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TV Week Article are they or aren’t they shagging?

TV Weak this week, did a pretty lame article on whether is there hanky panky going on between Lana and Marty.

Marty predictably denied it, as did Lana “He is my best friend in the house.”

However Kyle was quoted as saying Marty had confirmed the rumour to him. Who you believe is the person who has the most integrity – now that is a difficult one.

Also there was a quote from Natalie saying is there may or maynot be something going on. Come on Nat be a bit more unequivocal then that..

However Tarasai was doing some ?fake crying last night (personally I thought it was more to do with a bruised ego) about losing her roommate so maybe Lana has been sleeping solo.

On the same page Kyle states that Mark Holden is always grasping for TV time, and rehearses what he is going to say when he is watching the singers in rehearsals. Is there tension between him and Marky Mark? We will just have to wait and see.

September 25, 2007   Comments Off on TV Week Article are they or aren’t they shagging?