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Jason Coleman Is Not The Only SYTYCD AU Star To Open A Dance Studio
Anthony Ikin from Season 1 of So You Think You Can Dance Australia is to open his own studio in Sydney.

Kate Wormald, Demi Sorono, and Marco da Silva who were also on SYTYCD Au this year will help staff the studio.

Anthony who used to live and teach up on the Gold Coast, has now moved down to Sydney. I suspect a man is involved as he met a guy down here while he was filming the series. Good to know the relationship is still going well.

Also Jason Coleman’s studio in Melbourne is to open next week. Apparently some of the other dance studios in the town are not happy about it as they are concerned about the loss of students to the high profile Coleman.

Is Jason copying that other SYTYCD judge Debbie Allen who has her own studio in LA, and uses the show to shamelessly plug it?

Farmer Wants A Wife – Girl Farmer Chosen
Jenny Blake the 32 year old Tumbarumba cattle farmer will be the first woman on the series. Unfortunately only one woman will be on the show and the Northern Territory beef breeder Shona will have to wait until next year.

People have until tomorrow to register interest in this year’s farmers on

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So You Think You Can Dance Contestants Complaining about the format of the. WTF?

An article today in the Daily Terror about SYTYCD contestants who have been eliminated complaining about the judges being biased and not liking the format of the show has me completely gobsmacked.

The Daily Telegraph states the growing wave of discontent from evicted performers has forced producers to defend accusations that its judges are biased.

Marko of course was quoted, clearly still whinging about his elimination.

“I have had a lot of people tell me they’re shocked I was eliminated because I was the only contemporary jazz dancer who knew about technique,” said Marko Panzic, who was eliminated last week.
“When Hilton got thrown out in the second week I realised that talent and technique meant nothing, that this really was a reality TV show.
“Friends of mine from the Sydney Dance Company and the Australian Ballet are asking me, ‘How can they (judges and producers) do this?’.”

Maybe he should take his attention from the judges and blame the viewers as his elimination occurred in the week JD was made safe after completely botching the tango.

Also his and Stephanie’s krumping routine was ordinary, as was their swap routine the week before.

Stephanie raised that as an issue as well saying “We were given really silly styles, with Swap (a combination of swing and hip hop) and Krump (aggressive hip hop) – and that was not good for us,” she said.

The judges – Jason Coleman, Bonnie Lythgoe and Matt Lee – have also been criticised for inconsistency or, in the case of Lythgoe, commenting more on looks.

“Bonnie wasn’t giving us as much about the performance as how we looked and what the performance was about – not so much anything about the technique,” complained Sermsah Bin Saad, who was eliminated on Monday night’s show.

I think the format of the show is much fairer then other voter participation shows, as parochial viewers (who will vote for favourites, rather then best) give the judges three people to pick from in the important early weeks when we don’t know much about the dancers.

Then after seeing all dancers in five shows we then are given the “responsibility” of voting them out.

This is reality TV if they want to be judged on technique enter an eisteddfod.

For how to act post elimination maybe they need to follow Laura’s lead who shows how to exit the show with grace and dignity in an interview with Adelaide Now.

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Marko takes a swipe at Jason Coleman

Marko is showing that he is not happy about being punted from So You Think You Can Dance last week, by accusing Jason Coleman of playing favourites in an article in the Herald Sun.

Marko said Coleman played favourites. “The main complaint as dancers (in the show) is his inconsistency in his judgments,”

“I do think he (Coleman) knows what he’s talking about, but if he likes you he will talk you up.”

Also a unnamed source criticised Jason Coleman.

A choreographer, who also declined to be named, said Coleman’s on-air judgments were driven by his business interests with Kelly Aykers. The pair is involved in the launch of a multi-million-dollar Melbourne dance studio, Ministry Of Dance. Coleman denied there was a conflict of interest: “Kelly Aykers has delivered three great routines. I would never put myself in a position where I’d compliment a person’s work because they are my friend,” he said.

So the knives are out in the small knit dance world in Australia.

And Marko the reason you were dumped was your lack of personality.

Click here for full story.

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Interviews with ousted SYTYCDA contestants Stephanie and Marko

Generation Q was fortunate enough to get interview with last weeks eliminated contestants from So You Think You Can Dance, Marko and Stephanie.

Click here for Marko’s. It is a bit of a worry that his favourite music to dance to is Celine Dion.

Click here for Stephanies’s

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So You Think You Can Dance – sound bites.

Courtney say “Marko was my First Love”

Just before you all start adjusting your gaydars, Courtney revealed they met at The Johnny Young Talent School when they were eight and dated in high school.

Courtney’s spoke to NW about it. “We were each other’s first girl and boyfriend” she says. “He is such a beautiful person and an amazing dancer. He is the funniest one there – he’s hilarious!”

Daily Telegraph has an interview with Hilton and Kassy.
Hilton reiterates that viewers need to vote for their favourite dancers, otherwise they will be eliminated. He sounds like he felt he was a bit hard done by, and to be honest I think he was.
Article here

On the subject of voting TV Tonight says that he won’t vote until the voting is free. Is it free in the US?

Matt Lee and Kassy Lee related?????
BYSYTYCD the US SYTYCD blogging site has a little vignette about rumours circulating that Matt Lee, the judge, and Kassy Lee are brother and sister.

I think the rumours are false – if it was true the internet would have been going off, also Matt Lee would lose any remaining credibility.

Daily Tele article on the freshness of SYTYCD compared to Australian Idol – for the fanatics only.
article here.

When are Channel 10 going to come clean regarding the Sabra visit in April???
Guest judge, choreographer or dancer. Apparently she is coming here with Cameron. So maybe they will just be special dancers on the show? Possibly at the final?

We also need to pressure Channel 10 to screen the US of SYTYCD at the same time it is screening over there. American Idol is screened on Fox 8 like this and it is fantastic as you can link into the blogs in the US.

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