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Tragic News For Farmer Wants A Wife Star

Jenny blake

In very sad new for Jenny Blake the first female farmer on Farmer Wants A Wife. Her brother-in-law is Kit Hunt the man at the centre of the suspected murder/suicide in Lockhart.

His wife and three children were found dead at their farm and he is missing. This event has shattered the small town on Lockhart and the Hunt family and my thoughts are with them.

Source: Daily Telegraph

September 11, 2014   8 Comments

Has Farmer Wants A Wife Been Put Out To Pasture?

Farmer Wants A Wife looks like it has been dumped. The show was missing from the NINE launch schedule yesterday and TV Tonight reports NINE are still undecided about its future.

Farmer has previously been a hit series for the Network the two previous series have been a bit lean on ratings, though they have been respectable.

However it does not look promising for the dating show that really did bring people together there are now marriage and babies to prove the format did work. This year they tricked it up a bit trying to add a bit more drama and it did not end up attracting new fans but also pushed some old ones away.

If this show is dumped that will mean there will be no dating reality TV shows on free to air next year, as Please Marry My Boy was not renewed and Dinner Date was not on our screens this year. It will be interesting to see if TEN’s Come Date With Me will ever see the daylight.


November 28, 2012   7 Comments

Farmer Wants A Wife – Are You Surprised At The Love Matches

It was the final episode and it was time to see who the Farmers had selected as their “wives”.

Matt hooked up with Jasmine they were the dullest couple on the show this series.

They just pipped Todd and Jenna for this title.  At least Todd has insight about his lack of having much to put on the table. He realises he is thick and dull. Jenna who does have a bit of spark seems to like him but she does live in Fremantle. This relationship won’t survive.

Paul turned up alone and he said Vanessa was so miffed she would not give him her phone number.

Tom ended up going with Fiona but the producers made sure they milked the love triangle and he faced crying Shauna in a bar.

He said he had fallen for two girls and that was wrong and their night together was special. She responded that this was the sort of thing he could have all the time.  Was she meaning sex on tap? She also asked him if he was 100 per cent sure, and he said yes. Shauna looked upset even though she obviously knew the set up before going to the bar. He could have at least got her a drink!

It will be interesting to see whether Fiona is still with him once she saw the show. Her friends in the pub looked a bit unconvinced. And when Tom was sitting on the couch he did not look to much like he was in love. However he did get smoochy in the last scene.

Sam of course selected Jodie and they were shown as the love match of the series and he will now have to get a pole in his drovers truck. has the full update on who is still together and the two farmers still with their girls are Sam and Nikko. Matt’s did not work out and apparently he is still in touch with Brittany.

September 26, 2012   15 Comments

Farmer Wants A Wife – Shauna Is Going To Be In Tears

Shauna is going to wish she had taken the dating manual The Rules to the farm with her as it looks like now she has been intimate with Tom his ardour has cooled. This book says you should not shag on a first date but to keep them hanging.

Tom took Shauna on his 24 hour date, and apparently “they missed dinner” and by the gushing to camera she did whilst on the date something went down, or should I say went up?

She told the viewer he told her he was going to knock on her door in Perth. Well good luck as it looks like Tom is back tracking pretty fast on that promise fast.

There are only two romances that look like they might stick and that is Sam and Jodie. The other girl left as she felt like a third wheel, and his mum’s choice did not have a hope as she was thrust into the camp very early in the morning. This ensured that he was not going to be enamoured by her. I am sure that girl was not happy being humiliated and copping abuse from him in a scenario that she had no control over.

Finally Sam revealed to Jodie that his house was actually his truck, so he was a modern day drover a truck driver. She thought it was a turn on. It would be interesting to know what she thinks of it in a year’s time.

Nikko has been creating competivness between his two girls Jade and Rachel. Jade went on the 24 hour date and he seems to like her, but she is paranoid that he has more fun with Rachel. I suspect he will be knocking on Jade’s door as he will go for nice over naughty.

Todd will end up with none of his girls. Leah is trying hard but he thinks she is dull but really it is pot calling kettle black. Speaking of dull potato farmer Matt is not Mr Charisma. Nice guy but you get the feeling he will still be single after the show, and Brittany if you want to promote your singing audition for The X Factor not a dating show.

Even if only one of the farmers ends up getting a long term relationship from the show it will still be the most successful dating show on our screens.

September 20, 2012   7 Comments

Farmer Wants A Wife – More Girls Go Home

It was meet the parent’s episode at at the end of it another girl was sent home.

However Paul did not have to send Vanessa home she left and it looks like they won’t be contacting each other again. Not sure we will see him on our screen again, he just looks difficult to deal with. Also does he have any friends?

Surfer Todd sent home Sara after he called her a bogan and she was not happy about it.

Tom’s brothers were meeting his girls, his parents are not around have they passed away or just got the hell out of there when the camera crews arrived?  He ended up sending home Kristy. He sobbed on her shoulder apologising for what he put her through.

On Nikko’s farm Rachel was cooking the lunch whilst the other girls slept. Interesting that when his mum went and woke them up they were not in their pyjamas. Nikko ended up sending Millie home.

On Matt’s farm Brittany went fishing and brought back two small trout not sure how that will feed them all. He ended up sending Kirsten home.

Sam’s mum was a delight and he revealed that when mum’s choice turned up at 4.30am with breakfast he had been with another woman in the tent.

The girls were cooking them lunch in what looked like a industrial kitchen. The “homestead” looks more like a resort. They had a relaxed lunch probably with the knowledge that Sam did not have to send anyone home.

Still can’t work out if there will be any long term relationships from this show but Sam and Nikko look like the best bet at this stage.

September 6, 2012   6 Comments