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Mark Spano Not Getting A Record Contract With Sony BMG

In the social pages of the Sunday Telegraph today it was revealed that Mark Spano who came third in this year’s Australian Idol will not be signed up by Sony BMG.

Mark Spano who had a lot of female’s heart a flutter when he sang Kings of Leon’s megahit Sex On Fire must not be seen as a hitmaker for the recording monolith.

However he can be consoled that he has the support act on the upcoming Chris Isaak tour. For those who missed his performance at the final here it is.

In other Mark Spano news Ricki-Lee Coulter has denied she moved to Melbourne to be near him, apparently they are just friends.

However Ricki-Lee won’t be spending a lot of time in the southern city as she will be in LA working on her new album. This also means she will not be back for next season’s Australian Idol. I cannot really decide whether that is a positive or negative thing.

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Mark Spano To Play Support To Chris Isaak’s Tour In March 2009

Well Mark Spano must have impressed Chris Isaak when he was mentor on this year’s Australian Idol, as he will now be his support act for his upcoming tour in March 2009.

This is some good news for Mark Spano in a week where he is due in court for driving whilst having a suspended license. Yes Mark You Did A Bad Bad Thing.

For those who need to relive Mark’s performance of that Chris Isaak classic Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing click on the video above.

Source of story Daily Telegraph.

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Ricki-Lee Coulter Romancing Mark Spano -I Know She Was Meant To Mentor the Idol Contestants This Year But This Is Ridiculous.


Thank god Rick-Lee separated from her husband this year otherwise there would be nothing to gossip about. Ok well maybe Gordon Ramsay.

First it was rumoured she was having a dalliance with Australian Idol contestant Teale Jakubenko (see previous post here ) , however he must have just been providing a decoy.

It is now rumoured she is having a romance with another Australian Idol hottie Mark Spano.

Ros Reines in her gossip column in the Sunday Telegraph reveals:

The couple’s relationship came into focus after Coulter split from her husband and then Spano broke up with his latest girlfriend, a make-up artist.
However, after the split he talked about how the love of a good woman had changed him.
Both have denied that anything was going on and, if Coulter didn’t blush so deeply when she was asked, it would almost be believable.

Source of story and photo: Sunday Telegraph.

UPDATE: Apparently Ricki-Lee has put out a denial – story on

November 30, 2008   2 Comments

Exit Interveiws with Mark Spano


Well Mark Spano has gone, and not without a voting controversy. The internet had the wrong numbers up against the contestants for 25 minutes. Fremantle Media deny it had any impact on the final two of Wes Carr and Luke Dickens.

David Knox from TV Tonight suggests a good solution to the debacle. He suggested they have a final three at the Opera House and have one eliminated early in the evening. Something like So You Think You Can Dance where people are eliminated throughout the course of the show.

Anyway that is not going to happen so here are Mark’s exit interviews, where he says he wants Luke to take out the prize.

Interview and photo from Who Mag.

Interview from TV Week.

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Idol Updates

Tom Williams Trying To Extend His 15 Minutes Of Reality TV Fame.

I have got to hand it to Tom Williams, he maybe 16 years old but he sure is media savvy. Tom in his post elimination media interviews has been spruiking that he wants to start a Jonas Brothers type band. For people who don’t know who the Jonas Bros are they are a prepubescent boy band that have taken over the tween and teen market in the US. Hanson for the noughties.

Tom does not say whether he will be following their promise ring philosophical.

Anyhow it is a perfect pitch to record companies by Tom and a very canny move. What next? Will he try and date Hannah Montana to assist with maintaining his profile?

Full story on

Speaking of girlfriends, both Wes Carr, and Mark Spano are hooked up.

Wes’s girl is an actress and they live together in Bondi. Yes she was the one he kissed on Sunday night. In this week’s NW it was revealed he told her he was a personal trainer so she would be interested in him. I don’t quite get that anyway it worked for him.

Also Mark Spano is seeing a make-up artist he met on an Australian Idol shoot. Apparently it is serious and he will be moving from Melbourne to Sydney once Idol finishes.

Micheal Johns the Aussie contestant on American Idol is back in Australia for a quick visit. In an interview with The West he said post Idol he favoured going with an independent label so he could retain control over his album. Apparently it will be out next February.

American Idols’ winner David Cook will have his album out in November.

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