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Australian Idol Top Four Boys To Be The New Young Divas??? NOOOOOO.
WA Today has Teale Jakubenko saying the top 4 boys would like to make music together after the end of Australian Idol. Could this be the new Young Divas? Let’s hope not. I cannot imagine Wes Carr wanting to sing bad cover songs.

Teale you are dreaming, this was just chat after a few beers with the boys.

Yes You Can Be An International Reality TV Star
There are a few international reality TV stars Simon Cowell, and Nigel Lythgoe to name two. But Australia’s Kym Johnson who to dance on US Dancing With The Stars continues to gain popularity. She is hanging out with celebs in Hollywood like Kim Kardishan, and also continues to be popular on the TV forums throughout the internet. Don’t expect to see her home anytime soon. Daily Tele has the full yarn.

Dean Geyer To Rub His Body With Baby Oil
I am finding it very hard to get excited about this. Apparently his neighbours character Ty Harper who is an aspiring singer will strip (no not the full monty) and will slather his chest with baby oil. Does anyone watch neighbours anymore? With plot lines like this why would you bother. Full story here on the Daily Tele Website.

Does Ryan Seacrest Only Date Blondes?
American Idol host who is persistently dodging gay rumours is apparently now dating US Dancing With the Stars Julianne Hough. He has previously dated Sophie Monk. It appears he has a penchance for blondes and reality TV stars. It is interesting how all his ‘relationships’ last about a minute. National Ledger has more details of this union.

Ice Road Truckers To Be Made Into A Movie.
Ice Road Truckers has been on Fox 8 for awhile, and is now on Channel Ten on Friday nights at 7.30pm. This show is about truck drivers hauling cargo up ice roads in the middle of the Canadian winter. Sounds boring. It’s not, and obviously Hollywood doesn’t think so either. A movie is going to be made. I can see George Clooney in a lead role in this one!

November 12, 2008   Comments Off on Reality Tidbits

The Biggest Non Story Of The Day Has To Be This…

In today’s Daily Tele Confidential there is a little vignette about how Dean Geyer was about to buy some “funky footwear” but was informed they were girls shoes.

What was the frigging point of this story? Does anyone care? Is there no gossip going on that they had to put this vacuous blurb in or are they trying to imply Dean Geyer is a cross dresser.

Could this be the real reason why the Veronica broke of their engagement because she caught him rummaging through her closet too many times? I thought it was because he would not do the horizontal folk dance with her.

Anyway my blog on this is about as tenuous considering Dean reality tv days are over having been on Australian Idol in 2006.

September 23, 2008   2 Comments

Dean Geyer desperate to Reunite With His Veronica, Lisa

Dean Geyer must be weeping into his cornflakes when he heard that the The Veronicas were going to get their own reality TV show in the United States.

Geyer currently performing in Neighbours is no stranger to reality TV, he is an alumni of Australian Idol, was recently engaged to Lisa of The Veronicas. However a recent split will mean he will unable to use the show as a springboard into the US market.

Dean Geyer would have definite appeal in the American market where his evangelical christian views are in contrast to the racier image The Veronica’s project. He pledged to stay a virgin until he was married, something that is seen with derision in Australia, but is quite normal in the states where ‘promise rings’ are common place.

The Veronica’s have been trying to crack the lucrative US market and this reality TV show may assist. It makes me wonder is some of the racier rumours surrounding the pair particularly Jess is a setup to make them more appealing for producers to pick up the show. For example the faux lesbian affair with It gay girl of the moment Ruby Rose, and then ex-boyfriend Azaria disappearing then turning up with Jess in Las Vegas. What next rehab? However a new nude photo of Jess scandal has just emerged. Details here.

More news coming to light indicates the reality show will be their regular web diary Untouched on the Yahoo Yaz channel from next month.

More information on this is available from the Daily Tele website here and here.

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Australian Idol – Dean Geyer Engaged

All those girls who had the mega crush on born again christian cutie Dean Geyer will be weeping themselves to sleep tonight now the new is out that he and Lisa Orgliasso, one of The Veronicas have announced their engagement.

They have been dating since April 2007.

Dean Geyer the second most famous virgin in Australia after Guy Sebastian must be looking very much to his wedding night.

The engagement occurred at the MTV awards.

Full story here.

April 28, 2008   3 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Australian Idol

Dean Geyer proclaims he is still a virgin.

The Daily Terror has a little article on the gossip pages saying Dean Geyer previously on Australian Idol, and now on Neighbours is still a virgin.

Dean who goes out with Lisa Orgliasso of The Veroncias fame had said during his Australian Idol period that he planned on remaining a virgin until he was married.

Why does he feel to reiterate this information on Kyle and Jackie’s show on Today FM? People don’t go on radio saying they are NOT virgins.

Also is the point of remaining a virgin a religious reason (which is fine), but why then is it ok to do everything but the deed?

Young Diva’s Set To Be Turned Loose.
The Young Divas look like their record company Sony BMG are going to “Turn Them Loose”. The record company deny it but they will not be releasing a second single off their album New Attitude.

It looks like Ricki-Lee Coulter who is currently touring at the moment made a good career decision to leave the group.

To be fair to the Young Divas how far are you going to get by just releasing cover versions of songs. Maybe some good originals would have helped. Link to article here.

March 28, 2008   1 Comment