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Kassy Lee not happy about being eliminated from SYTYCD

In the Daily Telegraph today Kassy Lee has been overheard in a coffee shop complaining about the voting process which led to her being voted off the show.

She objected to being sidelined from the show when “bad” dancers remained.

Maybe her and Marko can meet up for lunch and have a bitch about it together. As highlighted in a previous post Marko was unhappy about his elimination as well.

The article also states it is apathetic Sydney siders not supporting local dancers.

Jack Chambers sister, Jess is also wanting her five minutes of fame. Jess Chambers said her brother would really shine with a new partner. She thought Demi is a bit out of her depth.

” I think the competition is a bit beyond Demi now” She said before suggesting Kate Wormald would be a better match”. Is Jack bitching about Demi to his siblings????

Well Jess comments like these will not make your brother popular with the Demi fans out there, and may put him at risk at coming bottom three this week.

Also Jess Chambers said that two dancers in particular are not pulling their weight and it is getting on the nerves of the rest of the group.

A spokesman for the show’s producers said ” there’s a group dynamic and there are factions, but we’re not aware of any outsiders.”

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Reality Tidbits

Project Runway Looking for Contestants.

The Australian version of Project Runway is looking for contestants. Those who are interested in applying to be on the fashion designer show have until Sunday to apply at

Auditions have been ongoing for the panel of judges on the show. Apparently Mia Freedman is understood to have withdrawn her bid after auditioning.

Other people under consideration are Madison maven Paula Joye, Harpers Bazaar’s Claudia Navone, and’s Patty Huntington.

Designers who are vying for a place on the panel are Fleur Wood, Bowie Wong, Camilla Freeman, Jayson Brunsdon, and Gail Elliot.

Kristy Hines will host the show.

Kassy Lee from So You Think You Can Dance has Scored a Cleo Bachelor.
Kassy Lee who unlucky for her was eliminated in the second week of the competition has apparently won in the lurve stakes.

As is the due of any reality tv star these days, after being punted you get invited to a lot of B list social events around town, and why not make the most of your 15 minutes of fame to pull a hot looking West Tigers footballer.

It is rumoured at the Cosmopolitan Bartender of the Year Bash she successfully scored with promising West Tigers player Nick Youngquest. The lucky girl should make sure she does not distract him in the lead up to football season otherwise she may have to contend with some very disgruntled fans.

Daniel Mifsud to Support Ricki-Lee on her national tour.
Daniel will support Ricki- Lee on her upcoming tour over the month. The first gig is on Friday at Dapto Leagues Club.

Daniel emailed his friends saying “Ricki-Lee is an amazing singer, a beautiful person, and it’s such a great privilege for me she has asked me to do her support”.

A list of her tour dates can be found at her website

Rogue Traders will also be touring in April and May.
After Natalie Bassingthwaite’s finishes her commitments as host of So You Think You Can Dance, there will be no time for a spa holiday in Thailand as she will be commencing a tour with her band the Rogue Traders.

It will be the last time in two years fans of the band will be able to catch them live, as Natalie will be working on her own career, and solo album. I suspect she will be trying to crack the lucrative US market as she now has a base in LA.

I wonder if she will have gained any new fans from SYTYCD.

Full story here

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So You Think You Can Dance – sound bites.

Courtney say “Marko was my First Love”

Just before you all start adjusting your gaydars, Courtney revealed they met at The Johnny Young Talent School when they were eight and dated in high school.

Courtney’s spoke to NW about it. “We were each other’s first girl and boyfriend” she says. “He is such a beautiful person and an amazing dancer. He is the funniest one there – he’s hilarious!”

Daily Telegraph has an interview with Hilton and Kassy.
Hilton reiterates that viewers need to vote for their favourite dancers, otherwise they will be eliminated. He sounds like he felt he was a bit hard done by, and to be honest I think he was.
Article here

On the subject of voting TV Tonight says that he won’t vote until the voting is free. Is it free in the US?

Matt Lee and Kassy Lee related?????
BYSYTYCD the US SYTYCD blogging site has a little vignette about rumours circulating that Matt Lee, the judge, and Kassy Lee are brother and sister.

I think the rumours are false – if it was true the internet would have been going off, also Matt Lee would lose any remaining credibility.

Daily Tele article on the freshness of SYTYCD compared to Australian Idol – for the fanatics only.
article here.

When are Channel 10 going to come clean regarding the Sabra visit in April???
Guest judge, choreographer or dancer. Apparently she is coming here with Cameron. So maybe they will just be special dancers on the show? Possibly at the final?

We also need to pressure Channel 10 to screen the US of SYTYCD at the same time it is screening over there. American Idol is screened on Fox 8 like this and it is fantastic as you can link into the blogs in the US.

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So You Think You Can Dance Gossip

This week’s edition of TV Week has an article on what has inspired four of the top twenty dancers in So You Think You Can Dance.

But it was stuff we already knew. So I really blew my money.

For example:

  • Sermsah mother died last year, the anniversary is coming up on February 19.
  • Kassy nearly losing her leg because of a tumour.
  • Khaly’s family not thinking dancing is a career for their son they would like him to go to Uni.

There was one thing I did not know that Rhys Bobridge (who I am a big fan of) is the Elf in children’s entertainment group The Fairies.

It is now a TV show on Channel 7. Channel 10 have not mentioned this previously as it would mean promoting a show from another network. Not that they appear to have that problem with all the Dancing With The Stars dancers auditioning and now choreographing!

In more romance news, apparently Vanessa is seeing someone she met through the show, though she won’t reveal his identity.

“He’s wonderful and has a very kind heart,” she reveals. “And he’s an excellent dancer.”

However she is not the only one who has managed to spark up romance on the show. Laura from Adelaide met Rodolfo also from Adelaide during the show, even though Rudolfo did not make top 20.

Rudolfo was in the audience last night, which explained why Anthony Ikin was not hugging Laura after the routine, or maybe he just does not like her.

February 18, 2008   2 Comments