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Behind The Scenes Of Celebrity Apprentice Revealed

Donald Trumps ridiculous tweets on the US election day showed him to be a bit of a douche, and now Penn Jillette a magician who was on Celebrity Apprentice and has written a book that confirms this.

The book Everyday Is An Athiest Holiday talks about Penn’s time on the show, amongst other things, and this exerpt from it on Salon is well worth the read even if you are not a reality TV fan.

Here are some cracker lines from the article:

The secret truth of “The Celebrity Apprentice” is that it isn’t very hard. The tasks are nothing. Makeup starts just after 5 a.m. and the show goes to about 10 p.m., but you spend most of that time doing nothing. Anyone who isn’t in show business could accomplish everything the show called for and have time left over to do their laundry, cook their supper and post pictures of their animal companion on Facebook. “The Celebrity Apprentice” is easy like junior high is easy.

I think business is beautiful, but “The Celebrity Apprentice” has nothing to do with business. No actual business skills are tested. It’s not even a real game about fake business. I can tell you the rules of chess. I can’t tell you the rules to “The Celebrity Apprentice.” No one can tell you the rules of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” No one. Donald Trump just does what he wants, which is mostly pontificating to people who are sucking up to him, while the network people try to manipulate him into making the highest-rated show they can. Trump can’t be manipulated, so the show isn’t even fair in that way. Annie Duke, the poker genius, and “TCA” veteran, said to me, “It’s a pretend game, about pretend business, where you get pretend fired.”

When he was into his free-form rants in front of a captive audience, he would talk about articles written about him and defend himself against charges made, as far as I could tell, by random bloggers with a few hundred hits. Attacks that could have no impact on his life at all. It sounded like this cat was Googling himself, being bugged by what was written, and then defending himself to people who were trying to improve their careers by playing a TV game with him.

Interestingly enough Penn went back for more in Celebrity Apprentice All Stars…..

November 21, 2012   1 Comment

Oh No – Is Donald Trump Still Going To Run For President?

Donald Trump this year ruled out standing as a Republican candidate for the US Presidency, however rumours are again going into overdrive that The Apprentice host may run.

The Daily Telegraph reports he has changed his political status from Republican to Independent, which means he could run for President with no party affiliation. Ross Perot was the last person to do this got a respectable 20 per cent of the vote, but it is highly unlikely that he will win.

However he won’t be able to start campaigning until May as he is filming the show up unti then.

December 25, 2011   1 Comment

My US Presidential Dream Team Hopes Are Well And Truly Crushed

When Donald Trump best known for his hair, and being host to the US version of Celebrity Apprentice announced he was not going to put his hat in the ring for the Republican Presidential nomination I was disappointed.

However I always thought Reality Ravings would be able to report on the election because dabbler in reality TV Sarah Palin might run. She has crushed these dreams this week saying she is not seeking nomination. So it looks like reporting on the US Presidential’s is not going to occur.

However another Republican President nomination has had a brush with reality TV, but this time it was Top Chef production company Magic Elves sued has the Texas attorney general to prevent the release of information in documents from the Governor Rick Perry’s office related to the $400,000 Texas paid for product placement in the new season.

Reality Blurred reports:
The lawsuit, filed Monday, says that, as part of its brand integration with Texas, “Magical Elves provided confiential and propreitary information regardng Top Chef, as well as creative concepts and production ideas for Top Chef: Texas,” and the documents they want to protect include “proposals, correspondence, and related documents.”

Why is it always the Republicans involved in reality TV, and not the Democrats?


October 7, 2011   2 Comments

Celebrity Apprentice – Geoffry Edelsten Might Be On It

Channel Nine really look like they are getting serious with their reality TV programs in 2012. They have The Voice and also Celebrity Apprentice in pre-production.

Casting will be key for Celebrity Apprentice. The good news is Mark Bouris will be the host, and there are strong rumours Geoffrey Edelsten may be one of the competitors on the show. I hope so that would be gold.

Also for fans of Donald Trump aka The Donald he will be in Australia next month to be the headline speaker at the National Achievers Congress, September 19-21 in Sydney and September 20-22 in Melbourne. Go to if you are interested in attending.

August 14, 2011   3 Comments

Donald Trump Not Running For President

In disappointing news for this blog, is Donald Trump will not be running for President of the USA.

He gives his reason as he is not ready to leave the private sector. The Daily Mail reports he made the announcement at the NBC Upfronts fall 2011 launch at a hotel in  New York.

This continues to fuel the rumour the Trump for President campaign was just one big publicity stunt.

I was hoping for a Trump/Sarah Palin ticket, so the best I can hope for now is Palin to be somewhere throughout the campaign.

However I suspect Sarah Palin will be seen as far too lightweight, which of course she is.

May 17, 2011   3 Comments