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Jason Coleman Is Not The Only SYTYCD AU Star To Open A Dance Studio
Anthony Ikin from Season 1 of So You Think You Can Dance Australia is to open his own studio in Sydney.

Kate Wormald, Demi Sorono, and Marco da Silva who were also on SYTYCD Au this year will help staff the studio.

Anthony who used to live and teach up on the Gold Coast, has now moved down to Sydney. I suspect a man is involved as he met a guy down here while he was filming the series. Good to know the relationship is still going well.

Also Jason Coleman’s studio in Melbourne is to open next week. Apparently some of the other dance studios in the town are not happy about it as they are concerned about the loss of students to the high profile Coleman.

Is Jason copying that other SYTYCD judge Debbie Allen who has her own studio in LA, and uses the show to shamelessly plug it?

Farmer Wants A Wife – Girl Farmer Chosen
Jenny Blake the 32 year old Tumbarumba cattle farmer will be the first woman on the series. Unfortunately only one woman will be on the show and the Northern Territory beef breeder Shona will have to wait until next year.

People have until tomorrow to register interest in this year’s farmers on

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So You Think You Can Dance – Reality Tidbits

Greatest Conspiracy Blog Ever on SYTYCD.
Marndizz Goss Blog has this great theory on how So You Think You Can Dance was a scam. Now I am a conspiracy theorist but this person beats me hands down.

Her theory which goes into some detail, says the she did not even think the final was live, as there were no public tickets available, which is unusual for those type of show.

She also raises how the routine prior to the announcement of the winner was the one between Jack and Rhys, and how the girls had not had a similar dance together. I have to pay that.

Anthony Ikin Tore Shoulder Muscle – So Had An Excuse For Bad Disco Routine In Finale

It was reported yesterday that Anthony Ikin tore his shoulder muscle right at the start of Laura and his disco routine. Which would explain a lot as it looked pretty shoddy. Poor bugger as Laura is probably the biggest (tallest) girl in the competition to lift. Her part of the routine was not to good, but then she was probably wondering if she was going to get dropped doing the lifts.

Nigel Lythgoe told Bonnie Lythgoe Not To Dance In Group Dance at the Finale.

Now this was a spurious rumour that was posted by a reader on It said that Nigel told Bonnie not to dance in the routine as she would make a fool of herself. Nice to know that even after their separation he is still trying to reduce her self esteem.

Interview with Rhys here

Interview with Jack Chambers here he states the person he would turn straight for would be Beyonce – I cannot get that image out of my head, she would squash him.

Interview with Demi here and one with Kate here.

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Anthony Ikin Kills Rumour He And Matt Lee Are Doing The Wild Thing

Anthony Ikin gives an interview after his elimination from So You Think You Can Dance to TV Week here.

He refutes the rumour that he was in a liaison with one of the So You Think You Can Dance judges Matt Lee! I had heard the rumour doing the rounds, but as Danny Noreiga says “Too much to handle”. Also I thought it was a load of bollocks.

However guys don’t get your hopes up, Anthony is in a new relationship and apparently it is going strong.

Again, he is critical about the choreography he had. At least he is not critical of his dance partners, as some have been, you know who you are Camilla.

There’ve been weeks when I haven’t had the best choreography, but you just dance to the best of your ability and I’ve had such a great time.”

I found his answer to the following question quite condescending:
The judges seemed much tougher on Sunday night. Do you think it’s because they no longer have the power so the only way they can influence the voting is with their opinions?Yeah, it’s getting really hard now because everyone’s fantastic. If the judges just said “Great routine” to everyone, the public would have no idea what they’re watching and what they should be influenced by. What the judges expect from the dancers now is brilliance and they need to be tough.

I think the audience does have some idea whether they like or hate a routine. Also we vote for different things eg personality, technical dancing, versatility or the routine. I am unsure how much sway the judges actually have with the voters.

Jemma’s exit interview with TV Week is here. She predicts either Rhys or Jack will win. Also she revealed that Rhiannon had a blank on her solo so just freestyled it. No wonder it looked the same as previous ones.

She is hoping to make a career out of dancing.

April 3, 2008   3 Comments

Anthony Ikin Blames Choreography For Elimination

Defamer has an article where it is revealed Anthony Ikin the most recent male dancer eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance implies if he had decent choreography he would still be in the competition.

Exerpt from the article below:

Apart from a handful of solo performances, the former sport aerobics champion is peeved that he never really got a routine he could sink his teeth into thanks to some less than earth-shattering choreography.

“And I think the judges knew that too because they made a lot of comments saying as much,” Anthony told Confidential yesterday.

“But, you know, it’s the nature of the competition and that’s what you get yourself into. We can only dance the steps we are given. But I would have loved to have been able to dance a ballroom routine choreographed by Jason Gilkinson.

“But I didn’t get to do a routine of his. Which is a shame.”

Full article here.

Anthony sorry mate, but I think the Australian voters got it right, you showed us the same thing each week.

Another reality tv evictee Candice Falzone who was eliminated from It Takes Two last night has revealed she is now seeking a career in the media. The Daily Telegraph have an article here which says she has been talking to some people at Channel Seven, but she is still on the ironwoman circuit.

The Daily Telegraph who were responsible for the majority of the negative media Candice received last year couldn’t resist the temptation but to mention the Sonny Bill incident again. At least they refrained from putting in the link to the notorious picture this time.

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So You Think You Can Dance Gossip

This week’s edition of TV Week has an article on what has inspired four of the top twenty dancers in So You Think You Can Dance.

But it was stuff we already knew. So I really blew my money.

For example:

  • Sermsah mother died last year, the anniversary is coming up on February 19.
  • Kassy nearly losing her leg because of a tumour.
  • Khaly’s family not thinking dancing is a career for their son they would like him to go to Uni.

There was one thing I did not know that Rhys Bobridge (who I am a big fan of) is the Elf in children’s entertainment group The Fairies.

It is now a TV show on Channel 7. Channel 10 have not mentioned this previously as it would mean promoting a show from another network. Not that they appear to have that problem with all the Dancing With The Stars dancers auditioning and now choreographing!

In more romance news, apparently Vanessa is seeing someone she met through the show, though she won’t reveal his identity.

“He’s wonderful and has a very kind heart,” she reveals. “And he’s an excellent dancer.”

However she is not the only one who has managed to spark up romance on the show. Laura from Adelaide met Rodolfo also from Adelaide during the show, even though Rudolfo did not make top 20.

Rudolfo was in the audience last night, which explained why Anthony Ikin was not hugging Laura after the routine, or maybe he just does not like her.

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