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Project Runway – Episode 11 – Season 4

By the end of this episode Rami and Chris were going to feel either elated or disappointed as they find out which one of them will get to show at New York Fashion Week.

The challenge was to create 12 looks for fashion week. The Budget was $8000 and five months to put it together. And it was not compulsory to shop at Mood fabrics.

After 3 and half months Tim Gunn went around to look at the contestants designs and give his advice.

First stop was Christian Siriano studio is a typical tiny New York apartment – the bed has to be put away each day.

Some of his outfits bemused Tim and he said “It’s a lot of look.”

Jillian Lewis was next she had left her job at Ralph Lauren to concentrate getting her show together. Tim said the palette was a bit colourless, but the designs had her usual intricacies. Her style is phenomenal and wearable. She said she had been inspired by her trip to Met and the military style she saw there, she also said she had been looking at armour.

She is incredibly focused and confident of her designing ability.

Tim then went to meet her family in Long Island.

Then it is was Rami’s turn to see Tim Gunn in LA. His collection was based on Joan of Arc. “I want you to pull it back a bit.” said Tim.

Then it was back to New York to visit Chris March. He was using human hair on one of his jacket “I think my gag reflex is kicking in.”

I loved the monkey house analogy from Tim Gunn. The punch line being Chris had been in the
monkey house far too long.

Chris took Tim to his friends house – it is a “roccoco nightmare”, and it was Martha Stewart would have had a heart attack if she had seen all that wood and mirrors in one room. Tim accurately described it as Versailles.

Rami and Chris were have a clothing face off, they had to show their three strongest looks.

Christian was a bit perturbed about having to brush Chris’s clothes. It was all abit ghoulish.

The judges were Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia.

Michael said “It is a little creepy to wear human hair, but you thought outside of the box.”

and “the girls look over designed.” Heidi said “Very creative.” Heidi did look a bit like Oliva Newton John tonight. At least she wasn’t wearing a head band.

Michael also added “Still costumes”.

Rami’s clothes got mixed reviews, they loved one of his dresses but the other two outfits attracted some criticism.

However it was unsurprising that Rami was the one selected for New York fashion week. So disappointed for Chris. Next week the finale at Bryant Park with special guest Victoria Beckham.

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Project Runway – Tim Gunn Reveals That Victorya Was a Scrag

Watching tonight’s Project Runway ‘Reunion Special’ and I could not help notice that Victorya just looked like she did not want to be there.

Luckily I found an interview that outlined that this moodiness was not a one off.

Below is the excerpt from the interview (as full transcript reveals who won):

Maureen Ryan: I don’t really understand why she was so upset. Can you explain that to me?

Tim Gunn: “She was sourpuss, a crabby apple as I keep saying, throughout almost all the show, other than Days 1, 2 and 3. She became this sour pill. Rich Bye, one of the executive producers, and I had two off camera interventions with her. I said to her, “˜You know what makes me beside myself is the fact that there are thousands of designers who would love to be in your place. What’s the matter with you?’

“She said, “˜I never dreamed the experience of being on the show would be like this.’ We said, “˜What do you mean?’ “˜I never dreamed we’d only have a day for challenges, that we wouldn‘t have any breaks.’ “˜But you said you saw the show.’ She said, “˜I assumed it was cheated.’ I said, “˜Then you only have your own delusions to blame.’ She was really angry and bitter.
“On one occasion – they edited this out, I knew they would – we were at Mood [Fabrics], and I’m handing out money. They each have $250 dollars. She collects the envelopes from all the designers and hands them back to me. She said, “˜I want you to count it.’ I just stared at her. “˜You want me to do what?’

“She wanted me to count the money in each envelope. I looked to the producer on site with us, and I said, “˜I’m not doing this, am I?’ and he said, “˜The rules say that if a designer asks for the money to be counted, we have to count it.’ I said, “˜Fine,’ and asked why she wanted it counted. And she had pulled out this sheaf of papers – she had the rules with her – and she said, “˜I don’t believe that we all have the same amount of money.’ Why would we do that? If someone didn‘t have the right amount, wouldn‘t they come to me? So I counted the money.

“But that’s what it was like dealing with her. She actually said about Jack’s departure that we had engineered him leaving because he wasn‘t a pretty face anymore. I just said to her, “˜I fundamentally don’t understand why you can’t understand that he is seriously ill. Furthermore, it’s a MRSA [infection]. We are all at risk.’ But she said we were forcing him out and that shouldn‘t happen and we should have a hearing or something.”

MR: That explains what the hostility was about in the reunion special. I think I get that now.

TG: “I still don’t understand [what was going on with her]. She was at the finale party last night. I said to myself, “˜What are you doing here? Why are you here, you’ve disassociated yourself from the show, supposedly, but you’re here?’
“I will say this too, as sour as she is, she is extremely talented.”

For the full interview which gives Tim Gunn view on Season Four, however big spoiler alert as it tells you the winner click here.

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Reality Tidbits

For Rami fans of Project Runway – he designed a dress out of money for Heidi Klum.

Blogging Project Runway has a great photo of Heidi Klum, Project Runway host, dressed in a dress by Rami Kashou. It looks amazing even without his signature draping.

Kyle Sandilands Doesn’t Give A Rats That People Prefer Mike Goldman As Host of Big Brother Then Him – More concerned about having to cut down on Coca-Cola.
Kyle Sandiland was off sick for two weeks while he battled pneumonia, whist Big Brother battled falling ratings said he was unconcerned that Mike Goldman was better received as host then Kyle and Jackie have been.

Kyle’s constant sarcasm and rudeness is not captivating the viewing audiences.

The 37 year old has been told he needs to 10kgs, and cut down his caffiene consumption – all of which he does not think he will do at this point of time.

Full story here here.

Big Brother Now Seen As A Career Move.
Whatever happened to just appearing on Big Brother and once your time was over you just went back to your normal life. Now most contestants seem to think that once they have appeared on TV that their further fame must continue. Now most of the girls just do a mens magazine thread. However last weeks evictee Renaee said she would like to host an extreme sports show.

I liked Renaee (what I have seen in the three BB episodes I have watched.) But seriously does she really think she has the personality, charisma or intelligence to host a tv show! Sadly I think she will back to Dubbo sooner then she thinks. If she wants a career change maybe she should go to Uni. Article here.

I think it is doubtful if there is another Big Brother next year that he and Jackie will be hosting.

Clearly Jackie’s and Kyles publicity machine has been everywhere this week, every paper I have opened there has been an interviews of one or the other. Personally I think Kyle has become far too over exposed. One of Kyle’s interviews from the Sunday papers if interested is here.

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Project Runway – Episode 10 – Season 4

Final Five the pressure was on as the much wanted prize to show at Bryant Park was oh so close. However tonight two contestants were to be eliminated.

Tonight’s challenge was to involve a last field trip and it ended up at the iconic Metropolitan Museum, and lucky them they got to go without any other people there. That itself would be amazing not tripping over other tourists and being blinded by their flashing cameras.

The challenge was to choose a work of art which will serve as an inspiration for their outfit they design. However the were limited to three wings the Greek and Roman, European wing, and the Temple of Dendur.

Rami was predictably excited with the Roman and Greece wing – fit in with his draping style. Thought he was risking being a bit samey.

The challenge details were – Budget $300, 1 hour to sketch, 30 mins at Mood.

Christian was inspired by Spanish aristocrat from the European wing. Sweet P was inspired by a Peacock and , Rami inspired by Aphrodite.

Jillian was inspired by Scene from the Story of the Argonauts, and Chris’s was a Portrait of a 18th century aristocrat.

Christian was getting on peoples nerves as he rubs in his fast sewing in other contestant’s face. After all these episodes I am unsure if I like Christian, however for a 21 year old I admire is talent and confidence.

Jillian particularly bites at Christian’s snide remarks as she is soooo slow. It is amazing she has finished every challenge.

Sweet P was not helped that her model was a no show at the fitting apparently because of a family emergency. She ended up turning up 2 hours before the end of the second day.

Chris was so relaxed he went for a nap, as he thought he was finished. Tim Gunn was not so sure and went and woke him up and told him he cannot be finished. “Is it wow enough?” Tim also told him he was worried about it. However Chris remain relaxed.

The final runway show had arrived and Heidi had even had a makeover for the occasion a haircut which was shaggy and cut with a fringe.

Judges were Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and guest judge was Roberto Cavalli.

Christian – “I tried to create as many pieces in it.” Rob C “Loved it” as did all the judges.

Chris – Robert C said “Most artistic of you” He had not seen the previous design that it had been so similar to. However the same could not be said for Michael Kors. Who said ” A little reminiscent of a previous design”. Nina Garcia also was critical of the shoulder saying it was very similar.

Jillian was praised and they thought it was great. And it was fabulous the black tailored jacket lined with gold with a sassy little gold dress underneath.

Sweet P was always going to be in trouble with Michael Kors liking it but not overwhelmed.

Robert Cavello said “Should have done something more”.

Rami was told by Robert Cavello that it was “Too normal”, Michael K “Expected more from you. Predictable”. Nina Garcia said “I want to see you out of this box.” she meant the draping box.

Christian was the winner of the challenge, with Jillian also taking a spot at Bryant Park.

Sweet P was eliminated.

The judges then told Chris and Rami they were both in as the judges had been deadlocked. However there was a catch. Only one was going to make it to fashion week. They will have to show their three strongest looks from their collection and then the judges will decide which of the two will showcase at Bryant Park.

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Project Runway – Episode 9 – Season 4

Tonight’s episode was always going to be wild with the unconventional nature of the challenge, but hey that is what makes Project Runway such fun.

Four boys, and two girls left. As Jillian said “I hope a girl gets to make it to fashion week.”

Christian was still bitching about Ricky winning – “There were ruffles not even seams.” Have to agree Ricky is lightweight and I am surprised he made it this far.

It was field trip time, of course this made for much speculation.

Chris with an evil glint in his eye said “Maybe they would go as far as drag queens”. Oh so close especially as there were all fake boobs in the challenge.

They didn‘t go far for the field trip just down a lift, where they stood outside the door and heard some loud moaning.

Christian thought they were sex moans – what type of sex does he have? At this point I felt my age.

The doors opened to reveal female wrestlers in a wrestling ring. Tim Gunn barely retained his dignity getting into the ring.

The Challenge was to create an outfit for the diva’s to wear in the ring.

They even went to a different material shop from Mood House – Spandex House.
This challenge they had 5 hours on day one and all day on day two.

Even though the challenge was difficult, and outside most of the designer’s comfort zone, but everyone was having a laugh. Chris March was in his element.

Sweet P, however was not, her client thought the white fabric was not wild enough. So she started adding feathers, rhinestones to make it as tacky as possible.

At this point the designer’s started to discuss what their wrestlers name would be. Sweet P’s was going to be spread eagle. However this was going to be the only thing to make her smile that day as Tim Gunn told her again to fix the outfit.

She was worried this challenge was going to leave her on the canvas.

Judges were Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Richie Rich and Trevor Rains from Heatherette.

Ricky’s looked like a tacky swimsuit, with a poorly made gold lame dress over the top.

Rami whose outfit looked good on the dummy looked bad on the peroxide blond. There was just to much hot pink. The designers should have also had to write an essay on the differences between a wrestler and strippers outfit.

Jillian’s sporty blue sexy number got the thumbs up from the judges. Michael Kors said “Played off something classic but gave it some sizzle.”

Rami was going for the girl next door look. Michael Kor said “I don’t get any Americana out of this”

Christian’s leather and lace outfit got glowing reviews. It was pretty good – for a 21 year old this kid has a lot of talent.

Sweet P’s outfit was told it looked a bit unfinished. Michael Kors said “You got to go for the drama.”

Chris in a matching leopard outfit rocked. Michael Kor in an awed tone said “It looks expensive.”
Quite an accomplishment for a wrestling outfit.

Ricky got a pasting, Nina Garcia “I like it as a bathing suit. The gold dress is not helping the cause.” Ricky gets tears welling up in his eyes.

Chris won the challenge. “I won the tackiest challenge, which I found very funny.” Christian looked pissed he did not win it.

Bottom two were Ricky and Sweet P.

Ricky was eliminated. Yeah about time he should have gone weeks ago most of his designs were uninspiring, and his personality was bland a big negative in reality tv land.

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