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SYTYCD – Is Mary Murphy A Hot Tamale? Allegations of Cocaine Use And Nymphomania

No wonder people want to get on So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy’s hot tamale train as her former manager is alleging that she is a “cocaine fueled nymphomaniac”.

Radar Online is reporting her former manager, Michael Sanchez, who represented her for four years, is suing her for breach of written and oral contract for more than $1 million in unpaid commissions and damages.

He alleges:

The dancer is more like a train wreck who showed “increasingly self-absorbed, childish and demanding behavior.”

Among the shocking allegations in the lawsuit, Michael claims that she participated in alleged prescription and illegal drug abuse that caused her to miss or underperform in meetings and appearances.

I would have thought dealing with those things would have be part and parcel of any managers job.

What is sensational is that he also alleges that when she was out here for her guest appearance for So You Think You Can Dance he busted her in a Sydney hotel room with a producer of the show and cocaine on the bed side table. Does Mary Murphy stipulate a rider on her rider?

Other allegations are:

He cites specific instances in 2009 when he claims security broke into Mary’s apartment when she was “unresponsive,” following a “cocaine-fueled evening of partying.”

He describes her “questionable men” as SYTYCD and Chelsea Lately crew members, a drug dealer, and a married U.S. Naval officer Mary met online, according to the lawsuit.

Michael also alleges Mary demanded that producers give her alcohol “disguised in a Coke cup” to drink during studio tapings and that she “secretly” coached and worked with SYTYCD contestants behind-the-scenes — as a result violating Fox TV rules and U.S. game show fixing laws, the court documents state.

 There seems to be a bit of sexism from the manager because if a male client of his was screwing around as much as Mary allegedly has been he would think nothing of it. Also why are crew members of shows dubious?
However he also alleges he was her svengali, and helped make her famous.
The former manager credits himself with giving Murphy “guidance and advice” that led to her first full season contract as a judge on the hit dance show in 2007 and a lucrative, three-year renewal of the SYTYCD contract as a permanent judge the following year.

He also claims he helped her maintain her status on the Emmy Award-winning show despite “erratic and demanding behavior,” according to the lawsuit.

The Hollywood manager alleges he not only provided Murphy with his public relations expertise, but Murphy owes her on-camera persona in-part to him, having written many of the judge’s “one liners,” rehearsing her scripted reactions and organizing her styling needs — all without additional payment.

Mary Murphy is obviously responding with a lawsuit of her own.

Mary’s attorney Leah Saffian denies Michael’s claims calling them “libelous remarks and allegations,” and has claimed in a separate lawsuit brought against Michael that the dispute arises from his personal bankruptcy and his failure to pay Mary money owed to her under a contract.

The winner in all this has to be So You Think You Can Dance with the new season starting in the US this week.

May 23, 2012   8 Comments

Mary Murphy To Be Guest Judge Tonight On So You Think You Can Dance Australia

Mary Murphy really does have the best job in the world. She gets to fly around and be a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance franchises around the world.

Mary is known for her loud scream and putting people on her hot tamale train. Yes she is nice, but she is not afraid to tell the truth if she thinks the routine sucks.

Adam Lambert will also be singing on an episode of the show, I don’t think it will be tomorrow’s night one,  if so he will be a tad jet lagged. The go this year with the special guest performers is pre-recording them.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia is on Channel Ten tonight at 8.00pm.

March 3, 2010   5 Comments

Mary Murphy’s View On SYTYCDA

People Mary MurphyIn this week’s TV Week Mary Murphy, who was a guest judge last week,  gave her thoughts on the Australian version So You Think You Can Dance.

There is no soft copy as yet so here is the hard copy:

You were  a guest judge last year. What’s the biggest difference with this year’s contestants?

The pack is closer – if you ask me who the frontrunner is, I couldn’t tell you. It’s going to come down to whether you connect with their personality because I don’t see a weak dancer among them.

What did you think of last week’s show?

There were a few ups and downs, which makes it really exciting. It’ll become even more of a roller-coast the more times they change partners. You’ll see some strong dancers stumble.

Did that happen last week?

Loredo is on of the strongest dancers in the whole show, so it’s a shame he fell a bit short, and Charlie was a little weak in the Viennese waltz…. but they  all created such a great vibe in the studio that you didn’t really care.

Who was the biggest surprise of the night for you?

Timomatic. Even though, yes, he had 17 lifts, he captured the feeling and the chemistry that made him totally believable. He was fascinating to watch. And Danny wasn’t anywhere close to being one of my top 10, then in that Joker performance I thought, “Wow!”. He played it perfectly. Gianne’s been strong every week, too, but I couldn’t believe how amazing she was.

In hindsight, do you wish you’d put her on the hot tamale train?

I think she certainly deservesd to be on the hot tamale train. Whe I watched it back, I was like, “Dang, she was good!”

Have you enjoyed your trip down under this time?

I’m exhausted and I’m flying straight back into the American auditions, but I’ve had a great time.

March 16, 2009   Comments Off on Mary Murphy’s View On SYTYCDA

Reality Tidbits

Australian Idol Competition – You Could Sing With One Of The Idols.
To coincide with Xbox 360 launching a new title calle Lips there will be competition starting this Sunday on Australian Idol (well in the ad breaks) where the prize is singing with one of the Idol’s.

Lips is a singing game, it measures both your performance and vocal ability, with wireless motion-sensitive microphones so you can jump around the room as you belt out your favourite songs.

I would advise not mixing this with a drinking game as things could get veeeerrrrrryyyyy ugly. I won’t be entering this comp, I will just concentrate on winning the MacDonald’s $50,000 Top 10 song comp.

Denise Richard’s: It’s Complicated Has Been Picked Up For A Second Season.
Charlie Sheen’s won’t be very happy that his ex-wife will be pimping her kids on TV for another season of her hit show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated. Prior to the first season Charlie went to court to stop her from putting the two girls on the show, however he lost.

The show is a staged reality show shown on E.

More information about the show can be found on Reality Heaven./

Interview With So You Think You Can Dance Mary Murphy.
Canada is currently screening their first season of SYTYCD. Mary Murphy is guest judging on the show. Here on Dose is an interview where she gives her thoughts on the Canadian version plus other SYTYCD background information. Apparently Nigel Lythgoe has the final say in who goes home in the US Version.

October 30, 2008   1 Comment

Reality Tidbits

Kirk Pengilly To Mentor On Australian Idol This Sunday.
Former Inxs musician Kirk Pengilly will be mentoring on Idol this week. Are there going to be mentors each week? This could be overkill.

Anyway he will be able to catch up with his former mother-in-law Marcia Hines.

Ricki-Lee and Sophie Monk Face Off Over Tummy Controllers
Ricki-Lee has been named the face of Hold Me Tight shapewear range, whilst Sophie Monk will also be launching tummy tuckers this Tuesday.

I know which one I will be believe the product works for considering Ricki-Lee is size 14 whilst scrawny Sophie wouldn’t even need to use these products.

A Unfunny Mary Murphy So You Think You Can Dance Parody.
Well I thought it was not amusing but then again maybe I don’t have a sense of humour.
Click the link here and you decide.

Lisa Mitchell Has Completed Her First Album
Lisa Mitchell, the Australian Idol contestant, who was in the best season with Bobby Flynn and Damien Leith, has completed her first album.

Full details on Popdirt.

Project Runway – When they said they were taking it to LA, they meant it.
With Project Runway going to LA it was not just the location. First Lindsay Lohan is to be a guest judge but now Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria Parker will be as well.

It is currently being filmed in LA, however there are issues on when it will screen as Bravo who originally had the first five seasons has gone to court to stop the producers from swapping it to Lifetime.

Here is an interview with Heidi Klum regarding the delay. Please note there is a spoiler regarding one of the Season Five designers in it.

Jack Chambers from So You Think You Can Dance Australia Is Networking in New York.
Season one’s winner of SYTYCD Au, Jack Chambers, is currently in New York networking to try and make it on Broadway. He will be back in Australia soon to fulfill some SYTYCD Au requirements, and also to organise his US work visa. Full story here.

October 10, 2008   1 Comment