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So You Think You Can Dance – Two More Gone


This week the judges decided they would make the decision on who would go home.  Yukino and Chris were sent home and it was probably a fair decision considering Yukino has been in the bottom three three times and Chris twice.

Renelle and Maddie was also in the bottom three along with Blond and Jay.

Lauren, Eden, Michael and Sam appear to be the front runners at this stage.

Next week they will dancing with same sex partners which should be interesting.

The pairings are:

Renelle Jones and Eden Petrovski                              Blond and Michael Dameski

Lauren Seymour and Zoey Black                                Stephen Perez and Sam Malseed

Maddie Peat and Ashleigh Tavares                            Jay Johns and Patric Kuo

So You Think You Can Dance Australia on TEN Thursday nights at 7.30pm.

March 28, 2014   3 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Hey Judges Make A Decision This Is Not The X Factor

So you think you can dance

The judges on So You Think You Can Dance Australia last night pissed me off. They get paid the big bucks to make the hard decisions they should do it. The format is the public vote and the bottom three girls and the bottom three boys then have to dance for their lives. The judges then confer and decide which girl and which boy is eliminated.

This format allows for judges to save dancers that may have just had a bad week. It is fair. However last night the judges could not make a decision on which of the boys to send home so decided to let the public decide. Therefore the dancer with the lowest votes to be eliminated. What is this the f**king X Factor?

This meant Jordan and Nadiah were sent home.

What was even more inequitable they decided to cherry pick one of the girls to save.  Zoey was made safe by the judges even before she had to dance for her life as the judges decided they did not accept the public’s vote on this.

So the public’s vote is fine to decide who is to go home but not good enough to decide the girls bottom three. As far as I am concerned you can’t have it both ways. Also what would have happened if Zoey had been the person with the lowest public vote out of the girls and she was now made safe?

Deciding who to send home is not that difficult if you all think the solo dances were that fabulous then go through a different criteria. Is there a lack of one genre over another too many urban v contemporary then flick the urban guy. Who is working their arse off back stage then keep them. Also if Nadiah was injured and unlikely to get better in the next few weeks flick her.

What did you think? Were you happy with the judges decision?

March 21, 2014   7 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance Australia Former Winners Talia Fowler and Jack Chambers To Perform Tonight On Show

talia, jack and tina

Fans of So You Think You Can Dance Australia will be thrilled to hear that former winners and Talia Fowler and Jack Chambers will be performing together on tonight’s show.

Jack Chamber won the inaugeral season with Talia the ballerina winning season two. They will be dancing a contemporary number together and also to Tina Arena’s new single Reset. As previously reported Tina is also performing on the program. reports Jack Chambers has his own dance company with his brother and sisters and he also tours with Jason Gilkison’s Burn The Floor.

Talia worked with a San Franciso dance company and now performs with her long term partner Timomatic.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia on TEN Thursday nights at 7.30pm.


March 20, 2014   Comments Off on So You Think You Can Dance Australia Former Winners Talia Fowler and Jack Chambers To Perform Tonight On Show

So You Think You Can Dance Australia Moved To Thursday Nights

Tina arena SYTYCDau

In an attempt by TEN to give So You Think You Can Dance a chance to get some fans they have moved the show to Thursday nights from next week.

There will be no show this Sunday but will screen next Thursday at 7.30pm. Hopefully with weaker shows against it might get people giving it a chance. It is a great high production show that has some amazing talent on it. So check it out.

The next episode will also see Tina Arena as special guest singing her new single Reset.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia on Thursdays, 7.30pm on TEN from March 20.

March 12, 2014   4 Comments

So You Think You Can Dance – What Is With The Voting?

Paula in tears

OK so I don’t vote so I really should not be whinging about this, but how did Blond and Renelle land in the bottom six the other night.

I had thought those two were standouts the week before. Jason Gilkison exclaimed ” I can’t believe the six of you are standing there” when the dancers who would have to vote for their life was announced. Well say who you think should have been there instead.

Joel was in the bottom three again alongside Chris. Chris was collateral damage from previous  week where he had done a ballroom routine with the since eliminated Kathleen. She had been pretty sloppy the week before. Joel ended up being the one the judges eliminated along with hip hop dancer Sally. A factor in why she would have been eliminated was this week she was dancing in her genre with Jordan and they did not pop.

What about Jordan’s dad contacting him for the first time? What a dick. Was this because he saw him on TV? So now Jordan is being dumped with all that emotional baggage, hopefully it is not going to hinder his focus and concentration.

The highlights of this week’s episode was Shannon Holtzapffel dancing with the top 18 to Blurred Lines and Ashleigh and Jay dancing the Debbie Ellis routine. Paula Abdul was crying as was Jay who had revealed that he had drawn his mother’s suffering of depression and how they had feared losing her. Go here to check it out.

Blond and Eden were another highlight with their ballroom/bolero type dance as was Nadiah and Michael. Also good to see Adam Williams found time from his Asian Next Top Model commitments to choreograph a colourful and fun broadway routine.

What was your favourite routine?

March 11, 2014   2 Comments