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Australian Idol Elimination – And now there are three

Tonights elimination epiosode raised three questions that need to be addressed:
1. Should it be illegal for post menopausal women to call Matt Corby sexy? Yes, and what were they doing in the audience unaccompanied by children.
2. What the hell is a confidence coach? Is it a trumped up hairdresser? From what I can gather the hair dresser food chain goes like this. You start at hairdresser, then go to stylist, then hair designer, then hair director, and then the pinnacle you are a confidence coach.
3. Why wasn’t James Blundell’s ex at Westfield Parramatta trying to win the mum’s idol competition to get to the Opera House outdoor stage to really give the fuck you to Jesse Curran and James.

The big news today was the Idol speculation on the Daily Telegraph website on whether Matt Corby is a protected species . The article reveals that he had a tanty backstage with the judges and it was not aired like Tarasai’s was.

People on the Daily Telegraph blog appeared to be shocked that the viewers maybe manipulated by the producers of these shows.

The excuse was there was only the inside idol camera on Matt at the time so this footage was to go on Inside Idol – which is downloaded to telephones. It would be interesting to know if it had been streamed to the paying public.

The excuse does sound like bullshit.

Matt appears to be depressed and thinks he won’t be taken with any musical credibility if he wins. A theory which was probably confirmed after seeing Guy Sebastian on the show singing a medley full of covers.

However Matt Corby can take heart that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are big fans of his.

I am starting to hope he does not win, as he is starting to believe his own press. Did he really think he would have been discovered so easily if at all in any other way. He is good, but I don’t think he has put in a great performance in weeks. Ben is the one who will be interesting to see in a few years time.

The highlight of the show was seeing footage of Kyle getting up on stage last night and sing “Just a Gigolo” badly. The funny thing was he was taking it so seriously.

Also Sheridan being a bitchy queen sniping “Kyle doesn’t know anything about fashion” That would be pot calling kettle black. Natalie Gauci should sue Sheridan for long term damage to her self esteem, he has been atrocious.

The group song was a Beatles number, with Marty looking like he would rather be sticking his head into a bucket of pus, instead of being on stage.

In fact they were all rather relieved to be told that was the last group performance for this season. The only reason they have been so bad this year is because the Idols have been so lame. Last year with that huge pool of talent the group songs were ok.

All four were looking tense once it got to the business end of proceedings. Marty and Carl were bottom two, and Marty unsurprisingly was given the boot.

As they was looking over his journey I thought he made top four and did not do one standout performance. Just shows how poor the talent has been this year.

Next week the public can submit songs for the Idols. What about Mickey for Natalie Gauci, I would love to see her dressed as a cheer leader. Maybe Carl could do a punk song like God Save the Queen, and Matt could do a disco number Born to be Alive. I doubt any of my picks would get through.

November 5, 2007   5 Comments

Australian Idol – Elimination Night – has Marty made a pact with the devil?

Surprisingly there was no fear and loathing on the set tonight of Australian Idol. Every one just appeared happy to have enough to fill in the long hour of tv.

They did the review of the Tarasai incident and then did the follow up of what happened backstage after the show with Tarasai giving Mark a good tongue lashing in a non sexual way of course.

How real reality is tv? Yes she did look angry and upset, but then Mark later reveals this spray occurred in his dressing room. Whereas I thought when it was being filmed it looked like Mark coming to find her. So Mark was this faked??? Did the producers go right Tarasai you stay in Mark’s dressing room and yell at him then stomp off down the hallway.

Also we need to get Sheridan Tyler weekly tv time, so we will have him in the background shots a few times.

Notwithstanding that I thought she did look genuine, and probably would have clawed back a few fans.

The Arias looked liked fun – especially they got to see Nicole Kidman, who bleaches her skin so no wonder she always looks so pale. I wonder if that is what Michael Jackson does as well.

Marty rocked on until the morning, while Matt sulked in a corner worrying about the negatives on his music career being an Idol might have. I think he needs a reality check he would not have been there if had not been on Idol. Talent scouts do not just rock up to school concerts to find talent. Except of course if it is Macdonald College, or Newtown School of Performing Arts.

Marty again whinged about the format of Idol. This time it was the group songs were damaging his voice. I think he needs to realise, as I have pointed out in previous post Australian Idol is about making money and advertising dollars, not about his limited music career.

How did he make top 4?? He must have made pact with the devil, it must have been a good one as he is the most mediocre contestant to make it this far. Has he promised to poison Sydney’s water supply or vote for John Howard? He makes Kate Daruggo look like she has talent and charisma. Soon he could be walking those opera house steps.

However, I think Matt Corby, and Carl Riseley will take out that honour this year. Though I could be wrong. Not unusual for me. In a previous post I say Dean Geyer and half a Veronica have split. NO still together. Last nights post I state Tamara Jaber (Kyle’s fiancee) has a non existent singing career, today she is signed to a US record label with former Idols Reigan Derry, and Hayley Aitken.

So don’t go putting that lazy $100 on centrebet at my predictions.

The group song was the dull Dragon song April Sun in Cuba . They had the whole of Australian and NZ music to choose from and the best they could do is that? Most of the Idol’s probably had not heard the original.

Bottom three was Marty, and Tarasai (unsurprisingly) and Natalie Gauci – clearly a touchdown does not sway the punters.

Marty was the first to be sent back to the sofa, with Tarasai being eliminated. Natalie is now the only girl left. Looking very ominous for an all male final.

October 29, 2007   3 Comments

Reality Titbits

Casey Donovan has a mystery boyfriend of two years – article still could not reveal who it was – no photo of him though.,22049,22495142-5012964,00.html

Damien Leith’s book “One More Time” is now on sale in all good retail outlets. I look forward to the reviews.

Asha Kuerten rumoured to be the host of the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance. Never heard of her – must watch the Channel 9 Saturday morning music show to check her out.

Matt and Lana admit to a few “cuddles” in the house – yawn- so over this bring on the Natalie, Daniel, Ben love triangle.,22049,22489947-5006002,00.html

September 28, 2007   2 Comments

TV Week Article are they or aren’t they shagging?

TV Weak this week, did a pretty lame article on whether is there hanky panky going on between Lana and Marty.

Marty predictably denied it, as did Lana “He is my best friend in the house.”

However Kyle was quoted as saying Marty had confirmed the rumour to him. Who you believe is the person who has the most integrity – now that is a difficult one.

Also there was a quote from Natalie saying is there may or maynot be something going on. Come on Nat be a bit more unequivocal then that..

However Tarasai was doing some ?fake crying last night (personally I thought it was more to do with a bruised ego) about losing her roommate so maybe Lana has been sleeping solo.

On the same page Kyle states that Mark Holden is always grasping for TV time, and rehearses what he is going to say when he is watching the singers in rehearsals. Is there tension between him and Marky Mark? We will just have to wait and see.

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Aust Idol – The mystery spa photos have emerged.

Finally the rumoured pictures of Brianna and Marty in the spa have emerged. Sitting in the prime page 3 position in the Sunday Telegraph. Quality.

Rumours had been circulating that big money had been paid for them. However, I had thought the Telegraph prided itself on not buying stories, however photos might be a different thing.

Link below:,22049,22464573-5001026,00.html

The picture does the raise the question about why Matt Corby has such a strange look on his face what is he thinking?

Is it:
a) Why did I sit on one of the spa’s holes I have bubbles going up my ass?
b) Oh God I am only a 16 year old and I only have to look at a girl to get a boner, I hope she cannot feel it? or
c) Oops, Uh oh – At my school did they tell me that semen could stay alive in a spa – oh please god I hope not.

Interesting that Lana and Marty were sitting together – there was the rumour they were having some sort of interaction, however no overpowering body chemistry seems evident in this photo. Maybe he has a sneaky hand underwater.

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