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So You Think You Can Dance – Cirque to Soleil To Be Guest Performers on Tonight’s Show.

The Daily Telegraph says the guests for tonight’s final six elimination show will be performers from Cirque du Soleil. The US winner Sabra Johnson, and Kameron Binks will be in the audience – but will have no part on the show. Which I consider this a ridiculous decision considering Sabra’s popularity.

American Idol performers that have appeared on the show ie. Kelly Clarkson have not overshadowed the local contestants.

Photo of final six with Cirque du Soleil in hard copy of newspaper, with Vanessa with her leg in the air again. Does she ever take a photo without her leg pointing straight to the ceiling?

Erika Heynatz to plug her Single on It Takes Two Tomorrow Night.

Erika Heynatz will sing her new sing Slide on It Takes Two tomorrow night. Her rationale is that the other singers on the show have been plugging their new material so why shouldn’t she? Fair enough.

Link to article in the Daily Tele here.

Australia’s Next Top Model – Jodhi Meares admits how bad she was on last years live finale.
Jodhi Meares admits in an article that her startled live performance in last years ANTM finale “was done under duress”. She does not say whether the finale will be live this year.

She has been in New York last week with the final three contestants. The very popular show will commence on 22 April at 7.30pm on Fox 8.

Article here.

Dicko said Mark Holden Made My Life a Misery
This story is such bollocks. This is the biggest beat up of a yarn in a long time. Shame on you Dicko. Is to get publicity for Australian Idol this year?

“Mark always tried to turn it into pantomime,” said Dicko, pictured, who also admitted he’ll be happy to steal his culled comrade’s trademark “touchdown!” catch cry.

“I was really, really thrilled to come back last year. And this year, now that Holden’s gone, it’s even more exciting,” Dicko said.

“Mark always kept me at arm’s length. I like him. I think he’s an interesting character but he would do whatever he could just to make my life a misery.”

Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Full article here.

April 14, 2008   5 Comments