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Simon Cowell Is Having A Baby

The perennial bachelor Simon Cowell is going to have a child with a new paramour. Simon Cowell has said he did not want children so it will be interesting to see how he embraces it.

The news may come as a shock to many including his many ex-girlfriends, but what is slightly scandalous is the mother of his child, Lauren Silverman, was the wife of a friend of his Andrew.

He has now filed for divorce.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Simon was shocked by the pregnancy and also it is unclear whether they will stay in a continuing relationship. Simon definitely has a type as Lauren looks very similar to his other ex-girlfriends.

It is a nicely timed pregnancy as it will give the UK press another pregnancy to write about.

lauren silverman

August 1, 2013   3 Comments

Simon Cowell The Ultimate Narcissist?

Simon Cowell should be careful what he wishes for with news he is making contestants sign a contract to be Britain’s Got Talent that prevents them from talking about him, the judges or about the show for life.

The Mirror has the story:

The Mirror has learned of the three-page contract which is so strict contestants are banned for life from revealing that it even exists. The exhaustive terms of the agreement they must sign with Cowell’s firm Syco bar them from making “any disclosure to the press” during the show and after “termination”.

One insider who has seen the document said: “Compared to other TV show contracts, the scale and sheer number of the confidentiality clauses is highly unusual.”

Wannabes must not talk to the media about “any of the Talent… including for the avoidance of doubt Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden.”

Whether those clauses would actual have legal validity is anyones guess. But it is a bit harsh considering in Australia after 30 years cabinet confidential documents are released to the public.

Also Simon when your career goes into hiatus you might be begging these people who signed the contract to talk about you. 

Though Simon Cowell must be peeved he did not think of this reality TV show that is on in Denmark where men critique women’s bodies. According to it could be the most sexist television show ever. Interesting that the girls don’t get the opportunity to talk about the not so hot judges. Also no word on what the prize or motivation to go on the show.

Unfortunately I suspect if Cowell was a judge on a show like this women would be lining up to be contestants.

May 3, 2013   3 Comments

Simon Cowell’s New Food Show Flops – Network TEN Will Be Concerned

What has Simon Cowell’s new food show, Food Glorious Food, got to do with Network TEN? Well the format is very similar to their new show Recipe To Riches, and unfortunately for TEN the debut of Cowell’s new food show in the UK was judged to be a flop.

According to the Mirror the audience turned off in droves and may be bumped from its slot.

On Food Glorious Food  they aim discover a great home-cooked meal, and the winning dish will find its way on to the shelves at Marks & Spencer.

The format for Recipe To Riches is a  food reality show where contestants turn their recipes into products on supermarket shelves.

This product can be anything from a sauce, dessert, meal or biscuit. Season Two winner in Canada won with a Butter Chicken Lasagne. Well it certainly was an original concept!

The low ratings for Cowell’s show of 2.6 million when the timeslot usually gets 5 million will have Network TEN executives feeling a little nervous.

Recipe to Riches is a based on a Canadian format which I suspect Cowell looked at and then modified. It was shown on the Canadian Food Network and it rated well for it with ratings of on average 624,000, which is great for a specialty channel.

If the Australian version follows the Canadian version each week there will be a different round. So the biscuit makers face off against the biscuits makers, the desserts against dessert etc. The winner of each heat then all face off in a finale. The format does not allow the viewer to connect with the contestant week after week.

However it is a new concept, and Darren Robertson a chef should be interesting to watch along with Carman’s Fine Foods owner Carolyn Creswell, and advertising industry star David Nobay.

 TEN will also be happy that the show has come up high on “talkability” on a social media ranking according to the Australian, however Randling and Masterchef were also in the top five with My Kitchen Rules nowhere to be seen.
Network TEN will be keen to see if the Simon Cowell food show can build an audience in the coming weeks and hope that something new might get the viewers tuning in.
Recipe To Riches on Network TEN later this year.

March 1, 2013   Comments Off on Simon Cowell’s New Food Show Flops – Network TEN Will Be Concerned

Simon Cowell Is Officially Off My Celebrity Shag List

Well we knew Simon Cowell is a bit of a ladies man, however a glamour model has Alicia Douvall has revealed to The Sun newspaper in England that he would want sex up to eleven times a night.

I was exhausted just reading the article.

The story picked up by the Daily Telegraph:

GLAMOUR model Alicia Douvall has told how randy TV mogul Simon Cowell had sex with her 11 times in one night.

She revealed to The Sun newspaper that the TV guru loved her to dress tarty for romps and would then analyse her technique as if he were judging a contestant on one of his hit shows such as The X FactorBritain’s Got Talent and American Idol .

She recalled how by the end of their six-month relationship she was reduced to being his “Ten to Eleven” girl – a lover he would ring at around 10.50pm if he found himself alone.

I am not sure whether this article will make women want The X Factor judge more or less.

April 23, 2012   23 Comments

Danni Minogue Shagged Simon Cowell – Now THAT is Celebrity Shag

Actually I thought the Danni Minogue shagging Simon Cowell story was going to be much more salacious then it was.  The affair was not recent one so was not a factor in the recent break up of Danni’s marriage to Kris Smith.

The article in the Daily Mail states pair had an affair when she was judge on The X Factor with the charismatic Simon. Both were single at the time, he had just broken up with long term girlfriend Teri Seymour.

Apparently the following season he moved on to Cheryl Cole.

Danni Minogue loses no credibility by sleeping with him at all. You go girl.

Full story: Daily Mail.

Danni Minogue will be seen tonight on Australia’s Got Talent on Channel 7 at 7.30pm.

April 16, 2012   14 Comments