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Project Runway Judge Jayson Brundson Missing In Action This Week.
Was filming Project Runway along with all his other commitments all to much for high profile fashion designer Jayson Brundson.

An article here in the Daily Tele suggests Brundson is dealing with some personal issues. At least his PR people did not trot out the usual “exhaustion” excuse.

However the good news for him his Project Runway commitments finished up a week ago with filming of the show now completed.

Project Runway Australia will start on Arena on 7 July 2008.

Not The Week For Fashion Designers Wayne Cooper on Domestic Violence Charges.
No I am not turning this into a fashion blog, however I am sure Wayne Cooper has been a guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model…

It was revealed yesterday he was arrested at his marital home after a domestic dispute. Wayne states he will be defending the charges and the AVO. Full story with some murky details from the Daily Tele here.

Big Brother Contestant In the UK Thrown Off The Show For Threatening Comments.
UK Big Brother has turfed out a contestant from the Big Brother compound due to threatening other inmates with “Gangsta type comments.”

Alexandra De Gale said her threat to order her gangster friends to gun down those who had nominated her was just “teasing” and “clever editing” had made it look worse.

The full article about the incident is here.

Big Brother Australia must be wishing something as controversial as this would happen on the show here as the ratings are low and on week nights barely getting 800,000.

Help Required – Does Anyone Know How To Download Torrents.
I will be blogging for on the Australian Project Runway series, and they would like Torrents to go with the recap so the US readers can see it.

Can someone tell me how torrents works? Do I need to sign up or be invited to join? And how do the shows get downloaded on Torrents? I presume there is some sort of lag time between the show being shown on TV and it being available on the web.

Any information on this would be gratefully received.

June 21, 2008   2 Comments