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Julia Morris Does A Skit About Jason And Pauline Has A Swipe At Him

Thanks to Angie for placing this skit in the comment of the recap of last night’s Celebrity Apprentice, and it is so amusing I thought it merited its own blog post.

Also in TV WEEK this week there seems to have been a bit of fracas between Jason Coleman and Pauline Hanson.

The article says:

“I’ve been told that Jason I’m more concerned with the publicity I’m getting rather than bringing in the dollars [for charity],” a furious Pauline Hanson tells TV WEEK.

“And I’m disgusted, because that isn’t the case at all. I don’t  – and never have – chased publicity. Everybody knows who I am, and I think with some of these celebrities….. their egos got in the way, [as] they weren’t recognised = that’s [their] problem.”

“Pauline gets upset about a lot of things,” Jason 41, says. “That was my truth that day. I think everybody was on the show for self-serving reasons.”

I don’t tend to believe that Pauline is not after publicity why else would she be on the show.

Jason also talks about why he went on the show:

In hindsight, Jason says that Celebrity Apprentice was the “best thing [I’ve] ever done in [my] whole life,”, but admits that when he was knee-deep in boardroom slanging matches, he just wanted to head for the hills.

“I’d wake up every morning and think, ‘What the hell am I doing? Why am I doing this?’ [I wanted to leave] for about two weeks,” the former So You Think You Can Dance Australia judge says.

“We were doing 5.30am starts and 10.30pm finishes – 16 hour days – and then every Friday night I’d fly to Singapore, do a TV show there on Saturday and Sunday and then fly back and go straight to the set. I did that for four weeks.”

But now with his head firmly focused on the game, Jason says he wants to take out the title.

“I think I should win,” he boasts. “I think I should definitely win.”

Also the article has some inside Celebrity Apprentice gossip:

  • There’s a reason you don’t see Shane Crawford spouting off against the other apprentices – it’s because he’s flying under the radar. Insiders claim that the former AFL player is quite the “strategic” player.
  • While Deni says she calls the show “reality, reality TV” because it’s edited so much that it’s far from being “real”, show gossips spill there’s nothing unreal about it at all – what you see is just how Deni behaved.
  • Jason was reportedly disappointed the opposing team landed the ever-bubbly Catriona Rowntree as guest helper while he was teamed with Lara Bingle and Jonathan Coleman.
  • On the night that Polly Porter was fired, sources reveal everyone thought it was going to be Deni.
  • After bizarre outbursts from Max Markson insiders are concerned about how it will affect his own PR business post-Celebrity Apprentice.

November 15, 2011   9 Comments

Jason Coleman Wins Wanker Of The Year



So You Think You Can Dance Australia judge Jason Coleman may not have won a Logie, but he has taken out another prize Ralph Magazine’s Wanker Of The Year. Former winners have included  another reality TV star former Australian Idol judge Mark Holden.

In a extra kick in the guts for the dance judge the arsonists who started the Victoria bushfires came in third.

If it is any consolation some of his colleagues were also named in the top 100 wankers list. Fellow judge Matt Lee came in twelfth, Nacho Pop came in around 84th, and Simon Cowell was also on the list.

I presume Johnathan Pease the “style director” from Australia’s Next Top Model was on there, if not the list should be declared null and void.

Ralph Magazine also named in 36th position bloggers – they described them as “Have a spare ten minutes, I will just post my opinion online.”. Oh so funny, and so correct. Ouch.

Story source:

May 6, 2009   5 Comments

Jason Coleman in the Sunday Tele Magazine Talking About Things He Cannot Live Without


Now I know this back page in the Sunday Tele Magazine is about celebs telling us what they cannot live without and this is normally to do with consumer goods, but I  did find Jason Coleman’s more superficial than normal.

 He was described as owning the world’s largest private commercial studio, Ministry of Dance, in Melbourne. I had not realised it was THAT big. Also he did speak positively about his family, but this is what he said he could not live without.

1. Phone – I could’t make it through the day without this in my pocket. I always wear the battery dead.

2. Byron Bay – The mix of people makes Byron buzz. I spend four weeks or sot there a year. The cottage at the lighthouse has the best views in the country.

3. Dancing – It’s not something I do, it’s who I am . If something tragic happened and I couldn’t dance, I’d still be a ‘dancer’. People think it’s about showing off but, for a truly good performer, it’s about giving.

4. Hair Straightners – I have curly hair – really curly hair. I discovered GHDs two years ago when a make-up artist straightened my hair. Suddenly I had shiny hair, like a normal person. (that must explain the paddle  pop lion hairdo from last year)

5. Hummer – I come from Rosebud, Victoria, so I dreamt of having a nice car with fat wheels. It’s sexy, and I don’t care if other people like it or not.

6. Ivy — The staff at this Sydney venue are hot, the fashion is hot, the people are hot. I love it. The best thing is they have a private elevator up to the VIP bar.

7. Dark Peppermint Chocolate – Give me this and I rip my clothes off with joy. I’d eat it for breakfast.

8. Nobu at Crown – I eat out most nights and it’s hard to beat the tastes and textures at this Melbourne restaurant. I even have a favourite booth and waiter.

9. Jacket – I was given this by the owner of Ed Hardy Australia. In the four days after I wore it on SYTYCD, they sold 72 at $1500 each. Us dancers have dressed this way for years – everyone else is just catching up.

10. Dog Tags – A classic male accessory. And if you’re going to wear them, why no the ones by Gucci?

11. Astrolabe – I was choreography director at the 2006 Asian Games and the opening ceremony motif was an astrolabe. Producer David Atkins had six made and gave one to me. It was an incredible time.

12. My Cat – I wanted a motorbike, but my then boss said, “You make a living with your legs – buy a bike and you’re fired.” So I bought a big cat, instead. He’s called Harley-Davidson. I’ve had him for 16 years.

March 8, 2009   8 Comments

Jason Coleman Appears To Be Feeling The Love Here.

Last year So You Think You Can Dance judge Jason Coleman opened a mega dance centre in Melbourne called Ministry of Dance.

At the opening night party Season 1 SYTYCD Au contestant Joel De Carteret filmed it as part of his new internet channel Fresh TV. Now you can watch the whole 9 and a half minutes of Joel interviewing guests at the party, or you can just fast forward to the 8 and a half minute mark where he starts to interview Jason Coleman.

I had read previously ( see previous post here.)that Jason doesn’t drink alcohol, tea or coffee, so what is making him feel the love here?

Take a look and tell me what you think?

January 21, 2009   Comments Off on Jason Coleman Appears To Be Feeling The Love Here.

Natalie Bassingthwaite Says She Has Taken Acting Lessons To Help With Hosting So You Think You Can Dance

Photo courtesy of Daily Telegraph

Photo courtesy of Daily Telegraph

Natalie Bassingthwaite reveals today in the Daily Telegraph that she is feeling much more confident going into season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance Australian (SYTYCD Au).

She has hired an acting coach to help her with the second series. She said the criticism of her performance on the first few show last year hurt.

She says:

“I was really aware of it (nerves) at the time and in the first few episodes I was so petrified you could see me shaking.

“So I got an acting coach last year and I think I’ve found it.”

This is great news as SYTYCD was great last year, if the last few hiccups can be removed then it will be fabulous this season.

Anyway good news for fans Channel Ten have released the new SYTYCD website, and it looks super slick. Click  here. to get to it.

It looks likes Jason Coleman has had his paddlepop lion hair cut into something funkier. Only thing I don’t get is the poll on the site asking who is our favourite judge and Matt Lee has 50 %  of the votes. Hopefully only about 10 people have voted.

January 16, 2009   2 Comments