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Guy Sebastian joins the Bandwagon and lashes out at this years Idol contestants

In today’s Daily Terror Guy Sebastian criticised this years Australian Idol contestants as “…..people who were quite calculated in their use of the show and quite blatantly used it to get a platform for their careers,”

Couldn’t agree more, how many times did we have to put up with Idol contestants like Marty, Matt, Brianna, and Holly, saying they much prefered to be playing originals rather then covers.

If they want to do that contest Triple J Unearthed contests rather then Australian Idol.

I suspect if they cannot do good covers their originals would be worse.

December 5, 2007   2 Comments

Reality Tidbits

Matt Corby called a Spoilt Brat
In the lead up to Sunday’s Australian Idol final Mark Holden has labelled Matt Corby a spoilt brat.

He said the rendition of the Idol single ” Here Am I” was lacklustre, and he let every one know he was not happy with it. Mark Holden said he was acting like a “spoilt kid” and even if he did not like it should have given 120%.

Mark should know he has had to sing some duds in his time, however in this case I am backing Holden all the way. This kid seems to think he is the new Michael Stipe.

Here is the full article .

Sonia Kruger career sky rocketing
Sonia Kruger, Darryl Somer sidekick, and the one who actually does crack the jokes star is rising. She will be now hosting the Mix 106 breakfast show with the DWTS judge Todd Mckenny.

Also Sonia is on the cover of the high selling christmas addition on the Woman’s Weekly. What more could this woman want?

Guy Sebastian said the judges were being to harsh.
Guy said the judges should only say positive helpful comments, and not bitchy ones. Great so that would mean we would have four Marcia’s on the panel how boring would that be.

He thinks they are more critical, and more personal this year then in his season. This is probably down to three things, the decline in talent, the hideousness of Sheridan Tylers styling, and the three male judges competing with each other to say the most outrageous things.

November 23, 2007   Comments Off on Reality Tidbits