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US So You Think You Can Dance – Interview With Neil Haskell

Neil Haskell was one of my favourite dancers in Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance. He finished number three in the series. He had an amazing athletic style. A bit like Anthony Ikin, but Neil is a much better dancer/performer in my opinion.

Shimmy Magazine has an article with him talking about what he has been up to since the show and top 10 tour finished.

He has finished MTV movie The American Mall to be shown later this year, and he is currently back in New York.

He was also asked who his favourite choreographers were and his answer:

I think Wade Robson’s choreography is the most challenging. It’s strange and quirky. You have to find a way to learn where your weight, your hip, foot and just everything is supposed to be or else it won’t look right. The way he does it is so unique that if you aren’t doing it exactly as he’s telling you to then it’s going to look awkward unique rather than cool unique. I love being able to do his stuff. I also love being able to dance Mia Micheal’s stuff because it is more my style. Her jazz and contemporary feel is very unique as well and it suit my body and way of moving.

Which is interesting as I think theose two choreographers consistently do the best routines on the show.

Unfortunately Neil makes no mention of coming to Australia, however we will have Season 3 winner Sabra and her boyfriend Kameron come out in April.

They will be teaching workshops in Melbourne, and undoubtedly appear on the Australian version So You Think You Can Dance.

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March 30, 2008   2 Comments