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Make Me A Supermodel – Billy Has A Dirt File

- Photo of Billy from Who M

Billy Bishop from Make Me A Supermodel has gone up in my estimation as apparently he has a dirt file. I thought only politicians had these, but apparently reality TV stars are starting to create them!
Billy told the Daily Telegraph he planned to make his experiences on the Channel 7 show into a book. He has three journals and a dictaphone about the rivalry in the model mansion.
Billy was obsessed about outing Tom and Shanina on the show, any available camera he was talking to it about it. I wonder if he thinks this behaviour may have assisted him in getting kicked out.
Who Magazine here has a post elimination interview with Billy which covers some of his antics in the house, unfortunately they don’t ask him about why he was so keen on dobbing Tom in to his girlfriend.
Anyway Billy contact me if you want to unleash the dirt file as I am very interested.

November 7, 2008   Comments Off on Make Me A Supermodel – Billy Has A Dirt File