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Mariah Carey to judge Beatles songs on American Idol – It is just wrong on so many levels.

Mariah Carey who you either love or hate is going to redefine the definition of sacrilegious by judging Beatles songs on American Idol this week.

In the producers fervour to give us another week of Beatles songs clearly they couldn’t move Mariah guest judge appearance as it would have interfered with her new album promotion schedule.

At least it is not going to be the Mariah Carey song night – though that could have been amusing as only about 3 of the eleven would have been able to hit the notes.

Fox News for the full story.

More American Idol news:
Paula Abdul admits to a Freudian crush on Simon Cowell.
Paula Abdul subconsciously fancies Cowell – dubbed TV’s Mr Nasty – even though she finds his sharp-tongued comments hard to take.

With these comments and her dreadful reality tv series Hey Paula there is not much more her credibility can take. Click here for the details

Simon Cowell Predicts Jason Castro to be in the final four
Simon on Oprah gave his predictions for who is going to win idol.

Simon: “Well, I think the front-runner right now is David Archuleta.(applause from audience). But don’t rule out Brooke (White), David Cook and Jason Castro. Any one of these guys could win. I think it’s going to get very, very interesting

At least he has stopped talking up Carly Smithson. Neighbours blog have details of his Oprah appearance.

Picture of Danny Noriega on a cruise ship with Rosie O’Donnell
For those wondering what Danny Noriega has been up to – here is a picture of him on a cruise ship with Rosie O’Donnell. Danny has been singing on the ship on the cruise Rosie organised.

Picture here. Nice to see they both got dressed up. NOT.

March 18, 2008   7 Comments

American Idol – And now there were 11

Tonight’s show had me totally confused on which age demographic American Idol is aiming for. First we had the acknowledged cross promotion of the Fox G rated movie Horton Wants a Who so I presume that was aiming for the under 12’s and the mums with kids.

However Ryan Seacrest, said that next weeks show has now been changed and the Idol’s will be singing more songs from the Lennon/McCartney songbook. So the babyboomers win again. I am hoping, as is David Archuleta that I have misheard Ryan and it is actually rock night.

Ryan Seacrest was sparkling tonight, as he was last night. Reality TV Magazine query whether he had been sipping from the same cup as Paula Abdul, because of his whacky behaviour. Either way I thought he was on fire both tonight and last night.

As usual Ryan did not take long to get down to business, and Syesha was announced to be the first in the bottom three.

I had not realised that all bottom 3 contestants had to sing their song again, and hopefully Australian Idol won’t take on that format change, as normally these people are in the bottom 3 for a reason. Did we really need to sit through Kristy-Lee’s song again?

The last person in the bottom three was David Hernandez so clearly the gay vote did not save him.

He was also the one to be eliminated.

Kansas City has an interesting article on whether being gay hinders your chances on Idol. One of the questions raised was whether the delightful Danny Noreiga was a victim of this discrimination.

Danny was my favourite and I wish he was still there, but his rendition of Tainted Love was probably one of the weakest of the night.

Having said that the article does have some valid points.

Speaking of Danny he continues his post-Idol career with an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. If you want to see him on the show click here.

March 13, 2008   3 Comments

American Idol contestants not as clean cut as they first appeared to be.

American Idol seems to have been rocked with risque behaviour this season. Well at least it makes the show more interesting.

As rumoured in one of my previous posts that David Hernandez was a go go dancer in some gay bar in Phoenix, it has now been confirmed he appeared nude and performed lap dancers at a club with a mainly male clientele.

American Idol are unconcerned, and frankly it makes the previously bland David much more interesting.

Link to full story here.

Ramiele Malubay is being the victim of a fully blown beat regarding supposed lesbian photos of her taken off her Facebook site. This just confirms my theory that Facebook is evil.

The photo is of Ramiele’s friends “groping” her breasts. The photo is here so form your own opinion. I think it is all of them just having a laugh, but it will probably mean she will never work on the Disney Channel.

Lastly one of my favourite websites dlisted who is a huge Danny Noriega fan has a My Space video giving out some Christmas cheer.

Dlisted said:
My American Idol homegirl, Daniel Noriega, made this little Christmas MySpace video a little while and it’s come back to get him. Angst! I bet he owned every single item from “Emily the Strange.” It took me a while to figure out it was actually Daniel Noriega. I thought it was just some faux punk chick. MySpace is filled with those types.
In the video Daniel rolls his eyes to a Christmas song and then says, “I hope Santa Claus rapes your fucking mother and I hope you all get coal, because your all pieces of shit.”

Link to it is here.

March 5, 2008   Comments Off on American Idol contestants not as clean cut as they first appeared to be.