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Farmer Wants a Wife – Episode 3

Why is it that when actors or politicians head to the country they get out their special country clothes? Last night on Farmers Wants a Wife, the host Natalie Gruswhatever, the Getaway chick, had the jeans, checked shirt, and a belt buckle so big it could become a tourist attraction in its own right like the Big Banana.

Luckily the wardrobe assistant had talked her out of the akubra, however I am sure it will make an appearance before the end of the series.

Tonight the girls were heading to spend 10 days on the farms of the boys that had picked them. The farmers had to choose two of the five he had taken on date for this honour.

Craig the 27 year old dinky-di farmer from West Wyalong had selected Erin, a 24 year old billing officer and single mum, and Deanne a 25 year old medical receptionist.

Now these girls need to run and run fast, this guy does not want a wife he wants a substitute mother. He even said “Mum looks after me very well”. This mum has done a disservice for any potential girlfriend of his.

His first night meal he cooked was pizza (frozen), and chips delivered by his sister. He looked extremely uncomfortable in the kitchen. If I was Erin and Deanne I would be examining how close the parental homestead is from his place. She could be a mother-in-law from hell.

However both girls both seem to really like him, Erin has the advantage with a personality, whereas Deanne has a more realistic view of the land. Since they appear to be dating by checklist, I think this is a major consideration.

Personally I cannot see Erin sticking it out.

Drew a 32 farmer from Mudgee picked Tash and Susie as his two girls. They looked like they were having so much fun I wanted to join them. Why is Drew single? is there a serious girl shortage in Mudgee? If so when is the next Mudgee Wine and Food festival? I will bring down a car load of my single girlfriends.

Both his girls he picked seemed great as well. The first night he cooked venison a bold move, also shows he can cook and they drank bucketload and seemed to have a bit of a mini party. The girls were a bit worse for wear in the morning.

I would hazard a guess the camera crew joined in, as I cannot see how any of them would have been able to move from the amount of empty bottles that were around.

The second night his friends came around and they had a big dinner. Drew was getting his friends to help him to decide. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this scenrio.

Chris 34 farmer from Tamworth picked Kim, a disability support worker, and joceyln a lawyer from Sydney.

I think Chris looks a bit bland and stiff, however both girls were falling over themselves for him. Also I think Jocelyn looks like a young Jocelyn Wildenstein<

She of the bad plastic surgery fame. Jocelyn did look like she was dabbling and those lips had certainly had a collagen boost.

Kim flew up from Sydney by herself, whereas Jocelyn made a big play by driving with her horse to the farm. However it was not very effective, Chris only had eyes for Kim.

On her birthday he to her for a slap up meal at the local Pizza, Pasta, and Steak place. Why is it every country town has one of these? They must be a successful formula, maybe we will see one open in Surry Hills soon.

Brad the spiritual farmer from Swan Hill had asked Mel and Jane to the farm. He sidestepped the cooking dinner issue by taking them out for thai. I think this guy is a bit of a loopy da loop, and needs to start burning those personal development books. However both the girls wanted him badly.

Then the moment that the compere had been hinting at all show came where Brad confessed he had met someone else between the speed dating and the farm stay. Don’t you just hate that it always happens.

Anyway Mel the social worker broke down, she appeared to have some mental health issues as well. Both girls at this stage are staying on the farm, but I expect one or both will leave next week.

Jon the 28 year old from Deniliquin (home of the ute muster) picked Jodie and Meika both nurses.

He and Jodie had a connection in Sydney but this was looking tenuous when she did not eat the roast rack of lamb he had cooked. And then that was all we saw of this lot all episode, so can only presume they are very boring and nothing happened.

The same went for Gus 32 year old from Warren who picked Julie and Brooke, at least this bloke looked house trained. It did seem weird that when he was cooking the 2 girls were on the couch watching TV. Just out of politeness you should talk to the host. He seemed pretty pissed about it and it did not help that Brianna the vegetarian refused to eat the risotto because he had made it with chicken stock.

You could see his cheek burning bright red with anger/frustration, and that too was all you saw of the this group. So obviously nothing riveting was happening on this farm either.

Australia has never managed to do these type of shows as well as the Americans, this was clearly seen by the grossly uneven viewing times the farmers were given. Producers if Jon and Gus are super boring we want to see it to make up our own mind.

November 8, 2007   2 Comments