engine overheated, and they had to manually row to the clue box.

Village Life – involves picking up items throughout the village.
Village Work – Finding two traps filled with fish.

Nick and Starr took over the lead again after getting the fish.

It was time to head to Angkor Wat and the Road Block. This involved finding the chamber of echos and banging your chest three times to get the next clue.

Tina had trouble finding it and kept on walking through it.

Nick and Starr were first to the pit stop at the Banyon Temple. Again the frat boys bumbled it, but luckily for them Aja and Ty just were never in the leg.

The Producers suddenly got all moralistic about Terence and Sarah speeding ticket and decided they would be hit with a 30 minute penalty in the next leg of the race. I don’t see the point of this they all speed and break road rules or encourage others to. So the ones that get caught get a double penalty.

Reality Wanted have an interview with Aja and Ty, where they reveal they are now living together, and they were surprised about the editing with Terence – so clearly they don’t think he is an arsehole. In fact they said they wanted Sarah and Terence to win.

Buddy TV reveals they were nowhere in the race as they had landed in Siam Reap just has Andrew and Dan, the second last team, made it to the pit stop.

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The Amazing Race – Season 13 – Episode 4

Do the producers on The Amazing Race spike the tyres on cars? Whenever teams have to drive on this show, and I am including all series, there is an inordinate amount flat tyres on this show. This time it was Aja and Ty’s.

The started the race in Bolivia and then they were all on the same flight to Auckland. Aja and Ty the long distance dating couple were starting to have cracks in their relationship.

In Auckland, Ken and Tina continued to lead and decided to go for the fast forward and beat the Frat boys to the tower to climb it.

The Frat boy’s are typical frat boys as they said that they got on best with the blondes. Well the blondes were struggling finding the gordian knot they needed to get their next clue. I am not sure which of these two teams are dumber.

The Roadblock was a getting a picture of traditional Maori tattoo and matching to the an actual person. This was made more difficult with them doing a haka type dance.

Ken and Tina climbed the Sky Tower and then got to take a helicopter to the next pit stop where Phil got his dad to greet the arriving teams.

The other teams after the Road Block had to got to the City Life Hotel Roof and look with binoculars for a Travelocity gnome, and then go to the place were it was. After that it was off to the giant kiwi for their next clue.

It was detour time:
A matter of time – they had to go to a kiwi farm and stomp on kiwi fruit until they have 8 quarts of juice. Then they had to drink a glass of it.

Matter of skill – teams must assemble a go-cart and go around the track three times.

Terence and Sarah were the first to finish the detour and were second to the pit stop.

Three teams switched from the kiwi’s to the go-kart. One of these were the frat boys who struggled building the go-karts.

Starr tipped go-kart and thought she had broken her arm, but then managed to complete but she was in a lot of pain.

This leg was breaking a lot of people as Aja and Ty swapped detours as well and they were battling it out for last place with the blondes. However Aja and Ty beat the blondes there and the blondes were eliminated.

As the blondes sobbed, Phil’s dad took the opportunity to hug them.

Here is an interview on Buddy TV with Marissa and Brooke. They said they were only minutes behind Aja and Ty.

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